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Monday, October 27, 2008


Black is not just a skin color; it’s a quality of voice. Sarah Jones, the Tony Award-winning performer, talks with linguist John McWhorter about what it means to sound black today. They look at how Barack Obama has used “blaccent” to drive audiences wild. Produced by Studio 360's Derek John.
Sarah Jones and John McWhorter

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Josh Wickett: On Santa Claus

Long before I met "superman", "spiderman", "Batman", and the "Bionic man"...... I met Santa Claus. I guess you could say Santa Claus "turned me out" (for those unaware, this phrase refers to a pimp getting his victim to turn their first "trick"). The entire concept of a White man that spies on you (he knows when you are sleeping...) and then judges whether you are good or bad. If he deems you "bad", you get a black rock (coal). This is all very powerful symbolism when you are 2 years old. This experience trained me for White Jesus and all the other "super Whiteman bullshit" launched my way over the years including: John Wayne Rambo James Bond Elvis... Like I've said before; my niggardly behavior is no accident. The White supremacist started loading that "nigger software" very early on me. I even remember playing board games as a child where no one wanted to use the black pieces (Risk). Later on when I first heard about Kwanzaa, I automatically thought it was a stupid idea because I thought it had something to do with Black people...I never even bothered to find out what the mechanics were. These are the symptoms of a highly niggerized person. Now, What am I doing about it? Well, the first thing I'm doing is raising questions. I'm also changing my behavior. And it is upsetting alot of people too. Niggers are mad cause I ain't actin like I used to act. (White people are mad too but they are smart enough to hide it from me) I ain't celebrating Christmas. Ain't nothin to celebrate about. And if I catch a White man in a red suit breakin into my house round midnight, I ain't givin him "holiday cheer", I'm givin him lead. Josh PS--please pardon my seizure

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Check out these "twins" and how the VOR get treated

Is it by coincedence that the VOR's name is "Coon"? They spell it differently, but it sounds the same.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Is being Jewish a racial or religious classification ?

I know that Micheal Richards is old news but, I need to bring up a point. Who thought Micheal Richards was a "Jew"? I did. Did you? Be honest. Click here and see what had to say about him. How many non-white people thought well of Micheal Richards before his "racial tirade"?

I did.

I liked him every since I first saw him on the sketch comedy tv show "Fridays", back in the early 80's. I never pictured him as having any Racist thoughts, speech, and / or actions. Because I thought he was a cool dude who made me laugh. 

What used to nag at me was that the first "Jews", that I spent the most time and energy with, had blond hair, blue eyes, and they told me that they were "white". 

Me at 12 years old with the first "Jews" I met.

They also were the first to let me know that I was "black" because of the "Curse of Ham" and they used racist speech and actions against me all of the time, from the age of five until they moved away from our habitat, when I was twelve or thirteen years old. I think that most Victims of Racism (non-white people) have been trained to believe that "Jews" are only non-white people.  

This is because we're told the following repeatedly:

1.Hitler was a Nazi.
2.Nazis believe "White" is superior to "Non-white".
3.Nazis killed "Jews" because they believe "Jews" are inferior.
4."Jews" must be "Non-white"

But when we see people who appear to be "White" who talk to us as if being a "Jew" is apart of a "Race" we assume they are "White".

Hollywood has even trained us to believe that "Jews" have a certain appearance (me too even though the first "Jews" that I met did not match this image see above) as though, they are a "Race" of people. It was not until the 90's that I started to "see" this particular "Jewish look" a lot more, in movies and on television. Micheal Richards has that so-called "Jewish look".

The Racists who dominate the third major area of people activity, called Entertainment, have conditioned our minds to believe in this particular image. They want you and I to associate this image with being "Jewish".

You know the look, don't you? the Adam Sandler, Ben Steller, Jerry Seinfeld, look?

No? let me show you:


I started hearing all of this talk about "Jews" being a "Race" of people. Have you ever investigated the idea of a "Race"? What is exactly a "Race" of people? The RACE-ists want you to believe that it is some kind of genetic thing. Research it.

 Anyway, these quotes are from 

"According to traditional Jewish law, a Jew is any person whose mother was a Jew or any person who has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism." 

"Liberal streams of Judaism also recognize as Jewish a person born of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother." from the Michael Richards article are what stood out the most to me, because I have on many occasions spoken to "Jews" who have told me that they were "white", and I have seen them functioning as "white" people. Meaning I have witnessed "white" people treat them better than they treated me. 

I had a high school classmate who told me he is a "white" person until some "white" people find out he is a "Jew" and then, all of a sudden he is treated as a "non-white" person.

He also told me that he functions as a "white" person around "non-white" people. This was confusing to me.

Can both the "traditional Jewish Law" and the "Liberal streams of Judaism" quotes apply to a "white" person as well as a non-white person?

"traditional Jewish Law"

Lets see.......if the mother is a "white" person and she went "through the formal process of conversion to Judaism", she'd be a Jew. If she had offspring with a non-Jew "white" person, their offspring would be both "white" and "Jewish". Correct?

If the mother is a "non-white" person and she went "through the formal process of conversion to Judaism", she'd be a Jew.

If she had offspring with a non-Jew "non-white" person, their offspring would be both "non-white" and "Jewish". Correct?

"Liberal streams of Judaism"

If a "non-white" father, "has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism", then he is a "Non-white Jew" and his offspring is thus "non-white" and "Jewish". Correct?

 If a "white" father, "has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism", then he is a "White Jew" and his offspring is thus "white" and "Jewish". Correct?

Ok, can anyone go through a formal process of conversion to being classified as "non-white"? well as a non-white person I can tell you. No.

Can anyone go through a "formal process of conversion to being classified as "black"? No.

So, why are there "white" people trying to get you and I to believe that being "Jewish" is a Racial Classification?

I suspect that they do it to cause maximum confusion in the minds of Victims of Racism (non-white people) as to what Racism is and what Racism is not.

Such people are either Racists impersonating a "Jew", or they are a "white" person or a non-white person passing on this confusion, indirectly, in my opinion.

To be a part of a religion simply means that you choose to behave in a certain way that distinguishes you from others, who are not behaving in that same way. In other words you say and do the things a "Jew" does and does not do, in order to be a "Jew". It is a choice.

Racists (white supremacists) do a lot of impersonating in every religion on this planet. They impersonate other religious behaviors (Muslim, Christian ,Jew, Hindu, etc.) in order to spread their own religious behavior of Racism / White Supremacy.

Because of them Racism / White Supremacy has become the worlds most powerful religion, and I suspect that many Racists (White Supremacists) have infiltrated and used the Jewish Religion to make this a reality. The next time you meet a person that you suspect is a "white" person who tells you that they are "Jewish", run this experiment, created by Edward Williams of

Observed Phenomenon: People who say they are "Jews" or "Jewish" when asked what race they are.

Hypothesis: This experiment examines the response of a person that says they are a "Jew" or "Jewish" when asked what race they are. This experiment identifies and promotes the practical value of asking a person if they are a white person.

I have observed the following: A person who says they are a "Jew" or "Jewish" are thought by many "non-white" people to be "white" people. A person who says they are a "Jew" or "Jewish" are thought by many "white" people to be "non-white" people.

Upon asking the critical question to two "Jewish" men on different occasions and 13 years apart. They both gave me the exact same answers. I don't know if they know each other or not.

Critical Question:
Are you a "White" person?

They said: "I am a "White" person around "White" people and a "Non-white" person around "Non-white" people. These two individuals are on my racist suspect list, because deception is a major tool for practicing racism. I didn't get to ask them what they are in the presence of a "White" person and a "Non-white" person.

Herein lies the confusion. As a result of the SYSTEM of white supremacy (racism) there are three functional categories of people: "White" people "Non-White" people (black, brown, red, yellow, beige, tan, etc.) White Supremacists (Racists)

Whenever a non-white person deviates from these three functional categories they lose focus. Because there is so much confusion around the terms "Jew" and/or "Jewish" it is best not to deviate from the three basic functional categories of people listed above.

 The current supreme SYSTEM functioning on this planet is about color and it functions in all areas of people activity including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War. 

An effect of this experiment legitimizes the necessity for racists (WS) to divide non-white people into categories to further confuse them about what Racism is and how it works. Terms such as black, pacific islander, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Jew, Ethnicity etc. Should become meaningless to the attempted counter racist in a SYSTEM of white supremacy (racism).

Experiment: Questions to ask are as follows:
What is your race? (This question should not be asked because it allows the person responding too much wiggle room. Scratch this question from your list.) 

What is your ethnic background? (This question should not be asked because it allows the person responding too much wiggle room. Scratch this question from your list.) 

Are you from the Middle East? (This question should not be asked because it allows the person responding too much wiggle room. Scratch this question from your list.) 

Are you an American? (This question should not be asked because it allows the person responding too much wiggle room. Scratch this question from your list.) 

Are you a white person? Are you a white "jew" or a non-white "jew"?

Are you a white "jewish" person or a non-white "jewish" person?

Results: Once non-white people stray away from the categories the white people who practice white supremacy (racism) use to run all of the business on this planet it leads to confusion.

There are white and non-white "Jews", white and non-white "Catholics", white and non-white "Christians".

These are all ideas. White Supremacy (Racism) is an idea that has been made a reality. The White Supremacists (Racists) decide which "religion" is and is not a valid "religion".

Scientific Theory: A "Jew" is a person that is either white or non-white and the White Supremacists (Racists) decide color classification.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The "Vogue" Cover Controversy

This is a video that was on the "Today Show" about this issue. Pay close attention to how that white man and the correspondant ask ALL of the questions. The person who asks all of the questions controls the conversation. I asked the "dumb white guy", some of my own questions as though I was on the show myself. please watch it BEFORE you read my questions.

I think that recognizing that I am a VOR and that the system of Racism / White Supremacy retards my thinking ("you're a dumb white guy and I am a retarded black male") would have added balance to the conversation.

My first question would be "Why are you saying that you are a dumb white guy?" If I were a black female I would ask "Why did they choose ME to come on and speak about this instead of a black male?" I would also ask him- "What do you mean by taking it up to me being an African-American woman?" What exactly does that mean? Because to me the video appears to send the message that the black female is jealous of the white woman and calling it Racism. It also appears that when he states that she is an African-American woman, he is saying THAT is her only reason for being there.

He then says that he is put into a tough position. I would ask "Why does this conversation put YOU in a tough position?" Then he mentions his background "coming from the world of images and the world of photographers".- I'd say "wait a minute...wait a miNUTE, I am a retarded black person, can you slow down for me, I have some questions about this world of images you are speaking of"

It appears to me that I am in a world of images, also. So that I can understand you better, What do YOU mean by a world of images? He then talks about "Raw white guys" and "Raw black guys" and their emotional personalities coming out for the "energy" of the photo. I know some things about photograpghy, but, not as much as a "dumb white guy", because again I am retarded, but, generally doesn't the photographer instruct their subjects in HOW they want them to pose? Does anyone instruct them as to WHAT kind of clothing they should wear? How about facial expressions? Body language? Are they told when to show emotions and not to show emotions? After, they have taken all of these different photos, is there anyone who determines which photos are best for what they want to communicate on the cover? You agreed that this cover is Art, do you agree that the purpose of art is to communicate a message? What type of message do you think this cover is telling us?

Do you agree that so-called "race" plays an issue in advertising? For example if I wanted black males to by my product, isn't it a "marketing strategy" to create images of black males using that product? Would you say that creating images of black males "being tough" using that product, will send a message to black males to "buy" and use that product?

If I wanted white women to use my product wouldn't I use the same princlple of showing white women "happily" using my product in order for them to get to "buy" what I am selling? What type of message do you think this cover is telling white women? What kind of message do you think this cover is telling black males? Which person on this cover is the "product" and which person is the "buyer"?

Why does it say "A PERFECT FIT" in bold letters on the left side of the cover? Have the words "A PERFECT FIT" ever been applied to suggest that two people are "right" for each other?

At the bottom of the cover it says "Gisele & Lebran", isn't that one of the ways that "lovers" are refered too? Why does it say "YOU ARE (NOT) WHAT YOU EAT" on the right side of the page, at the level of their genitals?

Did you know that psychiatrist, Dr.Francis Cress-Welsing mentions in her book called "The Isis Papers" that "It is of symbolic importance that the large brown basketball is thrown into a circular opening (the basket is usually a white net) that can be viewed as a symbol of the white female vaginal orifice"?

Could the image of Lebron "throwing the basketball down" send the message to black males to give up on the game of putting a brown ball into a symbolic white vagina in exchange for putting his brown balls into a REAL "white" vagina?

See the similarities between the Kong picture and the picture below? Look at the ape's face and then look at Lebran's face. See how they are both holding what is presumably a "white" woman in their arms? Lebran's shoulders are slumped forward, giving him the silhouette of a "Gorilla".  Both Lebran and Kong, have the mouths open, as though they are "roaring" aggressively. The Racists (White Supremacists) have been comparing "Black" people to apes for centuries. Now all of a sudden they don't? why not?That's what I call Racist Propaganda. It propagates Racism (White Supremacy).

Why is the image being presented again? Because it reinforces the thoughts, speech, and / or actions, that are needed to keep the system of Racism (White Supremacy) in place. This Vogue picture is nothing more than a refined image of the old one above. Does how we react to it as Victims cooperate with Racism or does that reaction serve as a resistance to it?