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Sunday, June 24, 2012

You Want To Somewhat Know How White Supremacy Works? Watch This Movie!

This is a movie called "Burn!" came out in 1969. I was one years old. Anyway, this movie stars suspected "White" person, Marlon Brando. He said in an interview with Larry King that it was the best movie he ever made.

The movie is about a "British" agent / Racist Suspect named William Walker (played by Marlon Brando) who in what appears to be the early 1830's arrives in Queimada, a "Portuguese" colony in the Antilles, to cause a slave revolt, take over the island, then make a deal to increase profits in the sugar trade with England. He searches for and finds a Victim Of Racism who possesses the potential to lead that revolt in a luggage carrier named of José Dolores. They build an army of Victims who kicked the "Portuguese" Racist Suspects asses right off the island. A new government is formed with the wealthy Racist Suspects on the island who were tired of the policies set by the "Portuguese". That government becomes a supporter of the "British" government. Ten years later, William (now a mercenary) is hired by the "British" Antilles Royal Sugar Company (which wants to protect its investments in the sugar plantations of the island) as a military adviser to the Queimada government to capture José Dolores and his army of rebels, because he has started a revolt against his deceivers which is damaging their financial interests.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

This is What I Call Counter Racist Constructive Propaganda

Racism (White Supremacy)
I found this picture on my daughter's Facebook page. I say that she's my daughter, but really as long as the system exists, I am not, nor can I be the father that I should be, because I cannot protect her the way that a true father could. However, it does not mean that I cannot try. I have tried and failed, but, I try again and again, because I love her. Anyway, I don't know if she got the same impression that I got from this pic, but, it definitely sends a powerful message. I am glad that it was made. If you know who the artist is, please post a comment on who it is. Thanks.

Stay Strong In The Struggle To Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Conspiracy Theories / Imagenary line called a border / New World Order

I suspect that originally it was the fear of "White" Genetic Annihilation in the minds of Ku Kluckers, Nazis, Aryans, and other unsophisticated White Supremacists who pushed that "New World Order" stuff. They weren't the makers of the idea, but they took it to the next level, by heavily disseminating "White" people with it in the early nineties, because they believe that "Jews" are "Non-white" and that the "Jews" are taking over (or have taken) the world. Like with everything else that "White" people get first, this information trickled down to the "Non-white" people, ten to 20 years later in the 2000's, but not before we were hit with the terms "Conspiracy Theory" and "Conspiracy Theorists" somewhere around 1997. That move confused millions into shutting our minds as soon as we heard the word "conspiracy", especially if a "Non-white" person was talking about it. Some conspiracies are real and actually thrive, because the targets of the conspiracy have been deceived into believing that it is a "theory" instead of a fact. It can also be a conspiracy when people CONSPIRE to promote fabricated information about a conspiracy as though it were real. Information sells, and therefore can motivate people to lie, just to get your money or even more dangerous, YOUR MIND.

I suggest that all people classified as "Non-white" remain in a neutral position (like an investigator or a reporter) with each other before we decide to take a stance on information that we've received and believed. Why? because it causes us to waste time debating over information that may not be constructive. We should develop a code that thoroughly investigates all information. Make at least two hundred questions about the subject of information, then seek to answer them. I myself have only answered six questions on the subject of "Race", and its mind blowing. Anyway, the opposite of a One World Government" is what? Many World Governments. This is what "Nationalism" is all about. Groups of people coming together to form their own "Nation" and keeping it a "Nation", separate from other "Nations". What happens when these "Nations" want what another "Nation" has? Conflict. Anyone who is for the idea of keeping the world divided with imaginary lines that they call "Borders", in order to keep us dumbified and thus indirectly supporting their imaginary idea of a "Nation" and / or "Country", is a "Nationalist". Everything on this planet belongs to everyone on this planet, yet their are a few million people classified as Racists (White Supremacists) on this planet who want to use deception and violence to keep it all for themselves. That is an injustice.

The truth is that the Racists (White Supremacists) used art as a tool to deceive our ancestors into believing in their ideas. In this case they drew the world on a piece of paper, added lines to make separate spaces, colored in those spaces, named the spaces, then told us that these places are "countries" and / or "nations". Because they got control (both mind and body) of our ancestors, they automatically had control of us and we weren't even born yet. They kept (and currently keep) the world divided and conquered, merely by giving us something pleasant to look at and then behaving as though it is a fact and teaching us to accept it as fact at the same time.


The above map is what so-called "Africa" (it is so-called because the Racist's named it Africa) looked like as the Racists drew it centuries ago, when they preferred to use the method of White Supremacy called colonialism.


This how it looks today, displaying the so-called "countries" and / or "nations", that were given their "independence" by the Racists (White Supremacists) when they decided to get rid of the method of White Supremacy called colonialism. If independence is given with conditions set by those that you seek independence from is it really independence?

The Old World Order,
has a New-World-Order, 
Imaginary Lines, 
marked by signs, 
they call it a "border",

Land and People named, changed, and renamed, 100 times over,
Like trying to change funky clothes to get rid of bad body odor

It still stinks and sticks,
no matter what dirty tricks,
are dealt by our enemies, 
they've kept us divided for centuries,

My truth strut,
is raw and uncut,
I'm no dope,
I've got that truth soap,
Their Dirty Deception no longer works on me,
I want to be free.

By Dr. Khalif Muhammad aka Syn-Q