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Monday, June 18, 2007

How is it that a black guy, could be apart of a "Mexican gang"?

I was apart of two gangs. In high school summer school, 1986, I was a knuckle head. I saw this white guy beating up, this so-called Filipino guy, that I had seen at my regular school, so I walked up to them like I was going to break it up, and grabbed the white guy and slammed him to the ground, so that Fernando(my new friend) could beat him up. Fernando was not swinging fast enough so I got in a few blows. Someone said that the school enforcement officials were coming, so we all scattered. The bell rung and we went back to class. We are all citing in class and the white guy and his gang called the "El Sobrante boyz", stood in the door way of the class and said "At lunch time nigger!" and left. Now, there was about 15 black people in the class. Ten of them were from apart of Richmond, that we called P7, which was supposed to be hard. All they could say was "Oooooooooo!" I said "Yall got my back right?", not really expecting them too, because I had conflicts with several of their members, at Richmond High, the previous year. But, I figured since the white boy called me a nigger I'd take a chance and ask. It was so quiet you could hear a mouse peeing on cotton. So, feeling kind of stupid, I turned around and sat in my seat. This Mexican cat, sitting behind me said "We'll help you". Then I realized that it was five of them all sitting behind me. They all introduced themselves to me. Neto, Leonard, Chico, Mike, and Raul. I was like yeah, now I got some back up. I could not wait till the bell rang for lunch. I was exited. I liked to fight. It was just more difficult to fight ten dudes. Anyway, we went to the back of the school at lunch. Neto said that's where the EB's were at. They were sitting on their cars at the top of a slope. One of their guys came down to get something at the snack bar. Neto, told Leonard who was the skinniest of all of us. To "go over and beat his ass". Leonard kind of laughed and was like "OK!" Leonard walked up to him and slapped his snack on the ground and started punching him. Then he started kicking him and punching him. We thought the EBs were going to come running down from up there. They did not make a move, and it was ten of them! Neto looked at me, "Those fuckers won't come down." Then he told Leonard to stop. Mike said "Lets go up there!". Neto said "No, we'll get them tomorrow." "Lets go get some beer." so we drank beer and talked about what Leonard did. IM TIRED MORE TOMORROW iF I HAVE TIME