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Friday, August 20, 2010

The truth is revealed..............

This "white" person revealed the truth about how she viewed the "non-white" speaker (General Yahanna) whom I was told (by "white" person) took pleasure in being discourteous towards "white" people as they walked past him in this video. I did not care whether he was or he was not discourteous. What he said and did was what he said and did. He has the Victim's Guaranteed Qualifications (VGQ) to resist Racism (White Supremacy) they way that he thinks that he should resist it. I do not control him.

Would he have done what he said and did if there where not a system of Racism that victimized him?

It does appear to me that being courteous is more constructive towards having a real dialog about and towards solving the "race" issue. But, that's me, I have VGQ too.

The problem (at least from what I have observed so far) is that when I speak with a "white" person about Racism (White Supremacy), act as though it doesn't exist.

Here is a situation where one "white" person reveals the truth about Racism (White Supremacy), in anger, but, to me it was better than acting as though it didn't exist. Her words revealed the truth about how General Yahanna is functioning and will continue to function in a system of Racism (White Supremacy).

She said:  

"The sixties was not that long ago....." 

TRANSLATION: Look here. "black" folks collectively just recently (what? 40+ years ago? in comparison to "white" folks who've been practicing Racism for centuries? ) got a little bit of freedom to be able to say what you are saying and not be killed for it, so what you are saying doesn't mean shit.

"and you will never be like the upper class white man..."

TRANSLATION: what you are saying and doing right now, will never compare to what the smart and powerful "white" man has done. It will not ever compare to what he is still doing.

 "you will never be accepted..."

TRANSLATION: You are in a inferior position and will remain in that position no matter what you say and/or do.

"you will never get that job..."

TRANSLATION: You will never have that superior position. It is reserved for smart and powerful "white" people.

"and you will just always be looked at as a fucking nigger !"

TRANSLATION: All of the smart and powerful "white" people who have the will and the ability to keep you in that inferior position are going to.

If more "white" people were as honest as she was and if more "non-white" people paid attention to these kind of words, we could be closer to eliminating Racism. Why? because today it thrives from the belief that it no longer has any power to affect us anymore. I mean today Racism (White Supremacy) is so refined and sophisticated that you would not ever catch "the upper class white man" slippin' like she did. More "non-white" people need  to understand that our inferior position in this system has not yet changed and it ain't going to until effective numbers of us start thinking, speaking, and acting in a manner that will. At least that is the theory of it. If we get to that point and it doesn't work then we still have a huge problem to solve. Let's try though.

Let me add that, I don't think that she would have said her true belief about him, if she were not angry. She cracked under pressure. The more sophisticated Racist suspect (the kind that she was comparing him to) wouldn't have walked on the same sidewalk as the general, let alone acknowledged that he were there.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Omar Thornton: A Victim of Racism / White Supremacy

I do not support Mr. Thornton's behavior, but I understand it.
Victim of Racism
It is a most unfortunate situation, when a Victim of Racism (White Supremacy) is experiencing so much mistreatment that he or she has been driven to the point that their only choice in finding relief of that mistreatment is to take Maximum Action to stop it. This is why Racism / White Supremacy is dangerous to every person on the planet and therefore, must be eliminated.

Many of us can say that Thornton's actions were unnecessary. But the only one involved that believed it was necessary was Thornton and that is important, because once an individual believes an action to be necessary (and they have the immediate power to do it), they're going to make it happen.

According to reports from Thornton himself, his friends, and his relatives, he was mistreated on the basis of color at his place of work. Listen below to Thornton in his own words to the 911 operator:

Representatives of his former employer and his union, have said that is not the case and there is no record of Omar filing any reports of discrimination with either entity.

Many Victims of Racism know exactly what he went through, and for any of you whom are currently experiencing similar mistreatment in the workplace please consider (Countering Racism in the Workplace) to deal with Racism (White Supremacy) in the Workplace. According to those who have used it, it does work, when practiced correctly.

Unfortunately for me when I had such problems (some of them being mistreated on the basis of my skin color) with my past places of work, the union nor the employer, helped me stop the mistreatment, nor did they tell me how to file a grievance. On many occasions both parties denied the mistreatment, and I was made to look like my allegations were insane by both the employer and the union. The relationship between the reps of both sides could lead one to believe that these guys played golf together. If it ever came up, they would all say that there were no records of any discrimination and it would be the truth, because I did not KNOW HOW and they would not SHOW or TELL me HOW, to create such records. But, now I know how thanks to Mr. Edward Williams. Thanks Ed.

Now here is what I transcribed from the video, because it is more constructive when you SEE the words that you hear.

Dispatcher: State police.

Thornton: Is this 911?

Dispatcher: Yeah, can I help you?

Thornton: This is Omar Thornton, the uh, the shooter over in Manchester.

Dispatcher: Yes, where are you, sir?

Thornton: I'm in the building. Uh, you probably want to know the reason why I shot this place up. This place right here is a racist place.

Dispatcher: Yup, I understand that.

Thornton: They're treating me bad over here. And treat all other black employees bad over here, too. So I took it to my own hands and handled the problem. I wish I could have got more of the people.

Dispatcher: Yeah. Are you armed, sir? Do you have a weapon with you?

Thornton: Oh yeah, I'm armed.

Dispatcher: How many guns do have with you?

Thornton: I got one now. There's one out, one out in the uh, in the uh, factory there.

Dispatcher: Yep. OK, sir.

Thornton: I'm not going to kill nobody else though.

Dispatcher: Yeah. We're going to have to have you surrender yourself somehow here and not make the situation any worse. You know what I mean?

Thornton: These cops are going to kill me.

Dispatcher: No, they're not. We're just going to have to get you to relax ...

Thornton: I'm relaxed. I'm calmed down.

Dispatcher: ... to have you, you know, turn yourself over.

Thornton: (distorted sound) I hear the cops are already in there. Make sure you say the right thing. Hey, the SWAT team just rolled by in Army gear. They don't know where I'm at. But I don't know, maybe you can trace this from this phone call. But yeah, these people here are crazy. And they treat me bad from when I started here. Racist company. Treat me bad. I'm the only black they've already got here. They treat me bad over here, treat me bad all the time.

Dispatcher: It's a horrible situation, I understand that.

Thornton: Hey don't try to calm me down. I'm already calmed down. I'm not going to kill nobody else. I just want to tell my story to you, so you can play it back anyway.

Dispatcher: OK. You're going to help me get you out of the building, OK?

Thornton: Alright. I'm good. (distorted sound) I got that taken care of. I don't need anyone to talk me into getting out of the building.

Dispatcher: Where in the building are you?

Thornton: I'm not going to tell you that. When they find me that's when everything is going to be over.

Dispatcher: Yeah. Where are you located? Are you up in the offices?

Thornton: When they find me everything will be alright. Fucking Manchester is a racist place.

Dispatcher: Yeah. Now, um, what time did you get there today?

Thornton: About 7 o'clock.

Dispatcher: This morning?

Thornton: Yeah, about 7 a.m. Yeah, they told me to come early today.

Dispatcher: What kind of weapon do you have?

Thornton: I got a Ruger SR9.

Dispatcher: A Ruger? SR9?

Thornton: Automatic, yeah.

Dispatcher: Is it a rifle?

Thornton: Nah, it's a pistol. (distorted sound) are two of my favorites.

Dispatcher: Now, uh, you're going to make, uh, the troopers and the people come in and, uh, catch you? You're not going to surrender yourself?

Thornton: Well, I guess maybe on Thursday. Nah! They're coming to get me. They gotta come get me.

Dispatcher: Yeah, we wouldn't want to do it like that, Omar. You know, it's already been a bad enough scene this morning. We want you to relax.

Thornton: I'm relaxed. I'm calmed down.

Dispatcher: We don't want any more, any more, uh, people, you know, to lose their life here.

Thornton: I'm not going to kill nobody else.

Dispatcher: OK.

Thornton: I'm not coming out of where I'm at. I'm not coming out. They have to find me. Probably bring some dogs, or whatever, I don't know what they do.

Dispatcher: How much ammunition do you have with you?

Thornton: I got, uh, a lot of shots left. Uh-oh.

Dispatcher: What's that?

Thornton: It's alright. I guess this is (distorted sound) where I have to take care of business. Tell my people I love them and I got to go now.

Dispatcher: Omar, I really want you to help me stop this situation, OK?

Thornton: OK.

Dispatcher: If you work with me we'll get this to stop, OK? Omar. Ooh! Omar. Omar. OK, he's still alive.