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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Affect of White Supremacy On My Mind

I am wrestling with the fact that I have some hesitation with eating brown chicken eggs! That's just crazy. I remember when my folks were doing the "revolutionary" stuff in the 70's and we switched from white bread to wheat bread. White flour to wheat flour. White eggs to brown eggs. But then for some reason throughout the years I ended up eating white eggs again. Now I'm so used to eating them, that when my attempted wife bought and boiled some brown eggs for us to eat, I've had all kinds of negative emotions about eating them. I know that the eggs are okay, and in fact it's been said that they're healthier. Yet here I sit, hungry, wanting to eat some boiled eggs (which I love to do) and have to psych myself out to eat the brown eggs! It really bothers me that I have these kind of feelings. I know that it's White Supremacy. I'm fighting it and will force myself to overcome this crappy idea.

Just my thoughts for today.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Report A Racist Suspect

Are you a Victim Of White Supremacy ("Non-white" person)?

Did a Racist Suspect recently (or in the past) mistreat you on the basis of color?

Wouldn't  it be constructive if you had a source to check a "White" person out, before they mistreat you?

We need your help. 

We're compiling a data base of Racist Suspects.

If you have your suspicions about certain individual "White" persons or in your opinion the "White" person is practicing Racism (White Supremacy), answer the following questions:


Then, click on the link below.

Report A Racist Suspect

Happy Countering Racism!!!