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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dr.Julia Hare uses "code" when she speaks.

She talks about what "intergration" really is. And Uses "code" when mentioning the "BIG Three" of the broadcasters for the Racist Media. I wanted to post this on my Youtube Channel, but, Youtube, still will not allow me to log in. See the power that the Racists have? Check Dr. Hare out.

What Some White People Are Saying About The System of Racism / White Supremacy

The problem here is that we still need more White Folks to point out the White folks who are keeping the system in place. Its an interesting video though, and it sounds like an informative book, when one needs to know HOW part of the system was established here in the so-called US. I have not read it yet, but it is on my list to get. Check out the video.


I cannot tell if anyone else, besides choklitma, has done anything more on this project, because I am still having trouble logging into youtube. Many people did tell me that they would participate and I hope that they did. Because it is the objective of one or more Racist's, working at Youtube to keep ME from doing anything, constructive on Youtube. I strongly believe, that they believe, that if I am not on youtube, then those that I inspire, will not be on there either. It's a very old tactic that most victims of racism have fallen for in the past, unfortunately. But, this is a new time, with new minds, and a new technology. This gives me hope. I am glad that I was able to post my last video, about leaderless resistance. We have got to take charge of ourselves and not look to others to do what we know we should do ourselves. WAKE UP! PLEASE!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The "race" problem

I need help solving this problem and hope that huge numbers of victims of racism become codified. It is really getting difficult. I need to be around more like minded people. I can no longer stand to be around others who are not thinking, speaking, and / or acting the code. It really is frustrating. Since I can no longer access Youtube, it is time for me to start hitting the streets looking for more people.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A "Codified" Soldier to the GOT DAMN Bone!

ChokolitMa aka LadyBmore is a CODIFIED SOLDIER for real. She helped us to win the battle with one video! For the Minimize the Conflict Project in memory of our fallen comrade brother Malcolm X's birthday, I had suggested that the CODIFIED (those that practice UICC/S/C by Neely Fuller Jr) read ONE of the "Ten Stops" (see p.49 UICC/S/C) and give an example of a situation that could be prevented by using that stop. This SISTAHSOLDIER went above and beyond by coming through with a presentation of not ONE STOP, but ALL TEN STOPS! and a "slide show" to accompany each stop, giving a visual example of each one. Check it here. In my earlier post, I had stated how the battle was lost because the racists had defeated me, by preventing me from logging in. Then, Choklitma came out blazing and banging!! Thank you Soldier. Whoever, reads this please get word to Choklitma for me. Just tell her I said thank you. All we need is 399,999 more sistah's like her in the movement and we would put a huge dent in the system! I might be incorrect, but, that appears to be an effective number to me. Thanks again Choklitma!

What happened to SynQ's "minimize the conflict" project?

What's up yall? I do not know how long it will be before any of you read this blog message, but, I am posting it to let you know that I can not access youtube and I have not been able to do so, since friday night (may 18th). I have made many attempts at logging in and have been unable to do so. I reset my password and still I cannot access my account. I can see that other people are posting videos today, so I know that it is not a major "technical issue". I suspect that with all of the things that have been happening with my profile constantly being changed around and or erased, my videos not being allowed to upload, the shrinking of my "channel views" and "videos watched" numbers, and now this login issue, that someone at YOUTUBE is definitly harrassing (practicing racsim) me. I understood that this would happen from the beginning, because history proves that when a victim of racism (non-white person) starts to speakout against Racism/White Supremacy he or she becomes a target, by the racists, both directly and indirectly. Fortunately, Youtube is here in the Bay Area, like I am. Which means that I may have to pay them a visit, to get this issue solved, because it is a violation of the constitutional right to speak freely, that THEY say I have. I suspect that whoever it is that is doing this, won the battle, yesterday, by launching a counter attack that would not allow me to participate in the "minimize the conflict" project on Malcolm's birthday and they obviously do not want us to show that we can unify and work together as a team. Well, if the "codified" soldiers on Youtube, did their part in the project without me, the battle was not lost. I pray that they did do their parts. Even if only one of them did their part we won the battle. I do not know how long this "techinal issue" will last, so I will have to keep you all posted from here. Please spread the word around about what has happened to me, and ask people to check here as much as possible, for any new postings. Thank you. Stay strong in the struggle!