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No Greater Confinement Campaign

"Make a major effort to avoid being put into 'Greater Confinement' [jail, prison, small and inadequate areas, etc.] Avoid doing anything that you have reason to believe may result in your being put into 'Greater Confinement'."- See page 99 of the U.I.C.C./S./C.,textbook /workbook, by Neely Fuller Jr.

Okay, so the most constructive way to stay out of Greater Confinement is to not violate the law. I don't know about you, but, growing up in Richmond, CA. The mentality of the "non-white" people that I spent most of my time and energy with was to say "Fuck the system!", by disobeying whatever laws you can.

We did not have the Counter Racist Compensatory Logic to add "of Racism (White Supremacy)" to that, but we did know that was what it was. And so every time the chance came along to go against it (which meant to me at that time, to violate its laws), we jumped at it.

Several terms that played in my mind and in the minds of those whom I spent most of my time and energy with were:

"Got to figure out how to beat the system."

"If I don't do it someone else will come along and take my place."

"First you get the dope, then you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the bitches."

"White people treat me like a criminal anyway, so I might as well be one."

"Do it, just don't get caught."

There are others that I can't remember, but, the above terms lead me to violate all kinds of laws. But, then I realized that violating these laws actually helped to maintain the system. There are millions of "white" people who profit from the violation of laws. Out of them there are Racists (White Supremacists) who will do whatever is necessary to make sure that millions of "non-white" people continue to maintain it that way.

As a Victim of Racism in a system of Racism(White Supremacy), you want to minimize your chances of being victimized. One way to do that is to stay away from violating a law. EXCEPTION: If a law does harm to you and /or others, then that law should be violated, because that law is an unjust.

In most states here in the "United States" there are three ways to classify a crime.

  • Infractions
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies


Infractions are violations that are punishable only by a monetary fine, usually not exceeding $250.00 (in California).

The system does not usually put you in Greater Confinement for committing Infractions, unless you allow a number of them to build up and do not take care of them either by paying the fines or going to see the Judge to get the fines reduced or dismissed. If you commit an Infraction, you are normally issued a citation at the scene of the offense. Commonly referred to as a "ticket", a citation is actually a NOTICE TO APPEAR IN COURT.

You would not, in most cases be taken into custody or arrested but will be detained for purposes of receiving the citation.

Regarding infractions states "It is very uncommon for conviction to result in incarceration, although the United States Criminal (USC) code sets a maximum penalty of five days in prison. Further, a fine can be assessed, but cannot exceed $5,000 US Dollars (USD), and it is very rare for one to exceed even $1,000 USD. Occasionally, incarceration will be included as a penalty in cases where it is deemed necessary by a citing officer, such when someone cited for a public disturbance due to being intoxicated is placed in a holding cell until they become sober. In other cases, a minor suspension of liberty may be included, if it fits the crime, or is a repeated offense."

Though, infractions are usually traffic violations like speeding, making a u-turn when you shouldn't, etc, you can be penalized for things like smoking on public transportation, littering in public property, drinking in public, etc.

From my observation most infractions happen on public property, public highways, public parks, and on the street. So it's probably constructive to be mindful of how you are behaving in public to avoid such situations.
"Muni" codes are circled in red.

Always look around for signs that display what the possible violations are. Most of the time you may not pay them any attention. But they usually display a warning and the actual "law" or "code", that you are violating.

SUGGESTION: Learn what the most common infractions are and stay clear of them.

REASON / EXPLANATION: The objective of infractions is to take your money, which limits your ability to get things done (solve problems).  By knowing what the most common infractions are you can avoid committing them. Not committing infractions will save you money. If you do not have any money to begin with, it will at the least keep you out of debt.

Some common infractions are:


Littering on public or private property


Disturbing the peace

Open container of alcohol in public

Dumping waste matter/dirt on public or
private property or road

Trespassing — entering cultivated, fenced,
or posted lands without written

Disregarding traffic signals or direction
given by non-student school crossing

Driving a vehicle without registration

Driving without a driver's license

Falsifying a Clean Air Sticker, passing as
true a false, forged, or counterfeit sticker,
or acquisition or sale of genuine or
counterfeit sticker with fraudulent intent

Failure to stop at steady or flashing red
signal light

Crossing over double line to enter or exit
exclusive or preferential use lane for high
occupancy vehicle (like a bus for example)

Failure to yield right-of-way to authorized
emergency vehicles

Passing a vehicle stopped at crosswalk

Causing injury to a pedestrian

Unsafe operation of vehicle resulting in
bodily injury

Driving vehicle on highway at a speed
greater than the designated miles per hour

Parking in space designated for persons
with disabilities, parking on disabled
space boundary lines or in designated
loading zone by any person, including
person with disability

Parking in or blocking space designated
for zero-emission vehicles; displaying
zero-emission vehicle decal on nonelectric

Abandoning a vehicle

Entering intersection or marked
crosswalk, or railroad or rail transit
crossing, when there is insufficient space
to accommodate vehicle without blocking
traffic or railroad vehicle

Driving motor vehicle while using a
wireless telephone unless the telephone is
designed and configured to allow hands free
operation, and is used in that manner

Driving while using a wireless telephone to
write, send, or read text message

Operating modified motorized bicycle on

SUGGESTION: If you get a citation, DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL(S) FOR ISSUING IT TO YOU. Accept it (without protest), read it carefully and follow every instruction that it says. In most cases it offers details for how you can handle the matter, if you disagree with it. Some citations labelled NOTICE TO APPEAR, ask you to appear in court to discuss the matter, others offer an address for you to mail your response to. When you disagree with the matter, the "status quo" calls your response an APPEAL.

REASON/EXPLANATION: A Racist Suspect Enforcement Official could be issuing the citation in order to mistreat you on the basis of color. Arguing with the Enforcement Officials could lead to Greater Confinement, and / or Physical Harm, possibly even death. Which could be how they wanted it to turn out. Waiting to tell your side of the story either in court or in writing could save you some medical bills, bail, or even worse....death.

I used to avoid my citations. I would throw them away after the Enforcement Officials left. One time I was showing off in front of some other victims and ripped it up (still after the Enforcement Officials left, mind you.) I thought that I was the shit, until my license got suspended for missing my court dates. I remember one day (in 1991), I was stopped by the Enforcement Officials for driving on suspended license, with no registration. One of them was a male Racist Suspect and the other one a female Victim of Racism. After, running the usual background check on me they found that I had been issued 11 citations ( $1,800.00 in fines) for driving without a registration.

The Racist Suspect was furious. He cussed me out and called me stupid. He said he should take me in. I remained quiet. I didn't say anything. I knew he wanted me to react emotionally. His partner patted him on his back and told him to calm down. To my surprise he did. It was interesting. Looking back there probably was some bellywarming going on. Then he asked me why I didn't take care of them. I could not afford to pay them. I can't remember which one said it, but they said go to court and explain it to the judge and he may reduce them. That thought had never crossed my mind. They handed me another citation and told me not to drive my car until I get it taken care of. I drove it 20 minutes after they left. I had a new born baby girl that needed food, so I had to get to work.

Thinking about what they said about the judge, I reflected on a citation in I received in 1986/87. It was for buying alcohol while under age. That Judge ordered me to do volunteer work. Remembering that, gave me an idea for clearing these $1800.00 in unpaid tickets.

I was in the Nation Of Islam at that time and our Min/Capt, told us that whenever we go to court go in your suit and bow tie, because the judges respect the Muslims. He said all judges are shriners and shriners have to serve Muslims. This information may or may not be true.My father used to tell me to wear a suit whenever I conduct business, because people will respect me more.  Knowing that the system was working against me, because of my skin color. I thought that when I go to court:

1) I will either go in my work uniform or my suit,
2) tell the judge that I can't afford to pay my fines, because I have a new born baby,
3) ask if I could do volunteer work instead of paying my fines.

It worked. He reduced my fines in half, then assigned me 24 hours of volunteer work. That cleared up my license, but I still wasn't able to get my car registered, which was for another unrelated matter, that I will explain in another post.

The point here is that if you learn what you can get infractions for, and avoid them, you will not get any fines or Greater Confinement.

To get toll-free access to law firms ready to provide you with legal counsel and advice at an affordable price click here.


"Misdemeanors are offenses that are punishable by a fine and/or term in the county jail."

An unlawful attempt coupled with the present ability to commit a violent injury upon the person of another.

Any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon another person.

Unlawfully fighting in a public place or challenging to fight; malicious and willful disturbances of another by loud and unreasonable noise; using offensive words to provoke a violent reaction.

The act of exposing the person or private parts thereof in any public place where other persons may be offended.

Throwing waste matter in a place other than designated containers.

The taking of property of a value of $950.00 or less (in California)

Entering posted property without permission. Damaging or destroying property, or refusing to leave when asked by the owner or his agent.

Maliciously defacing, damaging, or destroying property.

These are offenses that I've committed and witnessed many people, especially "non-white" people commit. Most of it was common behavior that I learned from being around people who learned it from other people as well. INDECENT EXPOSURE- "The act of exposing the person or private parts thereof in any public place where other persons may be offended." is one that I learned from my acting parents! When I was small and had to use the restroom and there wasn't one near by, they taught me to find a spot that was somewhat hidden to do my business! I was surprised to know that as if someone sees me and calls the enforcement officials, I could be charged! They may not do that to a child under 10, but, sometimes pops would be watering the bushes right along with me.

How many "Non-white" people do you know are guilty of  DISTURBING THE PEACE? especially this part "willful disturbances of another by loud and unreasonable noise"? That when you want everybody in your neighborhood to hear your music! You know when you want to blast the bass in your car? Don't get all snooty on me now.