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Sunday, May 28, 2017

This is not fake! They murdered her in response to the 2017 Chicago Torture Incident

On May 13, 2017 Saturday evening I received two IM’s via FB that were of the same alarming and disturbing video of a young “Black” female offspring being lynched. I immediately went into soldier mode because it made me think of my own female offspring and Kendra Reid.  ‘Reid’s body was found hanging in a wooded area of Finch Park shortly after 9 a.m. on April 28. The public park at 15 Paul Beck Road is just outside Lexington’s city limits.’
The text that came with the video read 


I sent it out to others on FB and made calls to a couple of soldiers to see what should be done about it. One of them stated that she looked like a missing girl he saw awhile back. Another soldier shot back at me “This is porno. This unfortunate sister has sold her soul for a few dollars. For her to even reenact this is disturbing.” 
"I thought to myself what was porn about this?”

Here is our conversation about it:

 “Another soldier responded……he was the only other one who suspected it was real over fake.”

Here's our conversation:

 I looked Trazcy Kush up:

“Many people are saying that she is Trazcy Kush the porn star."

Trazcy Kush of

 “What her and those ‘white’ men are doing in their videos is disgusting.”

"She is definitely gagging on bodily fluids! ooahh! ooky! and nasty all the way!"
“Oh yeah, I looked at some of them……….I did it because I am an investigator.”

One important piece that helped in my investigation, came from another soldier who also thought the video was a Trazcy Kush porno:

“Why does everyone think this is a Trazcy Kush Porn video?”

“Two main reasons…..first reason.”

“See the flag here with the two cowboys?”

“Wait… that a dude? Oh…..My…..God! If that is a dude…and it does look like a “Black” male with a slave collar and it does look like they are practicing “anti-sexual” acts on him. Okay I am seeing one of Dr. Welsing’s observations here. Check out what she wrote in 1974 about “Black” males and so-called “Homosexuality” on page 81 of her book called The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors.”

“Ok that was a digression but a constructive one I hope. There being a male in this pic instead of Trazcy Kush makes this even more suspicious. I hope that you see that I am on to something here.”

“Anyway because of this pic right here being added to this collage of other “Trazcy Kush” pics (if that’s what they are) it was easy for many to believe the first reason because of these other flags below.”

“This is psychological warfare people. Apparently someone wanted you to associate that flag with  Trazcy Kush by adding this pic to this collage. But surprisingly it appears that this is not her, just like I say it’s not her in this video.

Does she even have a porn video with one in it? The confederate flag is the first visible indicator that sends you in the direction of thinking this lynching is “fake”. When its combined with the name ‘Trazcy Kush’ the second indicator is the physical abuse that appears to take place in her videos.

I saw some awful gagging kind of stuff that was disgusting because of the bodily fluids, but I did not see any abuse that involved any devices, not saying that she did use any in other porn videos because I do not know. 
“Since a “Black” female is being physically abused (not to mention killed) in this lynch video it must be a Trazcy Kush porn video, correct?”

“Ok she has masking tape on her mouth and a red “choker” around her neck. Which one of you will feel physically abused if you put masking tape over your mouth? 

Now that’s what fake is all about because this pic deliberately implies physical abuse when there really isn’t any. That's what a movie is supposed to do.”

“Ok who is this? This is obviously not Trazcy Kush either.”

Ok who is this? This is obviously not Trazcy Kush either.

“Now this appears to be her but look how SHE has control over this contraption?”

“I’m not saying that she is not in any videos with “White” men physically abusing her with devices, I am saying that so far the evidence shows otherwise.”

“Ok here is a Black male with someone wearing a ku klucker’s hood. Again no Trazcy Kush here.”

“Why didn’t someone use all Trazcy Kush pics here? 

 Why didn’t they show any pics of her being physically abused by “White” men in a manner that is similar to the lynching video?”

“Why didn’t most of you assume that this video was real like we did?”
“Because most of you are mindless sheep easily lead with misdirection instead of the direction of truth. Question everything! Question everything damn it!”

“You Victims of Racism (White Supremacy) have been trained not to use logic and because of it your emotions have caused you to dismiss this video as “fake” and you called it “porn” to justify it being “fake” without any proof that it is.”

“Why are these so-called “porn stars” faces blurred?”

“Porn stars want to be seen, they want to become stars, don’t they?”

“I found a report on a site that investigates fake news. It’s called,” 

 “Daily states ‘While the girl in the video does bear a resemblance to the porn star, Kush has responded to accusations of her being in the viral video and denies any connection to it.’ ”
“I looked her up on twitter myself.”

“Trazcy Kush twitted that it is not her and with an intelligent response too!”

“Yeah, mindless sheep! Do you know what porn is?”
“Basically if it aint no porn in it why would it be her?”

“During my investigation I found this more complete video of the lynching”
“Pay attention to the words you read and the sounds that you hear”

 “Now does it STILL seem fake to you?”
“Someone deleted all of the important stuff that would make you think and circulated that 17 second soundless video on FB. Why?”

"Someone made the video silent because they did not want you to hear what I suspect is "White" power heavy metal playing in the background. If you can determine which song it is please leave a message in the comments below or email me at"

“The longer video appears to be missing parts as well but you now have a totally different perspective of the message this video has presented, don’t you?”

“According to this lynching video was first uploaded to Daily Motion by username Confederate's Revenge on Feb 22, 2017 as a response to the incident in Chicago involving the torture of a “White” person, which was reported on CNN, just 12 days earlier.” 

“That means the lynching video is in retaliation for that. This is easily learned by the first words shown ‘Torture a white kid? Be prepared for THIS!’”

“What those four individuals did to that person was not correct behavior. I do not condone what they did. I do not consider their behavior as Racism (White Supremacy). What they did was a reaction to Racism (White Supremacy). What they did was in co-operation with Racism (White Supremacy) because it fueled the fears of “White” Genetic Annihilation. 

So-called Pro-Blacks exist only because Racism (White Supremacy) exists. Replace White Supremacy With Justice and all people will be guaranteed not to be mistreated for any reason. Then everyone will be universal man and woman. They will not be pro anything except justice for all.”

"This video is Racist Propaganda designed to put the fear of death into you.Here is the total message."

“Do y’all still think this lynching video is fake though?”

“Tariq Nasheed said its fake but he presented no evidence of this and dismisses it as something called ‘Race play’.” 

“Where is the sexual pleasure? Where is the sex in the "Black Female Lynching" video?”

“I (SYN-Q) was urinated on at five years old. A teacher told this boy to urinate on me while I was in the bathroom stall. That is the part about this video that has triggered me to take some action on this. 

This female was urinated on after being thrown to the floor not for sexual pleasure and fulfillment but to send a message to “Black” people. She was not hung for sexual pleasure; she was hung to send a message to “Black” people. Even if this is fake it was done to send a message to ‘Black’ people.”

“This is no disrespect to Mr. Nasheed. Only a request that he present evidence when discussing something as disturbing as this video.”
“Please show him my video and ask him what he thinks about it?”
“I suspect that we should be critical thinkers and not say it’s real or fake until we can gather more facts but I am inclined towards it being real.”
“Is this a fake hanging?”
“Lets look at how to fake a hanging.”

“I used Google and YouTube to reveal the truth about simulated hanging. The sources show that it is not possible to simulate the hanging of a whole body in a camera shot unless a ‘dummy’ is used. In other words it will take several camera shots and different angles to give the impression that a hanging is real”

 "Look at this video from FILM RIOT on YouTube which teaches you how to fake a hanging. Notice how its done in pieces? The only single shot of the man hanging was done at a far angle and special effects were used."

Watch this at 5:32 FILM RIOT Hang Em High

 "According to the above video and the pics from the film maker's forum, what you saw in the lynching video would have been extremely difficult for experts to pull off let alone the amateurs who intended on sending "Black" people a message of revenge and not a joke or fetish video."

“I found this scene 2:25 of a music video out there and I must say that it is quite disturbing as well and it is most definitely fake. What I find most disturbing is that this “Black” male is depicted committing suicide by hanging himself. This Racist (White Supremacist) Propaganda is conditioning the public to accept the idea that this is how “Black” people commit suicide. 

With the history of lynching by noose connected to its victims of Racism (White Supremacy) as strong as it is, why would it’s victims choose to go out like that? That’s like an Ashkenazi Jew killing himself by gas. I know that this is not even the last resort for a “Black” person desperate to kill themselves. A friend of mine who killed himself used a gun and this appears to be the most common way that I have observed from reports of “Black” males committing suicide.”
“There are also “Black” people that I knew one male and the other female who did it by stepping in front of a moving train. This is a subject that needs to be discussed later in another video, but at the time of production of this video we had Kendra Reid as our last known so-called “suicide by hanging” which we know was really a lynching and how it relates to this subject of lynching we thought it necessary to talk about it briefly.”
“Now I am no expert at this so I am not saying that this lynching video is of a fake or real lynching, however I am now leaning towards a 95% chance of it being real. If it is then there is a dead missing teen-aged girl out there and her killers are still at large and plan to do it again.’ 

“Either way it’s disturbing and we should be prepared for what’s coming.”
“If it’s fake (and I do hope that it is) this teen-aged girl should be found and receive an education in self-love and self-respect. She should not be ridiculed with name calling and discourtesy. There are some deep rooted issues within herself that name calling and discourtesy will not correct. She obviously had no self-respect if she allowed herself to be used like this.” 
“To the female in this video if you are not missing and / or dead please come forward and let me know that you are okay. I need to know that you are okay. I have two daughters in your age group and what happened to you is very disturbing.”
“I suspect that the best way to determine if it’s real or fake is to correctly identify the teen-aged female in this video”
“Can someone identify her?”
“Can you in the audience identify her?”

 “She appears to have long black and partially dyed red hair, with the black starting at the roots of her head and the red starting at the middle of her hair going to the ends of her hair. She appears to be between the ages of 17 to 22 years of age and is wearing a grey hoodie and gray jeans or tight sweat pants with white tennis shoes. Her body appears to be a slim build possibly between 110 to 120 pounds from my observation.”

“Could she be any of the hundreds of teenaged “Black” females that runaway every year?”
“Was she kidnapped?”
“I suspect that the best experts to tell us if this is real or fake would be the FBI so I reported it to them.”

Image result for fbi 

“It read as follows:”
“There is a disturbing video of a teen-aged female being murdered by approximately two or three male individuals circulating on the internet. It appears that she is being mistreated on the basis of her skin color. Could you please look into this matter? Here are three links to it because it has been broken up in pieces.”
“I attached a copy of the longer video and gave them my contact info but did not receive any confirmation from them of their receiving it.”
“Many people are saying that if it was real it would have made the mainstream media. How many stories about our people have never made it to the mainstream media? Hell the Missing DC black girls story traveled around on social media for months before the mainstream media picked it up.”

“Maybe someone needed to report it to the mainstream.”
“Maybe no one did because they believed that it was fake.”
“I took it upon myself to report it to #CNNiReport”

“Hopefully the FBI and CNN will investigate this and let it be known publicly what happened.”
“If you know anyone that has the authority to investigate this, I suggest that you get them to do so. This girl is someone’s relative and they may be looking for her. She appeared to be drugged to me. It also looked like she attempted to fight back. What would you want people to do if it were you? Wouldn’t you want them to use the video of your death to catch your killers?”
“I did a search on Google for missing teen-aged “Black” girls with dyed red hair and got a number of missing females all over the country.”

“Listen to this victim of Racism (White Supremacy) tell you her terrifying story. If anyone knows who she is please have her contact me also”

“I am not presenting this information to instill the fear of death in you for death is an inescapable event. I want you to train and prepare to fight like hell with those who fight with you.

"Do Not FEAR death for it is inescapable."

 "If you fear death say the following words to yourself everyday."

"I (insert your name) have overcome the FEAR of Death by accepting death as an inescapable event."

"Say that to yourself OUT LOUD everyday in the mirror until you no longer fear death. It is necessary that your brain-computer hear you say it."
"These are the words of Ida B Wells, a counter racist who led an anti-lynching campaign decades ago.”

"one had better die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or a rat in a trap. I had already determined to sell my life as dearly as possible if attacked. I felt if I could take one lyncher with me, this would even up the score a little bit."-Ida B Wells.

“This is SYN-Q, Replace White Supremacy With Justice!”

Rumer dispelled

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“Race” play:
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What a fake hanging looks like this:

Documentary on Ida B Wells:

Facebook marks the lynching video as mature


  1. (1) you can’t make scream noises when your air way is cut off.
    (2) the camera leaves her focuses on the men then back to her hanging. I suspect the rope is attached to her back.
    Sorry this is fake

    1. She did not make scream noises. She made noises indicative of airway restriction. Her airway was not cut off. The camera man was ecperienced at concealing identities, of victims and murderers. #facts Dont respond to distractors Gods hand must move.

  2. Any updates? Did anyone find out who the girl was?

    1. I came to ask the same thing.

    2. Send an email to the fetish poducers of and ghettogaggers until we can get a statement out of them either claiming or denial. The porns that people are saying this is are: cumbang and ghettogaggers but i watch both and never seen anything like this and the film quality do not add up also the pornstars flag shirts are clearly brandnew and not something theyd wear outside of the film set. Thw two murdrers raising the noose were wearing clothing that was used and worn on daily basis..Also there is no nudity...the catch is there are underground producers but those sites do not allow "beleivable" death simulations like this..

    3. No update. If you spread the news of this article and video maybe we can get someones attention enough to use their power to give us more details. I am all open for suggestions.

    4. I am back and i still have not heard from anyone on this.

  3. Please provide any updated information regarding the young girl hung in front of a confederate flag posted in May 2017. It has been more than a year. If no evidence has been found to prove it is fake, what progress has been made toward seeking justice?
    Even worse than seeing this video and not knowing whether its real or not would be to see it and forget about it before finding the truth.
    Racism is a terrible disease. Those who oppose it by exposing it are to be congratulated for their efforts. But those who neglect to report ALL the facts, leaving too much room for speculation, are not exposing the issue but fanning the flames, promoting racism and hatred and ignorance rather than the unity our communities need to combat rascism and intolerance. This is the most informative post I was able to find using google in regards to this video. Still no one has confirmed whether it is real or fake. Find the girl. Either give her the help she needs (if its fake) or the justice she deserves.

    1. The trick is the uncle tomsnwho immediately say its fake distract us frm the issue of determining i.p.addresses, owners of the profiles posting the film, resolution, and identitifying factors. As long as we are discussing simulation we are not looking for the perpetrators.

    2. No update. If you spread the news of this article and video maybe we can get someones attention enough to use their power to give us more details. I am all open for suggestions.

  4. Replies
    1. No new info. If you spread the news of this article and video maybe we can get someones attention enough to use their power to give us more details. I am all open for suggestions.

  5. I personally believe it's fake, you stated at one point why would the men want their faces blurred if it's a porn, well if you've ever seen fake taxi you'd see the man's face is blurred, and in several porn videos their faces aren't shown. There are sick porn videos out there like this you can find on gore sites where the woman completely consents to this, this can also be some kind of sick foreplay or roleplay, there are also porn videos of women getting pissed on and they find it arousing, ever heard of a golden shower?

    1. Think about it though, no close ups of any of the "sexual actions" nor pleasurable moments... Like everything is from a distance, most people would close up and actual pee on skin not just they clothes... Also in the video they reference to a real even that happen, a real even that was hella messed up. obviously it doesnt justify this but it keeps me uncertain. I am however, aware that people have been lynched and probably are still being lynched in places we dont know, even if it less likely... I believe that one occasion could of eventually been recorded like you see here. This world is sick and messed up, wouldnt be surprised if we got caught in the mist of a real video.

  6. Funny how there is no much problem with the 4 black people torturing a white person and is not racist. So is wrong when white people do it but not when blacks do it? So non of your concerns are valid to me you don't care about the posible death of this girl you only care about her blackness if a group of black had kill a white girl you would not care in the slightless. So is repulsive the anti-white racism of thinking torturiong white people because of being white is not racist.

    1. We have 400 years of sadistic torture to catch up to you fuckers

    2. You are genuinely this stupid? Nobody said it's ok what happened to the kid in Chicago, obviously it was horrible and if they did it because of race of course its racist wtf kind of moronic shit is this. Just because we are currently working on one thing doesn't mean we don't care about others ��

    3. This mindless tribalism you flaunt will only lead to unnecessary suffering. I've seen it with my own eyes as a kid, and since who knows how many die hard tribalists merely browse this site without commenting I'll clarify to them too that the unnecessary suffering will come from and lie on both ends of the spectrum if violent psychopaths will actually act out such heinous acts.
      There's already too much bs and suffering in the world, no need to add to it.

    4. Those 4 black ppl got arrested and nobody condoned their actions, cant say the same for u guys. we picked up the habits y’all gave us lmao

    5. "What those four individuals did to that person was not correct behavior. I do not condone what they did." Dr SYN-Q 2017

  7. Man I just found this post and I’m waiting on an update as well, I can’t begin to describe how I feel at this moment... God is coming back one day (which is what I believe) the only thing that will make us go to heaven is if we repent and believe in god that’s all, and sorry to sound over-religious to the rest of you guys, I don’t mean to offend anyone that is offended this is just my opinion and the truth, because obviously the racism and white supremacy, corruption in our governments will NEVER END, so I look towards god for hope, faith and strength through this pain in our society, in this lifetime, because when we die ask yourself. Where will you go? I’ll be trying to look for any news on her aswell, thank you and god bless us and save us.πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜Ž

  8. So NOBODY know that girl?

  9. My friend just saw that video on omegle, I can't find anything about it.

  10. We been trying to find out who she is for years no answers..

    1. People are suggesting its Brittany Covington, who girl who helped torture the white boy, but there is a picture of her on August 7, 2018 with her picture taken by the Chicago Police Department.

  11. The fact that you call racism white supremacy is absurd you refuse to acknowledge the fact that the niggers that tortured that boy were, in fact racist now I by no means am for lynchings and yes the killing was racist. The fact you refuse to say niggers can be racist disgusts me and I have just inched closer to becoming a full on nazi. Thanks BLM for helping our numbers rise!

  12. By God, We'll Have Our Home Again

  13. I just for the 1st time heard/saw this video. Omgosh I have so many emotions right now anger,sadness,disbelief, disgust. For starters I can not believe no one took this video seriously. Its so sad. Are you kidding me? She was hung to send a message. People thats a fact because the video tells us that. Personally I feel like this video needs to go viral so we can demand justice and find the people responsible for this girls death/assualt. We need to get these images out there. Someone knows her. I can not believe people are saying this isnt real. How would they know? It looks real enough for me. This poor girl she looks so young.�� I also want to say I thought you made some great points. More people should have the same mindset. Its sickening that they don't. Without a doubt there needs to be a public outcry over this video.I dont care if it was 4years ago. Somebody do something God damnit.

  14. Has anyone gotten any news on weather this is fake or not? And if it's not, any news on. The investigation πŸ”Ž?


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