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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sexy Black Moms, Sexy Black Moms, Sexy Black Moms

A few victims of Racism (White Supremacy) made an observation a few days ago. One of them googled "Sexy White Moms" under images and got pictures of (presumably) "White" females wearing skimpy and / or sexy clothes. No children which would indicate to me that some of them may not be mothers, but whatever.

Then he googled "Sexy Black Moms" and got "Black" females with all their goodies showing. They had our sisters pop up and popping out in their birthday suits and it was raw. We are talking XXXXXXXXXXX rated!

Some of the "Sexy White Moms" appeared to me to be "Non-white" females. That didn't make sense to me. Another victim stated that he saw Beyonce's image in there. Very confusing. I am also confused about the whole "White" person thing. I am still trying to find that real white person. You know the one who has skin the color of the white background that you are reading on? Or at least the color of a white crayon?

Pardon my digression.

I thought about this sexy situation. I know it was the Racist mind that developed these search results but how? Was this done by design? or did it just happen this way?

I have been learning a little about something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It has to do with associating key words to your internet content to help it be found easily by the user who googles the words. For example if you google "Counter Racism Now", you are going to get this page and it will be listed first in the listings.

Let's say you googled "Tariq Nasheed". You will get every website and other content that has his name associated with it.

I suspected that if I associated the words "Sexy Black Moms" with this page you will....well....get this page. Along with whatever images I associate with it. I got the idea that if we could get huge numbers of people to do the same thing, we could in fact change the kind of images that are seen when "Sexy Black Moms" is googled. This was only my hunch.  While writing this article I discovered something else. I looked at those images to find Beyonce. LOL!

No not the "Sexy Black moms" which would probably produce a XXXXXXXX Beyonce look a like, because we know the real Beyonce aint having that! Remember another victim said they saw her listed with the "Sexy White Moms"?

Anyway, I googled "Sexy white moms" under images and got the same results as mentioned above. I didn't see Beyonce in there. I saw other "Non-white" females though. I also put the term in and hit enter before I clicked on images. I saw information on this situation. One victim had even made a Youtube video about it. It was taken down for violating YouTube standards.

I found an article (listed as the first search result) that someone asked the following question in a Google forum five days ago:

"Why are the sexy black mom images pornographic while the sexy white mom images are not?" 

Google's rep stated:

"Google Images are indexed based on the way images are labelled on the publishing website and/or surrounding text on the webpage. Google can't (yet) look at an image and recognize the content visually. Any apparent bias in the image results is caused entirely by the publishers of the images, with no intervention by Google."

So my hunch was correct! At any rate I discovered something else. I googled "Sexy Black moms" and the same google forum came up but it was listed as number three.

Sexy White Moms
Notice how the "Explain the Google Image for sexy white mom versus sexy" information is listed first? That's the Google forum I am speaking of and it's first because of the person who asked the question five days ago. If you look at the other listings they are for porno sites. So that means if "Sexy white moms" was googled six days ago you would have gotten nothing but porno sites if you didn't click images. But why are their images not porno?  So I went back and looked at them and discovered that most of the images are pictures of females wearing WHITE CLOTHING! LOL!

Sexy White Moms-Should be Sexy Moms in White

That explains why we saw some "Non-white" females in those images. Damn! That is deep! I checked the site with the first image and the blogger was wearing a white shirt posing in "sexy" positions in her pictures. She also typed in her blog that she was wearing "a beautiful white top". So there it is!

sexy black mom

Okay so I did the same thing with "Sexy black mom" and now the "Explain the Google Image for sexy white mom versus sexy" information is listed as number four. Can you guess why?

It's because the words "sexy white mom" came before the words "Sexy black mom" when the questioner made the"Explain the Google Image for sexy white mom versus sexy" thread.

Interesting. That means that if we make enough websites and post non-porn images of Black Moms and add the keys words "Sexy Black Moms" to those images by putting them in the articles posted on those sites we can counter the current search results.

So let's tamper with the system and see what happens when I associate this image:

Sexy Black Mom in White
 Now, here's a "Sexy Black Mom" and now she can pop up under "Sexy White Moms" too!

 I hope this was constructive.