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Monday, January 15, 2007

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

Though the term, counter racist, (as far as, I know) had not been created yet, Dr.King was a counter racist. Fighting racism was what he was all about. It appears that he made it his everyday mission, to eliminate racism. Every thought, speech and / or action of his, appears to have been dedicated to that purpose.

It is important that you understand that he was assassinated, before his work was completed. It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to understand that the REASON for his murder, was to silence his thoughts, speech, and actions toward eliminating the system of white supremacy. It is down right NECESSARY for you to understand that his enemies, won the battle that he fought against them, BECAUSE THEY KILLED HIM. It is his enemy that continues to push his "I have a dream" speech. Dr.King made very many speeches and yet the only one, in fact, the only words, of THAT speech, that most people know is "I have a dream". You know why? because it doesn't make you take action. It makes you dream. And they talk about it so much that, people think that everything is fine now. King made many powerful speeches. Here is the one that I believe got him killed. Pushing that one speech as though it was his only and /or best speech, has done a great discredit to Dr.King and what he stood for. check his other speeches out at the King center.
I remember having my 15th birthday at the King center in Atlanta. Around the corner from there was his house. It was the same house he was born in. I remember thinking what it must have felt like to stay in the same house from birth until death, like he did. The main thing that stuck in my mind was his office. I remember seeing his desk and books, it reminded me of the books we had at my house (at that time). Each room was roped off. I thought that maybe one day people would visit my home after I had died. As though it were a museum.
Anyway, at the King Center's website they have information on his assassination. Did you know that in 1999 his family won a wrongful death lawsuit against a man that admitted to being apart of a conspiracy to kill Dr.King? check it out and then go to the FBI's website and checkout their investigation of his murder. It's interesting stuff. Reading the trial transcripts and the FBI papers on Dr.King can help you get an accurate picture of what happend.

Please go to the KING CENTER and learn more about Dr.King.

Friday, January 12, 2007

What is a Race, anyway?

The Oxford American Dictionary states that "Race" means " of the great divisions of mankind with certain physical chacteristics in common (such as color of skin and hair, shape of eyes and nose). 2. a number of people related by common descent" there's more, but I don't need it for what I am stating.

O.k. I believe that the concept of "race" is a social construct. I think that it's a word invented by the Racists, in order to to help promote Race-ism. Now, I do not have any proof of the Racists actually creating the word, but if one studies ancient (babylon, mesopitamia, egypt, etc.) history, one would find no evidence of people classifying themselves as "races". These days racism has been confused with prejudice and discrimination, also name calling. People have been called racist because they don't like someone's religion, or because they don't like a so-called homosexual. This isn't racism. It could be discrimination. It might be prejudice, but, it's not racism. Racism is strictly based on the color of a persons skin.

I suspect that it wasn't until early "European" world exploration, that the concept of "race" came about. I say this because I've seen evidence that it was during this same time that Racists began to establish the system of white supremacy.

It's as though "Race" is like a type of class that we all use to determine how we treat one another. Under the system of white supremacy "white" is the top class, "black" is the bottom class, and "brown", "red" and "yellow" are in the middle somewhere. In reality people aren't "white", "black", "red" or "yellow". They are either pale or many shades of brown.
These five color "race" classifications were developed by this guy to your top left corner, "Johann Friedrich Blumenbach came up with the five color distribution of human races: White, Black, Yellow, Red, and Brown."
I suspect that this theory ( that's right. THEORY) that we are divided up into 3 species of Negroid, Mongaloid, and Caucasiod or Caucasian, came from him also. It's interesting that after he saw an attarctive non-white female, he changed his whole theory, but that never seemed to catch on like his earlier one. Hmmm... I wonder why?
THEORY-a set of ideas formulated to explain something. A person is supposed to back their theories up with facts and many don't. Some people will change the facts to back their theories. That is deception- a characteristic of a racist.

The whole planet was overun by the Racists during the 13th and 14th centuries. They were the smartest and most powerful "white" people amongst "white" people. The Racists from England, Spain, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, and a few others, openly dominated this world for centuries. They dominated all other areas in this world where the people looked different from them. During that period they (not any of the racists that exist today, of course.) instilled in our ancestors and their (the racist's) own descendents, through the area of education, this concept of "race"or what I call a class based on skin color. As it states here : "The first known racial classification system was created in the 17th century when a French doctor named Francois Bernier divided up humanity based on facial appearance and body type."
All non-white populated areas were under so-called European control during the 17th century. So we had no one to refute what was said. Non-white people during this time in most cases were forbidden to read and write. They also depended on everything that the racists told them at this time.

If you really think about it, there is no reason for dividing people up into groups unless you are classifying them for some purpose. What is the purpose of us being different "races"? We still follow the rules for classifying, but the purpose of the classifying hasn't been passed along with the rules. Attempting to fit people into "races" only serves one purpose. To judge them based on the color of their skin. states "These ideas originated in the fifteenth century when the ability to support such ideas using sound scientific methods was not possible. Now, scientists from many disciplines (e.g., genetics, anthropology, sociology, biology) agree that there are no distinct human races as was previously claimed."
Take a look at what this PBS link says on "race". It will probably explain it a lot better than I can. At least I tried.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Observed Phenomenon:

Non-white people hardly, if ever, ask themselves if what they are saying and/or doing helps the white people who practice racism (white supremacy) to maintain the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) or helps to replace the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a SYSTEM of justice. Premise: Non-white people are being mistreated on the basis of color. Non-white people have the most to gain by replacing racism (white supremacy) with justice. Only a white person can practice racism (white supremacy). Not all white people are racists (white supremacists). In order to replace the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a SYSTEM of justice you have to reveal truth in a manner that justice is promoted...not just reveal truth. The smartest and most powerful white people use truth and falsehood to promote non-justice. A person is either following counter-racist logic or the person is following racist logic in one or more areas of people activity including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War in all places and at all times. There is no in-between. Hypothesis: Because non-white people of the known universe are so niggerized, the non-white people of the known universe have no mechanism for determining if they are helping the racists (white supremacists) maintain the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) or if the non-white people of the known universe are helping to replace the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a SYSTEM of justice. When a non-white person begins to ask themselves this question "Why Am I Saying and/or Doing This?" and this question "In Order To Do What?" before they say and/or do anything and ask this question "In Order To Do What?", repeatedly, until the person comes to the ultimate objective of "why" they are saying and/or doing anything, the person will begin to understand what is said and/or done to get to a SYSTEM of justice and/or what is said and/or done to help the white supremacists (racists) maintain the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy). Experiment: Saying (1) Why am I saying this? (2) In order to do what? (3) In order to do what after that? Follow the constructive path and follow the non-constructive path to understand the difference between the two. Keep asking yourself the "In Order To Do What?" question with every answer you provide for it. Ask it again. Doing (1) Why am I doing this? (2) In order to do what? (3) In order to do what after that? Follow the constructive path and follow the non-constructive path to understand the difference between the two. Keep asking yourself the "In Order To Do What?" question with every answer you provide for it. Ask it again. Recording Data: Use whatever recording device you can such as pencil and paper, audio recorder, video recorder, memory, etc. Materials Needed: The ability to not lie to yourself. The ability to reveal truth in a manner that justice is promoted. Expected Results: (1) A non-white person will not ask the question "In Order To Do What?" enough times initially because the closer they get to the truth the more uncomfortable they feel. (2) Non-white people will become more and more uncomfortable the more they ask themselves the question "In Order To Do What?" if they follow the constructive path all the way to promoting justice. (3) Non-white people will either arrive at an answer that is constructive (follows counter-racist logic) or non-constructive (follows racist logic). (4) When a non-white person follows the non-constructive path they will begin to understand why most of what non-white people say and/or do makes non-sense. It follows racist logic.