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Monday, July 26, 2010

Make a Major Effort To Avoid Being Put into Greater Confinement

I have observed that huge numbers of "non-white" people are in "Greater Confinement". I have observed that small numbers of "white" people are in "Greater Confinement". "White" people collectively do more things to keep themselves out of  "Greater Confinement", than "non-white" people do. My observations are backed by these stats produced by the largest and most experienced collectors of statistics in the known universe.

The Stats:

"According to the US Census Bureau, the US population in 2000 was 281,421,906. Of that, 194,552,774 (69.1%) were white; 33,947,837 (12.1%) were black;"

"Across all age categories, black males were incarcerated at higher rates than white males." "Black males ages 30 to 34 had the highest custody incarceration rate of any [other] group at midyear 2007."

"Over a third (33.8%) of the total male custody population was ages 20 to 29. The largest percentage of black (35.5%) and Hispanic (39.9%) males held in custody were ages 20 to 29."

Such observations have lead to the following Counter Racist Compensatory Logical Conclusions.

1) Make a major effort to avoid being put into "Greater Confinement" [jail, prison, small and inadequate areas, etc.] Avoid doing anything that you have reason to believe may result in your being put into "Greater Confinement". Click here for more details on this.
See page 99 of the U.I.C.C./S./C.

2) Pay attention to white people. Pay attention to what they do. Listen to what they say. Look at all that they do. See page 71 of the U.I.C.C./S./C.

This is a video of  smart "white" people telling a room full of what I suspect are other "white" people, to exercise the use of the US Constitution (the 5th Amendment) when they encounter Enforcement Officials (Cops). They say "don't talk to the cops". This first video is of a lawyer telling them this.

This second video is a cop telling them this. Pay close attention to his use of words.

Catch how he said "We lovingly refer to as Hood Rats"? I suspect that he is talking about "non-white" people.

SUGGESTION: Find an experienced lawyer who specializes in Criminal Law and obtain their business card before any incidents occur. Do not worry about affording them. Think about that after they get you out of trouble.

REASON/EXPLANATION: Under the system of Racism (White Supremacy), vast numbers of "non-white" people have been placed in Greater Confinement, because of what they said and did, in the presence of Enforcement Officials. An experienced lawyer, who specializes in Criminal Law, can tell you how to behave in a manner that will keep you out of Greater Confinement.

These next videos are about what you should be doing when stopped by the Enforcement Officials. Which includes searching your property. They call it "10 Rules for Dealing with the Police"- very constructive information.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shirley Sherrod: The latest blast with Racist Propaganda

Below I am attempting to demonstrate the use of Racist Propaganda and it affects. I will point out the various tactics that I see being used here. I am using my own term to describe these tactics to eliminate confusion.

Even though Mrs. Sherrod has been "cleared" of being a so-called "Black Racist", the over all message that appeals to the subconscious minds of millions of people is that it is possible for a "non-white" person to have the ability to mistreat a "white" person on the basis of skin color.

The Objective of the Racist Propagandist:

BLACK RACISM EXISTS (they tried using "Reverse Racism" over the years but it has since, been refined into "Black Racism".)

Following Counter Racist Compensatory Logic, number two of the Four Types of Power Among the People of the Known Universe (see pages 27-29 U.I.C.C.S.C. for details) comes to my mind.

SUPERIOR POWER means the collective power and the ability of the Racists (White Supremacists), to cause "non-white" people to think, speak, and /or act according to the dictates of "white" people in general.

A Black Racist
The Reverse of SUPERIOR POWER, is the one I suspect is implied here. I say this because many Racist Conservatives are attempting to convince the people that the U.S. Government is ruled by a Victim of Racism. Anyone who knows (not many) that all Victims of Racism are subjects of the Racists can see that this is not true. The problem is that there are huge numbers of people (especially "white" people) who are being convinced by the smart and powerful amongst them that having a "Black" president has opened the doors for "Black Supremacy".


Positive / Negative word association associating the target with a word that draws negative emotions is used to make people reject and condemn that person without examining the evidence.

Shirley Sherrod
Having Sherrod presented as a "Black Racist" working in the so-called Obama Administration would solidify the idea by making it appear that she is backed by the power and the ability of the "Racists(Black Supremacists)" and their "white" followers to cause "white" people to think, speak, and /or act according to their dictates.

Who was affected by this tactic?

Anyone that does not apply logic to think critically (most "non-white" people) about what they see and hear in regards to the existence of the system of Racism (White Supremacy).

Barack Obama

Because it appears that the US Government is incompetent when a "non-white" person appears to be in charge. How could all of those smart and powerful "white" people "serving under" Obama have overlooked this? CIA, NSA, and Military Intel advisers, of the most sophisticated government on the planet fell for this? The person who should be fired next, is the one in charge of getting the facts straight. Maybe they were the same person who told the Bush Administration that there was W.M.D.'s in "Iraq".

Benjamin Jealous

Superior Advisor of the NAACP which is often made to appear as though it's the number one and only "black" organization that "counters racism" in a manner that is viewed as acceptable, made the same mistake that Obama made. There is a plethora of smart and powerful "white" people in the NAACP as well. Could they have checked out the facts too?


Accept / Reject Testimony using the words of someone viewed as important to influence how you think about a person or an idea.

The Racist Propagandists used Obama and Jealous to solidify the claim that BLACK RACISM exists, by broadcasting their statements of "outrage".

Andrew Breitbart
Okay. Now that it has all come out that she was taken out of context (I say severely mistreated on the basis of her skin color) by the Racist Suspect Conservative blogger named Andrew Breitbart, and "cleared" of her charges of being a current "black racist", does it now APPEAR that it is even more possible for a "black" person to be a "Racist (Black Supremacist)"?

Yes! In fact it now looks more possible that a "black" person can be one, because the message now appears as though she once was a "black racist", but at some point in her existence she learned that it is no longer about Racism (Black Supremacy).

I quote Counter Racist Evolving Engineer (CREE) who said it best on her blog:

"The key term of this cunningly crafted controversy is being hammered, by repetition, into common use: “black racist.” Even though the ONLY functional form of racism in the known universe is white supremacy, we’re speaking—with serious, stern faces– about a non-functional entity called “black racism.”…. This is how deceitful definitions that serve the global system of white supremacy (racism) become “commonly accepted” —- no matter how inaccurate and illogical."

We were all attacked with an act of indirect violence of massive proportion. Like a Trojan Virus going into a computer that has no anti-virus program, it entered into the minds of the people in a subtle way.


Shirley Sherrod herself:

When asked by Racist Suspect Anderson Cooper, if she thinks that she has now gotten past black vs white, Sherrod replied "I know I've gotten past black vs white!"

The damage to the minds of the people has been done. This is no fault on her part.

Key words "BLACK VERSES WHITE." black / offense and white / defense. Wow.

There's more....

I read the transcript to Mrs.Sherrod's speech in question and I like it.

She really sounds like a person who reveals truth in a manner that promotes Justice and helps the person who needs help, get the most constructive help that they need.

SOMEONE knew exactly how this thing was going to play out.

I think that this whole thing was designed to get Ms. Sherrod out of the position that she had anyway. It appears that she was offered a different job at the USDA, instead of the one that she had, why?

Do you know that Black Farmers had filed a $2 billion dollar lawsuit against the USDA? I remember reading about this like over a decade ago. I thought it was settled. Well, it's been settled but they have been waiting for the money for over a decade.

I suspect that some Racists (White Supremacists) thought that Mrs. Sherrod was in a position to help these farmers get that settlement or get help while they wait for it. When you read her speech you will see what I am talking about.
"Black" Farmer

"Jerry Pennick, director of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund, where Sherrod worked before joining the USDA. The government's poor treatment of her has resonated loudly and badly among farmers who have faced discrimination."

"The government stands to pay out over $2 billion for discrimination against African Americans and not one person in the department has been fired because of that, yet the first African American woman to [oversee rural development] in Georgia was fired for alleged racism," Pennick said.

"And nobody has been fired for proven discrimination."

Mrs. Sherrod said on the "Today" show last week that:

"Discrimination happens in the USDA. . . . And it's there because the agency never did deal with the people who caused it,"

"No one lost their job because they discriminated against black farmers, Hispanic farmers, Native American farmers, women farmers. . . . Those individuals . . . some have retired, but many of them are still there."

Read more here

THE USDA says on there website that:

"Rural Development is committed to helping improve the economy and quality of life in all of rural America by providing financial programs to support essential public facilities and services as water and sewer systems, housing, health clinics, emergency service facilities and electric and telephone service. Rural Development promotes economic development by providing loans to businesses through banks and community-managed lending pools, while also assisting communities to participate in community empowerment programs."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Tired of Hearing :"Thousands of years ago our ancestor's ruled this planet"

There are many "non-white" and "white" people today, who are greatly entertained, when they hear a "non-white" person talking about how the "Black man is God", and the "White man is the Devil".

"Thousands of years ago our ancestor's ruled this planet."

"Black people are the original people of the planet and all knowledge came from us."

"We built the pyramids and the 'white' man still doesn't know how they were built."

"We were Kings and Queens and when they were walking on all fours and living in caves!"

"Jesus was Black!"

"All of the prophets in the Bible were Black!"

"Black people invented the light bulb."

These words boost the ego and get one very excited about having dark skin. All of those words sound good and some of them according to the evidence are true. But, we are still being DOMINATED and SUBJUGATED under a system that has been here since the 16th century (at the least).

What can "non-white" people do to stop being mistreated on the basis of color TODAY?

Right now, if a person came here from another planet, not knowing anything about "white people being savages when we created civilization", or that "we built the pyramids", or that "we used to rule this planet". Would that person believe (based on their observation of the current situation) that "non-white" people are here to serve "white" people?

The video below explains it best.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

For Anyone Who Questions My Credentials

For anyone who questions my credentials, here is the doctorate degree that I earned for my 42 years of being a long time Victim of and Servant to Racism (White Supremacy).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Concept of "Race"

The Oxford American Dictionary states that "Race" means " of the great divisions of mankind with certain physical chacteristics in common (such as color of skin and hair, shape of eyes and nose). 2. a number of people related by common descent" there's more, but I don't need it for what I am stating.

O.k. I believe that the concept of "race" is a social construct. I think that it's a word invented by the Racists, in order to to help promote Race-ism. Now, I do not have any proof of the Racists actually creating the word, but if one would study ancient (babylon, mesopitamia, egypt, etc.) history, one would find no evidence of people classifying themselves as "races". These days racism has been confused with prejudice and discrimination, also name calling. People have been called racist because they don't like someone's religion, or because they don't like a so-called homosexual. This isn't racism. It could be discrimination. It might be prejudice, but, it's not racism. Racism is strictly based on the color of a persons skin.

I suspect that it wasn't until early "European" world exploration, that the concept of "race" came about. I say this because I've seen evidence that it was during this same time that Racists began to establish the system of white supremacy.

It's as though "Race" is like a type of class that we all use to determine how we treat one another. Under the system of white supremacy "white" is the top class, "black" is the bottom class, and "brown", "red" and "yellow" are in the middle somewhere. In reality people aren't "white", "black", "red" or "yellow". They are either pale or many shades of brown.
These five color "race" classifications were developed by this guy to your top left corner, "Johann Friedrich Blumenbach came up with the five color distribution of human races: White, Black, Yellow, Red, and Brown."
I suspect that this theory ( that's right. THEORY) that we are divided up into 3 species of Negroid, Mongaloid, and Caucasiod or Caucasian, came from him also. It's interesting that after he saw an attarctive non-white female, he changed his whole theory, but that never seemed to catch on like his earlier one. Hmmm... I wonder why?
THEORY-a set of ideas formulated to explain something. A person is supposed to back their theories up with facts and many don't. Some people will change the facts to back their theories. That is deception- a characteristic of a racist.

The whole planet was overun by the Racists during the 13th and 14th centuries. They were the smartest and most powerful "white" people amongst "white" people. The Racists from England, Spain, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, and a few others, openly dominated this world for centuries. They dominated all other areas in this world where the people looked different from them. During that period they (not any of the racists that exist today, of course.) instilled in our ancestors and their (the racist's) own descendents, through the area of education, this concept of "race"or what I call a class based on skin color. As it states here : "The first known racial classification system was created in the 17th century when a French doctor named Francois Bernier divided up humanity based on facial appearance and body type."
All non-white populated areas were under so-called European control during the 17th century. So we had no one to refute what was said. Non-white people during this time in most cases were forbidden to read and write. They also depended on everything that the racists told them at this time.

If you really think about it, there is no reason for dividing people up into groups unless you are classifying them for some purpose. What is the purpose of us being different "races"? We still follow the rules for classifying, but the purpose of the classifying hasn't been passed along with the rules. Attempting to fit people into "races" only serves one purpose. To judge them based on the color of their skin. states"These ideas originated in the fifteenth century when the ability to support such ideas using sound scientific methods was not possible. Now, scientists from many disciplines (e.g., genetics, anthropology, sociology, biology) agree that there are no distinct human races as was previously claimed."
Take a look at what this PBS link says on "race". It will probably explain it a lot better than I can. At least I tried.

The following video was added on 11/2/12:


Friday, July 09, 2010

Learn Something About Everything

I learned something new about Google in relation to collecting information. It will be up to you to determine if it is constructive or not. If you go to the Google start page. Before you start your search take a look at the links at the top of the start page.

"Web Images Videos Maps News Shopping Mail more

You've probably exhausted the "Web", tabs looking for websites like, the, the C.O.W.S. Radio show, and any of the other sources of  Counter Racist Information that are popping up on the Web. You may have used the "Images" tab attempting to find Racist Propaganda to point out how us Victims of Racism are being indoctrinated into cooperating with Racism (White Supremacy), you may even use the "Video" tab, searching for "Another lesson in Counter Racism Science". You've probably gotten plenty of use out of the "Maps" tab to get directions. And the "News" tab? well I just don't know if you are using this one at all, unless you are searching for the most current Racist action that the media CHOOSES to make us aware of. But, I can tell you if you do use it, you will get many sources of information on whatever current story you are looking for, Google even allows you to personalize it so that the page only shows you the type of stories your are interested in. Surely, you've used the "Shopping" tab to collect the latest items to show off what the Racists have allowed you to have, or to buy the tools to be used for a constructive purpose. You probably get a lot of use out of the "Mail" tab for............whatever.

But what about the "More" tab? Have you ever clicked on the "More" tab? There is whole new learning experience behind the "More" tab. There is even an "Even More" tab. You've got to check this stuff out.

Anyway, back to the "More" tab for now. If you click on the "Books" tab that shows up after you hit the "More" tab, the information that you have access to will blow your mind. I've been online for the past two days and nights reading magazines dated back to the 40's. Very interesting pieces of information on different subjects. I found these gems of information:

in a Sept 1974 issue of Ebony: The "Conspiracy" to Make Black Males Inferior by Dr.Francis Cress-Welsing

in a June 1979 issue of Ebony The Battle Between the Sexes: Is It Manufactured Or Real

There are plenty more sources of information that are listed. I found a 1948 issue of Life magazine. Not that the issue was constructive, I am just demonstrating how far back it went.


Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

My Experiences with "White" females Part Two

The Blond Bombshell

I can still remember my last encounter with a "white" woman. I was working as an Extra on a T.V. commercial in San Francisco. All of the other Extras were aspiring actors. Mostly "white" people and some sprinkles of "non-white" people. Everyone was friendly. It was like we were all at an amusement park or a night club, minus the music and the booze. Laughing, joking, talking, flirting, dancing, performing, with each other for about 28 days of filming. It felt like a family reunion, in fact most of the Extras that were there, were regulars that saw each other, every time there was a movie or commercial filmed in the bay area. I was one of the new ones and so was the "white" woman whom I had a sexual attraction to. There were many females both "white" and "non-white" working on this project, who were attractive (they all looked like models, for Victoria Secret or something). When I say "attractive" I mean any person that people classified as "white" and "non-white" would both want to have sexual intercourse or sexual play with. I was looking to be with anyone of them that appeared to be attracted to me. I was three years out of an attempted marriage, and taking care (with help from others) of my one female offspring. It had also been a year since I had any affection or sexual contact.

Based on many years experience of being rejected by "white" woman, I had learned that for me, if anything was going to lead to sexual intercourse (let me interject that I've never reserved myself exclusively for "white" women ) with one, it had to be them that initiated it.

Anyway, this particular "white" woman was not more or less attractive than any of the other fine females, that were there. She just was. She had long blond hair, blue eyes, and what appeared to be tanned skin. She didn't need any face make up to help with her attractiveness. Most of the females there didn't. She was what I have heard "white" men refer to as a "Blond Bomb Shell".

In the beginning of the project, I met, Patrick. Patrick told me that he did not like to say that he was "white", but would rather say that he was "Irish". He talked (though, I had learned about this already) to me about how the "Irish" are "non-white" people, in the "UK", but that when they come to the "United States", they are treated as though they are "white" people. If I had been codified back then, I would have had a bucket load of questions to ask him.

Okay okay to the point. Me, Pat, and a couple of the other guys, that were "street minded" so to speak, all started hanging out together everyday. We exchanged stories about fights, being in gangs, and small crimes that we committed and how we had a major event that made us change our ways. For me it was getting stabbed, but, that's another story. Anyway, the "white" woman, liked to hear our stories, and started hanging out with us too. By the 20th day, the crew had dwindled down to me, Pat, and her. Someone started referring to us as the Mod Squad. Letting us know about her "Irish" ancestry and because they were (in my mind at the time of the same "race") I assumed that she wanted to be with Pat, until one night she invited me (not Pat) to have drinks with her and some of the "white" men that worked on the project, at a brew house. While we're all sitting together, the "white" men started to compete for her attention with their stories.

I sat quietly beside her and listened to all of them talk. The beer she's drinking has a very interesting appearance, that I had never seen in a beer before. In the middle of all of their talking I say "What kind of beer is that?"

She turns to me and says  "Honey, it's called Hefenweisen, here drink some."

With raised eye brows and a scrunched fore head, I'm thinking "wait a minute, did she just call me honey?"

Within a half a second of me realizing that she called me Honey, in front of these "white" men, her beer is in front of my lips. With all eyes on me, I take a sip. At that moment all of the "white" men started making up excuses for why they had to leave and left. I remember one of them saying "Well, that did it for me, I'm calling it a night."

By this point in my existence, I had gotten so many mixed signals from my dealings with females (especially "white" women), that I couldn't tell if what had just transpired was because she really was attracted to me, or a deceptive ploy on her part to show the "white" men sitting with us that she wasn't interested in any of them.

After, they all left, she tells me that she resides in Santa Cruz and is house sitting at a house in San Francisco, with a pool and a hot tub. She says that she does not want to be alone, and wants me to keep her company, promising me that we will have a lot of fun. I thanked her for the invite, but declined, because I had to get back to Oakland, in order to pick up my "daughter". She gave me a ride to the B.A.R.T. (the Bay Area's commuter train) station. I remember her begging me to go with her. There were a lot of emotions that I felt that night. I could not think logically about what was going on at all. The system had trained me to take chances (the phrase "Just do it" comes to my mind), I had learned by this point in my existence, that if I can't think clearly about something, I had better not act on it. There were too many unknowns involved. But, I couldn't help but, wonder ( before the code) what it would have been like, if I had excepted the offer. I know now that it would have only increased my confusion and thus delayed me from focusing on eliminating the system of Racism (White Supremacy).
Update 1/10/13- I realized today that I also had a deep fear that she might accuse me of rape or something. It didn't reveal itself all of the time (because, I have had sexual intercourse with "White" women), but, I know that this fear was put in me as a child by my father-less, because of Racist Actions against Emmett Till, Willie McGee, and thousands of others, who've had (or were accused of) "sexual play" and / or sexual intercourse with a "White" female and / or "White" woman.
So the next day we were on the set, she avoided hanging out with me and Pat, all day, until 5pm, which was the end of our work schedule that day. She invites me, Pat, and a "white" man (that was hanging out with another group of guys on the set.) to a bar at pier 39, that was holding a celebration for the World Cup. Pat said "Hey, man this is where I draw the line, going in there, will take me back to a terrible time." That is when I realized that he was combating a drinking problem. He knew better and warned me to do the same, because it could always get rowdy in these types of places, especially during the World Cup. I went in anyway, trying to follow her, with my confused self.

Me, her, and the "white" man, are sitting there on the patio of this bar having drinks. She bought drinks for everyone. About four or five Kamakazi's later I am watching the world cup on the t.v., when I catch her looking at me, with puckered up lips, prepared to receive a kiss. So I gave her a little peck. Then, I hear this "black" male say "Ahhhhh man, he kissed her like she was his sister." Laughter broke out all around me. It was if the whole club was waiting to see if I was going to get with this "white" woman.

NOW, I am determined to get with her. She gets up and goes off to the restroom. The "white" man that was sitting with us, talks with me for about ten minutes, and then gets up and leaves too.

Fifteen minutes goes by and the "black" male who made the comment says "Man, that fine white girl likes YOU, but the white dude, is trying to get with her too. You should go get her, man"

So now I am thinking that when she gets back to the table, I'm going to kiss her passionately in front of everybody (show-offism) and get my "respect back". I glance in the dance area and see the two of them dancing together. So I go cut in and she dances with me. He comes back in, grabs her hand, takes her out the door into the front of the place. I go out in front and tell her to choose him or me. She chooses me. My mind is really blown away (double confusion sets in) now, because she choose me over this "white" dude. He acts upset and then walks off. Her and I walk to a burger joint across the street.

He comes into the burger joint and says "Khalif, can we talk?"  I say "what's up?" he says "Hey man, I think that you are cool and everything, but the three of us ain't vibing, dude."

I said "Hey, man she chose me. So get on some where"

He left again.

We leave the place and walk to her car. When we get to the corner about five feet from her car, he walks up again grabbing one of her arms, now we are doing a tug of war with her. She snatches her arms away, lays down on the ground and yells "Why don't you both just f--- me right here on the f---ing corner !"

The "white" man tells me that I should go, so that he can be alone with her. Now, I go into this let me save her from this guy mode. I say "Man, didn't she say that she didn't want you? Get out of here or its going to be some problems." He says "Okay!" and walks off.

Her and I get into her car, and I start to say how I feel about her (You know, cuz I am like "honored" that this fine "white" woman chose me, right?). I was headed for the ultimate confusion, and probably would have never came back. I wanted to feel accepted by this "white" queen (most powerful piece on the chess board) and she did that by choosing me over the "white" man, once again on a separate occasion. Anyway, I was about to ask her why, when he drives up along side of her car and yells for her to get in his car (I suspected that she was really liking all of this attention).

She says "No, I'm not getting in unless, Khalif can go with me."  He tells her that is not an option. So she refuses to get in. He says "Okay, come on lets all go to another club." She gets in the front seat, instead of the back with me. We get in the club and have some more drinks at the bar. She goes out on the dance floor and starts dancing by herself, while him and I are at the bar. I remember him saying "Khalif, man, let me drop you off at the BART station, man." Everything gets blurry, because the alcohol starts to set in, and the next thing I know, I see them getting into the car. I rush out and get in too. Now he's being persistent about taking me to the BART, and she isn't saying anything. I'm still saying no. He just starts driving around San Francisco.

It seemed like we drove around for hours, with the music playing, I heard some faints moans coming from up front. I looked up there and saw that he was rubbing between her legs. He looks at me and says "Khalif, let me take you to the BART, man." I was like dumbfounded. Mouth on the floor of his car. I was still dragging it out of the car, when he dropped me off at the BART station, which had closed at 12 am. It was like 2 am.

So, not having any place to go in S.F. and the fact that it was really cold that night, I thought maybe I'd sleep in her car if it was unlocked. I walked back to her car and slept in it, thinking that I would see her when she comes back. I didn't. I woke up at about 9am and walked to the BART and caught a train back to Oakland.

Counter Racist Compensatory Logic tells me that as long as I am a Victim of Racism in a system of Racism (White Supremacy) that my existence means nothing unless I am either of some use to "white" people or I am attempting to replace this system of White Supremacy with Justice.

Anytime that I am not aware of the how or why behind the feelings that I have, when I have them, I suspect that I am being indirectly controlled by Racist thought, speech, and /or action.


My Experiences with "White" females part one

          Webster’s New World Dictionary (1968 Edition) defines Propaganda as any organization or movement working for the propagation of particular ideas, doctrines, practices etc. It further defines it as any systematic, widespread, deliberate indoctrination or plan for such indoctrination.

I love you
Because you're white,
Not because you're charming
Or bright,
Your whiteness
Is a silky thread
Snaking through my thoughts,
In redhot patterns
Of lust and desire.

I hate you
Because you're white.
Your white meat
Is nightmare food.
White is
The skin of Evil.
You're my Moby Dick,
White Witch,
Symbol of the rope and hanging tree,
Of the burning cross.
 Loving you thus
And hating you so,
My heart is torn in two.
                                                                    - Eldridge Cleaver

On Sun 6/20/10, I was a guest on the C.O.W.S. Radio show. I was asked to talk about, what was referred to as a "Tragic Arrangement". I was told that a Tragic Arrangement is when a "non-white" person and a "white" person associate with each other for the purpose of having sexual intercourse. Under a system of Racism (White Supremacy), this kind of relationship is a Tragic Arrangement. Let me explain. My memory takes me back to when I was 5 years old, and even to 3 years (in some instances). I saw a lot of  programming (television and films). Every program that I saw presented images of "white" people showing affection for each other. I saw images of "white" females behaving in a manner that made them appear as though they were perfect.

The first "white" person on t.v. that I was attracted to, was Shirley Temple. I didn't think that I was "black". I knew that my skin was brown, but, it had not clicked to me that the color of my skin made a significant difference between us (in fact it only makes a difference because of Racism / White Supremacy). Thinking that she was the same age or close to my age, I imagined that she would be my girlfriend someday. Then one day my mother told me that Shirley Temple was already an adult by the time that she (my mom) was 8 years old and had started watching her in the movies. I was devastated. It was also at this time that both of my folks told me about the roles that Black people were limited to playing in her movies because of Racism (White Supremacy). I still wanted to be with her regardless...

New edition added on 5/1/11 :

Anyway, I remember seeing her with Mr. Bojangles and thinking "wow, she likes Black people" and at the same time disliking him for being an "Uncle Tom" and / or "Sell-out":
There was this feeling as though the "White" woman would provide me with nourishment or something ( I could hear the cow bells ringing as though I were on Gus' show, right now).

Throw in Jody Foster, Tatum O'Neal, Linda Blair, and Kristy McNichol, as the other little ones that I that were my age. Then adult "white" women like Brooke Shields, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Lindsey Wagner, Angie Dickenson, Raquel Welch, the list goes on. They were on shows with titles like "Charlie's Angels", "Police Woman", "Wonder Woman", "Bionic Woman", etc. "White" was right. There were very few "non-white" females on t.v. back then. Any that were on t.v. were perceived as "unattractive". Although, there was Denise Nichols.

At this stage in my existence, there were three "white" girls within my habitat,one stayed next door, another stayed across the street, and then there was Heidi at my daycare. Heidi was the most interesting (at that time) of the three because we ( I think that she showed me how) "played house" and "doctor" a lot. I wanted to do the same with the other two, but they had dolls to act out with. BARBIE DOLLS! The first dolls I ever saw Barbie and Ken. I always used the Ken doll. Barbie had a house, car, clothes, and lots and lots of shoes. Ken had a lot of things too. Anyway, I liked playing with the Ken doll. My attempted parents noticed that I liked dolls, and started buying G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Superman, Batman, Capt. Kirk, the Six-Million Dollar Man, and some other dolls that I had. Many times I'd forget the dolls and just pretend to be them. All of them considered to be "white" men. And most of the time the "white" kids didn't hesitate to let me know that I was only pretending to be them. Sometimes they'd tell me that I can't be any of these characters because I was "black". All of the leading "white" men in what ever program that I watched, I wanted to be like. Those men where usually tasked to save the "white / innocent / pure / angelic / princess / damsel in distress". I suspect that many "non-white" females wanted to be like the "white" women in such programs as well. Anyway, I always found a need to please the "white" girls that I was around, with the hopes that they would choose me to be their mate. Man, it's amazing how much of my memory is coming back as I write this post. I was attracted to a lot of "white" females in film, television, and in person. I still find myself attracted to lighter skinned (presumably classified as "white") females. I can remember feeling a deep need to "save" them, not realizing that in comparison to myself, I was the one who needed the most help. I am sure that everyone will agree that "white" women have no problem getting any help from anyone, when they need it.

For me, I thought (subconsciously) that as long as any attractive "white" women or any attractive "non-white" females (with skin lighter than my own) thought that I was attractive, it was enough to make me feel like I was an attractive "non-white" male. It meant that I was accepted. It's still a feeling that I wrestle with today. I still have this tremendous urge to not let my skin color determine how I function in this system. The truth is that my skin is no more important than any other part of my body. The deception is that under the system of Racism (White Supremacy) it is the number one cause for all of my problems. My skin always gets in the way, but, now most people want to pretend as though they are not thinking about it, while they are still thinking about it. For me as an individual it's also my eyes (that's another story).

4/13/12- Okay, I am back here adding to this post, because I can see that my experiences with "white" females part one, appears to get a lot of views, and thus must be constructive in some kind of way. Since this is part one, I've decided that this post will be where I come to update you on my earliest memories of any sexual experiences that I've had with "White" females. Today, what comes to mind is the "white" women that I witnessed my father-less (see Parent on page 281 of the U.I.C.C.S.C. Word Guide) having "sexual play" with. I suspect I was between the ages of three and six. He brought me along with him. I think because he assumed that I was too young to know what was going on, but, I did know. I think that I learned about it from the TV. Seeing "White" people show affection for each other on TV (they didn't show affectionate "Black" people on TV in those days. In fact they didn't show "Black" people much at all.) at an early age, helped me to pick up on what I saw in his interaction with "White" women. Though he served as a Belly warmer (see page 239 of the U.I.C.C.S.C. Textbook / Workbook) for "White" women, my father-less was in an attempted marriage (see Marriage on page 218 of the U.I.C.C.S.C. Word Guide) with my mother-less (see Parent on page 281 of the U.I.C.C.S.C. Word Guide).

Like most so-called marriages between "non-white" people it was full of conflict. Some of which I am sure had to do with "cheating". Anyway, the era that we are speaking of was in the early 70's. "White" liberals were promoting the idea of openly having sex with anyone, anything, at anytime, and anywhere, for no other reason than pleasure . They called it the "sexual revolution".

 Most of this kind of thinking started in the city of Berkeley, which is where I was going to school at the time. This is the era when terms and names like "Hippie", "Black Militant", "Lesbian", "Gay", "Vietnam Vet", "Huey Newton", "Patty Hearst", "Jim Jones", " The Zebra Killers", "The Zodiac", "Ronald Reagen", "Charles Manson", "George Jackson", "Richard Nixon", "Angela Davis" "J. Edger Hoover", were all in prominent use. Berkeley was one big "White" Liberal experiment. It was in the 70's that the "status quo" in this city attempted to make "Black" people comfortable with the affects of White Supremacy, by making both Malcolm X's and M.L.K.'s birthdays local holidays. This was 20 years before M.L.K.'s birthday was a national one. Okay, I think that you get the picture. It was while I attended these schools that my father-less, met most of these "White" women. He was a "Vietnam Vet" who wasn't laboring in exchange for money on a regular basis. See the so-called U.S.A. lost the "Vietnam War". Most "White" people in positions of power were upset about the whole thing, and thus weren't offing work to "Vietnam Vets", let alone a "Black" one. My father-less used his time and energy towards increasing the educational standards of "Non-white" children within the Berkeley school system. You see "White" women were made to appear to be thrown into the bunch of other so-called "Minorities".