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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Black Self Love

Often times when we speak of "Black" Self Love or "Black" knowledge of self, we are thinking of ourselves in relationship to "Black" people collectively and not as individuals.

Ways that we'd like to behave as individuals are discouraged by the Racists (White Supremacists) because such ways do not fit into the highly promoted deceptive image of what is collectively called "Black". Any one "Black" person who contributes to the world and/or stands out as an individual is said to have done so out of being a "genius" and a "credit to "Black' people.

And huge numbers of individuals among us attempt to ride off that credit by shouting out some historical facts about what one or more other "Black" individuals have done as if they did it too.

"We built the pyramids"

If you were a "Black" youth growing up in the seventies you will remember when "White" people were saying and expecting all  "Black" people to be great at sex, have rhythm, and play sports extremely well. Back then it was considered a stereotype. Today, I hear lots of "Black" people embracing and promoting these stereotypes as though they are facts!

Well at four years old, I didn't want to be apart of those stereotypes because of what I heard my dad and his "revolutionary"friends talking about what "the man" aka "charlie" expected us to do. I wanted to be the opposite. Except the sex part. I witnessed sexual intercourse at an early age and so did the other "Black" children I knew. The 1970's was considered the sexual revolution for "White" people and it was going on everywhere in the Bay Area. Google Haight Ashberry and Berkeley CA.

When my "Black" friends (especially the females) wanted to dance to love songs, I refused to do it. Dancing just was not fun to me. I remember doing the bump one time with my mom and dad because it was fun. But the other stuff? forget about it! I did used to grab a pencil and stand up on the table and sing "Let's Get It On". I just stood there though.

When my friends wanted to play sports, I refused to play sports because THAT's what all of the "Black"males were expected to do. I would rather watch TV, and act out what I saw them doing on TV.

That made me lose friends quickly because those things were boring to them. By the time I started feeling lonely and wanted friends it was too late. I had no coordination for sports and no rhythm to dance. I was a nerd. Sometimes I played with other "Black" kids who were nerds but their parents (like mine) saw the importance of knowledge and they stayed far away in other parts of the bay. Recognizing the importance of knowledge is essentially what a nerd is.

Today huge numbers of us use those stereotypes to make ourselves "FEEL good" when we talk about it. Many of us love to blow smoke up our own asses, instead of facing the reality, so that we can change that reality. The victims who don't want to be known for or seen as someone who values knowledge in the areas of Economics, Education, Labor, Law, Politics, and War, lack the confidence it takes to solve problems in these areas because they've been indirectly discouraged from those areas but have plenty of knowledge in the areas of Entertainment and Sex.

Sports, dancing, and providing sexual pleasure were traits inherited while being victims of white supremacy. The Racists (White Supremacists) are the spectators. They are displeased when huge numbers of us start thinking with logic.

While so-called "White" people and "Yellow" people boast about (using their minds) getting straight A's in S.T.E.M. courses.

Huge numbers of "Black" people boast about (using their bodies) their own egos with FEEL good words.

"Black" males say "Yeah, 'White' people and 'Asians' (whatever that means) have pencil d**ks compared to us!"

"White" people have no rhythm. They can't dance like we do."

"White" people can't outdo us in sports."

TRUTH: Not all "Black" males have large penises and it's time we stopped promoting that Racist (White Supremacist) lie. I've been told that I have a medium sized penis. I was also told that it's how I move it during sexual intercourse that makes the difference. Not size. More on that in another post.

TRUTH: The logic dictates that the main purpose of sexual intercourse is reproduction. Sexual pleasure comes (oops, pun?) second. So if size matters, it's a matter of opinion.

There's others.

"Black" people are poor.

"Black" people are ignorant.

"Black" people are lazy.

"Black" people are criminals.

"Black" people are rapists

"Black" people are killers

"Black" people are (whatever you don't like about people).

And it's all the "Black" male's fault.

They all center around being "Black".

Anyway, the first time I realized that being "Black" was a problem for some "White" people came when I moved to a "White" neighborhood in Richmond, CA. It was 1973. The "White" kids who stayed across the street from me were the only boys on my block. And they are brothers.

One of them (Josh) was 25 days younger than me (that meant a lot to me at five years old). I felt that made me older than him and thus more confident than him. That confidence kept Josh from controlling me. He tried to be the "Alpha" male with me once and got his ass whooped.

We played together happily for years.

Me, Josh, and Aaron 1978 or 79

Until one day, Josh and Aaron asked me if I knew WHY I was "Black" (we were six or seven years old). It was something that didn't cross my mind before (and it was the first time that I remember being mistreated by a "White" person on the basis of my skin color).

Me: "No, I don't know why, do you? (in a smart alicky way)"

Josh: "You're Black because you are cursed."

Aaron: "Yeah"

Me: "No, I am not."

Josh: "Yes, you are, it's in the bible. ( I believed everything in the bible to be true and anyone who said anything was in the bible without challenge at the time)" Plus I had believed that Josh and Aaron were God's chosen people, so who would know better than them?

Me: (speechless)

Josh: "See (grabbing my hand) look at the inside of your hand. See how its White like our skin?"

Me: "Yeah"

Josh: "That's because your people used to be White like us, but God cursed you, and his curse made you Black."

Me: (Still speechless and ready to cry). I felt real small and much younger than Josh from that day on. I guess I went to a "sunken place". (See the movie "Get Out".) My confidence was low whenever I was around him until the day my dad whooped his dad's ass in their living room. (I wrote a script about it and will make a short movie about that one).

I did not want to be cursed (which meant "Black") and I wondered why Jesus (my thoughts then, not now!) cursed me when I had done nothing to him but love him. My mama made me pray to Jesus every night and my babysitter, Mama Harris, taught me to love Jesus.

Mama Harris had me stand up in front of her church every Sunday and read speeches that she would have me rehearse in front of the mirror at her house throughout the week until Sunday.

It was like all of a sudden now I understood why our house had been burglarized by "Black" people. When we stayed in Oakland, I remembered being abused by a "Black" female who whooped me for over filling my diapers with doodoo. I had left a trail of it on the floor because it had rolled down my my pants leg. She made me pick it up, then beat me. I was three years old. She left bruises all over my body.

I also remember her forcing another "Black" child to eat a whole can of Libby peaches and that child vomited them all over the table. It was a terrifying place for a three year old.

Just like most "Black" people, my folks decided to handle the matter themselves.

Taking me back there and saying "Point her out to us."

I did.

There was hollering and screaming. My folks changed day cares.

Come to find out, my mom was paying "Mahdear" to take care of me and she had her teen-aged daughter doing it instead. My folks just changed day cares. My soul had already been injured, there was no way to heal that.

So when Josh said "Black" people were cursed, all of the terrible things that happened to me before and after him, I attributed it to being cursed. I also attributed the results of White Supremacy before I knew the terms Racism and White Supremacy to "Black" people being cursed.

Mama Harris and her husband Rev. Harris ran a church and a daycare at 2223 Ninth st in Berkeley, California. First Baptist Church. They came from "Arkansas", which was in "The Bible Belt".

She would say "Kemp is a special boy, he's going to be like Dr. King someday!"

Mama Harris had three pictures on her wall. Jesus, J.F.K., and M.L.K.jr

This particular Sunday I was not feeling Jesus and while I was reciting my speech to the congregation, I looked around at the stained glass windows and then up above the door was the familiar picture of Jesus sitting at the last supper. For the first time I noticed that he was "White"and I remembered hearing once being told that "God was many colors". I was confused. Totally confused.

Those of us who can dance and play sports well, do so because of practice. They started off as children dancing and sporting over and over again. This gave them confidence in this area of people activity known as entertainment. So huge numbers of "Black" people are told this is what "Black" people do well naturally and those who believe it make it appear to be true.

But if you are a "Black" person and it's not true for you what do you do?

When I fell for the bullshit (in my teen-aged years) and decided I wanted to attract females. A soon as I found out they still liked dancing and athletes. I tried to be that way.

When I wanted friends and decided to dance to impress them and was laughed at by "Non-white" and "White" people did I FEEL inadequate?

Or somehow less "Blacker"?

Hell yes I did.

It was ditto for me and sports.

Please understand that your racial classification aka "Blackness" does not define you! You are a one of a kind soul. There was never anyone in this universe like you and there will never be anyone like you after your dead! If you can't SEE that, then you are blind. Blinded by the fog of deception that the system of Racism (White Supremacy) has you lost in. The deception lies in the words that they gave us to think with! WE THINK with THEIR words and apply THEIR definitions to THEIR words.

If you define yourself with THEIR words and THEY THINK less of you, what makes YOU THINK that using THEIR words and THEIR definitions will make you better?

The only way to eliminate deception is to use truth.

The Racist Deception is that THEY are "White" and that YOU are "Black". They took two real colors that represent the positive and negative sides of the same energy (aka "Ashe" aka "Chi" aka "Ki") and pulled the double whammy on us by applying the positive color to themselves and the negative color to us. Then they taught us that "negative" means "evil" and that positive means "good".

"Naw, SYN-Q, the truth is that black means positive and white means negative."

It does not matter which one you make positive and which one you make negative as long as you recognize they are different and their purpose.

Positive and negative cannot exist without each other. Following the logic will tell you this.

Sometimes you wear black to absorb energy and other times you wear white to deflect it.

In truth it depends on what you are trying to do when you manipulate energy with these colors to solve your problems.

"Aw, SYN-Q, here you go with that 'I aint Black shit'" yeah well YOU'RE NOT!

I am talking about the actual colors of black and white. Not skin colors.

Some of you are going to call me a "sell out", a "coon", an "Uncle Tom"for telling you that you are not actually "Black".

But I challenge you to take the REAL BLACK test and if you can prove to me that your skin is actually "Black" I will give you $1000.00. We have to meet face to face and you must be willing to take the test on camera. You skin must blend in with the black cloth and/or ribbon that I will lay on your skin in a very well lit setting.

Never the less as long as the Racists (White Supremacists) place a value on being "White" and a limited value on being "Non-white", YOU will be classified as "Black". It's that those who choose to mistreat us look at us and get a tremendous EGO boost out of mistreating us because they can. Dishing out the mistreatment is the privilege of being classified as "White".

I cannot begin to tell you how much of a "save the world" mentality I have right now.And the high stress level it puts me in.  It's as though I keep thinking that I am here to save the world but this world does not want to be saved. I keep wanting to be a savior to the world but to "Black" people first.

I am talking to you about some of the impediments to having a true love for self. Love for the real you. The you that you are when nobody else is around. The YOU that you are if you never saw yourself in a mirror and nobody told YOU, YOU were "Black" You. Your soul aka essence aka "life" force. That energy that pumps blood from your heart throughout your body YOU.

If you have not met this real YOU yet. Here's how you do it. Find someplace where you can be all alone and strip naked. Sit down and listen to your own thoughts for 15 min.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

The Tragedy Of The "Black" Male (written sometime back in 2015)

Many of you aren't going to like what I am saying here, because the White Supremacists have used centuries of propaganda to discredit the "Black" male and conditioned your minds to believe that anytime someone points out any incorrect behavior coming from the "Black" female towards him, that she's always justified in doing so, because he had to have done something to her to deserve it.

This is not to bring any disrespect to the "Black" female. The "Black" female is just as much a Victim Of Racism as the "Black" male, yet she has the advantage in that she is a female. The system teaches most females to be smarter than the "Black" male. The "Black" queen is the second most powerful piece on the chess board, behind the most powerful "White" queen. What makes the "White" woman and the "Black" female more powerful? Their use of words. The "White" woman is a master at using words.

Not to take away any focus on the "Black" female being mistreated on the basis of color, we must see the reality that we spend too much time trying to cater to the "Black" female and don't give any attention to the "Black" male, when it comes to how we ("Black" folks) treat each other.

I suspect that the Racists (White Supremacists) started mis-educating the "Black" male earlier, than they do the "Black" female.

I am a "Black" male and I need attention too. I'm tired of putting her first, when she does not put me first. We are supposed to put each other first. People are always talking about sexism, when it comes to the mistreatment of the "Black" female, but, never about the male. Many of you are going to say that I am whining and that I need "to be a man" and "step up to the plate" and stop complaining. Why does the "Black" female get to complain about what the "Black" male isn't doing, but, I can't? Is that Justice? I am surrounded by "Black" females. I've attempted marriage two times with "Black" females and I am still in the second one (at the time of this writing, I have since separated/divorced her). I have two female offspring that I've attempted to be a father to. I have my "mother" whom I believe has done the best that she could do to be a mother to me in all areas, except one. She has never crossed over the line of "sisterhood" that I've seen "Black" females have with each other when it comes to teaching a "Black" male how to deal with them, until today.

Racist Propaganda tells the "Black" male that in order to consider himself a "Man", he must do work with his hands (roughneck / thug), instead of working with his mind ( nerd/ bougie/ uppity).

After, years of watching me get mistreated by the two "Black" females mentioned above, my "mom" finally admitted to the fact that she used her mouth against my "father" the majority of their attempted marriage. They argued so much that at age 7, I swore that I'd never get married. Yeah right, I really kept that promise.

The White Supremacists have taught huge numbers of "Black" males to use violence against other "Black" people, when they can no longer use words to defend themselves.

The White Supremacists have taught huge numbers of "Black" females to use words, instead. But more and more I am seeing "Black" females get physical. I was physically abused by this last one whom I was "married" to for 15 years. She would slap me, kick me, rip my clothes, knock things from my hands, all though while I am following the programming that says "Don't hit females." She took advantage of that numerous occasions.

They all do (indirectly most of the time) whatever they can to make my existence here, miserable, all the while I've done whatever they've asked me (within my ability) to do. Whenever she needs help, everyone (including me) comes to her aid. But, most of the time everyone looks at me as though they had to do my job with helping her because I fell short. When the "Black" male needs help, most people say "He's a man, he can help himself."

Because I am seen as a so-called "Man", I am supposed to automatically know how to do everything that the "White" man has the ability to do, but not get the respect that comes with it, because I lack the Racial Classification of "White". No one trusts what I say. I am required to go through extremes to prove what I've experienced. Most situations are like I am a criminal in a court of appeal, seen as guilty, while trying to prove my innocence.

No one sees that I possess both emotion and reason. When I state to her that she's mistreating me, I am too sensitive. If I'm feeling stressed because of it, but don't want to reveal the truth to her, for fear of being accused of being too sensitive, I am accused of not revealing my feelings, which is not sensitive enough. I am viewed as someone who is violent (especially towards females), angry (especially towards females), lies, cheats, and steals to get ahead, only because other "Black" males have done this, and so any kind of business that I conduct is viewed as though it will lead to one of those things.

If I own a weapon (knife or gun), many "Black" females hint that my owning a weapon is going to lead to violence against them, even though I've never used any violence against them. My first so-called wife, actually told people that I was going to kill her, after she watched O.J. get arrested on T.V. That was crazy. I gave her no indication that I would do such a thing. She lied to people that I had been to jail, and that she had to put up her house to bail me out. She told people that I would beat her constantly. She told people that I had cheated on her. She told people that she had to support me and our offspring. They believed her, without ever knowing me. Why? Because these are things that "Black" males are perceived to be doing.

Especially in the minds of huge numbers of "Black" females, who think that a "Black" male has to be "trained" by them, in order for him to behave in a correct manner.

When I discovered that she was having sexual intercourse with other "Black" males, during our "marriage" and I told some other people about it, I was to blame for it no matter what.

Many "Black" males told me that I wasn't "hitting it right", meaning that I was not fulfilling her sexual needs.

Many "Black" females told me that I wasn't "treating her right" meaning that I was not fulfilling her emotional needs.

Some "Black" males and females that knew her, tried to help me deal with her mistreatment, without letting her know that they were.

One "Black" female actually talked to her about her incorrect behavior towards me. One! It should have been all of the "Black" females that knew what she was doing, but they remained silent.

When I was active in the Nation of Islam, we (F.O.I.) aka "Black" males wouldn't hesitate to put pressure on other brothers (to the point of whooping their ass, when necessary) if they mistreated the (M.G.T.) aka "Black" female. Some of the M.G.T. did pressure a sister to "act right", sometimes, but, it wasn't enough, they didn't beat no ass.

Too many times I've allowed myself to be a garbage pale for the verbal and physical abuse that I've suffered from the "Black" female, and never laid one hand on her. The "Black" male holds in all of that stress with no way to release it, and it turns into disease. STRESS KILLS. And it kills "Black" males far more rapidly than it does the "Black" female. Why? she gets more help with dealing with her stress than the "Black" male does.

If the "Black" male and female get into a conflict with words? Who will win? If you said the "Black" male. Then stop reading here.


I have since been divorced from the second "marriage" which was worse than the first one. She was verbally and physically abusive waaay more than the first. Huge numbers of "Black" males go through this kind of abuse and yet remain silent because of the embarrassment factor of revealing how "they let a female dominate them". But the main problem with that is that most of us are suffering through it and the more we remain silent about it the worse it will get.

For my lack of knowing what to do, when verbally and physically abused, my only alternative was to walk away but she would follow me or block the door to where I'd be forced to listen to her abusive words and my only defense was to respond with verbal abuse as well. Throwing my hands up in frustration and feeling like I am about to explode is where it could take me so I got to the point to where I would just tune her out with the hopes that one day she'd see that we are in this war together and that its US against the system of white supremacy.

But she never did accept that idea. While in a custody dispute over my son, she attempted to get full custody by telling the court that I was crazy because I made videos on YouTube about White Supremacy. You could hear the laughter and snickering in the minds of almost everyone in the courthouse only noticeable by a smile and head shaking from the judges bench to the edges of the courtroom. Oops I digressed.

While still in the "marriage", I attempted to handle the abusive situations with compensatory conversation control, which is to not respond to statements and only ask questions. That worked briefly but the emotions were too overwhelming for me. I couldn't help but respond back with verbal abuse in my defense. I see where I made my mistakes. I have absolutely nothing against the "Black" female and everything against her behavior that is characteristically pointed out in The Black Man's Guide To Understanding The Black Woman by Shahrazad Ali.

"Sometimes the Black man grows to respond to everything she says in a harsh rebuttal tone. He becomes accustomed to the rough talk and uses it as frequently as she. This is wrong. It only convinces the Black woman that he can't handle her so he has joined her. She will drag him under the earth if he allows it. When a Black man falls for a Black woman and begins to demonstrate that he loves her more than he loves himself, she recognizes this as a ripe stage for her to really let it rip. The more he professes his love the worse she will treat him. The more he tries to give her the more she will demand." The more he tries to please her the more critical she is of his efforts."

Those words described both of my "marriages" to "Black" females and the relationships that I had with others whom I didn't get the "White" man's permission ("marriage" license) to "marry".

Growing up in the bay area (born 1968 in Oakland, raised in Richmond) during the Black Power movement and having been surrounded by people who taught me from day one to respect and protect the Black woman. Having been taught to love her and cherish her. Be nice and courteous to her with the belief that we had a war to fight with the system and not each other was a huge surprise when I met these two females who deceived me into believing that they too had grown up apart of this same movement. I no longer believe that "marriage" is possible while under the system of white supremacy. I no longer believe that there is such a thing as "Romantic love" while under the system of white supremacy. The root word to "Romance" is "Roman" which shows you were this type of belief comes from. More on that another time.

I have heard huge numbers of females say "I want a man who can handle me." What since does that make?

Are you some out of control beast? That needs to be whooped into submission? How about an independent free spirited person that needs to be abused until you submit?

Sounds like a master/ slave relationship to me.

What person in their correct mind would want to spend time trying to "handle" someone else?

What person who wants themselves and their people to be FREE wants to dominate their female companion into being "handled"?

If you THINK you need to be "handled" what does that say about your mental state?

I understand now that "handling" means to not tolerate your mistreatment but its backwards because now if you mistreat me from the start you lose because you only get that one chance. I heard Mr. Fuller say that if anyone hits you, you need to get away from them, and stay away from them. I now agree with that. And so more power to those of you who have had the self respect to do the same.

I have now learned to let go of the subservient abusive sponge I allowed myself to be because I felt sympathy for the "Black" female. It's time that I feel sympathy for my self and empathize with my own consciousness and protect it at all cost from outsiders until the system of white supremacy is replaced with justice.

As much as I want to trust her, I see that I cannot.

Call me bitter because I have given far too much sweet and got bitterness in return.

LOL!! I am not bitter, I have only found self respect. But far too many who don't know the difference will call me bitter.

My self-respect has caused me to believe I must have a set of rules, regulations, limitations, and boundary lines.

A code that I must have whenever dealing with "Non-white" females in a system of white supremacy.

I think I will start by following the suggestions in the United Independent Compensatory Code in the area of sex just to see what happens.

My reaction to N’COBRA to #ADOS and to Those Responding to #ADOS

I had to set the link up like this because YouTube doesn't recognize NCOBRA as an "associated site", whatever the hell that means.... anyway click on the link below and it will take you to them. But since you're he why not take a look at some of my past posts? Don't be too afraid the incorrect government won't be sending anyone to your door.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

An Interview with Stanley Tookie Williams (Reposted from

An Interview with Stanley Tookie Williams

Stanley Tookie Williams, co-founder of the Crips street gang in Los Angeles over 30 years ago, is facing execution on December 13. Over the past 12 years, Williams has publicly apologized for his past, written a series of award-winning children’s books to keep kids out of gangs, initiated a Peace Protocol that has led to gang truces in cities such as Newark, New Jersey, and been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. (For more details see “Saving Tookie Williams“.)
On November 25, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he will hold a hearing on December 8 to consider clemency for Williams. Earlier that day I spoke to Williams by telephone.
SOME PROSECUTORS, police and prison officials have been trying to discredit you by saying that you are still an active gang member. What’s your response?
IT’S QUITE a spurious allegation that these people are putting out. The fact of the matter is that I have a report from the San Quentin Institutional Classification Committee from 2004, which quotes a lieutenant saying that he hadn’t observed anything that was gang-related about me for the past 10 years. It also commended me for 10 years of a positive program.
So it’s quite contradictory for a San Quentin spokesperson-or anyone else, for that matter-to state that I’m still involved in gang activity, when that same person’s superiors say I’ve been programming positively for over 10 years.
SOME OF the same people say that if you were serious about opposing gang violence, you would allow the authorities to “debrief” you on what you know about the Crips. Do you have any inside information that could be used to weaken the Crips or other gangs, and why have you refused to be debriefed?
THE FACT of the matter is that “debriefing” is a euphemism for snitching-telling on people. In my redemptive transition, I vowed to myself not to participate in any kind of violence, or anything that would harm other people, and for me to tell on another person is, in my opinion, harming another individual.
But first and foremost, I have no information.
Secondly, there’s another contradiction with these individuals who continuously promote this claim about me. As it stands, the Departmental Operations Manual clearly states that the only gangs or individuals who will be debriefed are prison gangs. The Crips and the Bloods are not considered prison gangs. Prison gangs are those that were formed and created in the prison.
If I were a gang member, and if there was any iota of data that showed this, I would never have left the hole. I was in there in solitary confinement for close to seven years. And if debriefing was necessary-if it was legal for a street gang-then they would have done that to me then.
THE MEDIA has made much of the fact that you have never apologized to the murder victims’ families in your case-you’ve said that you would rather die than lie about something you didn’t do. Do you have anything you would like to say to the victims’ families?
IF I had the opportunity to talk to talk to any victims’ family members, I would say that I can empathize and I sympathize with their loss of a loved one. I would say the same thing to anyone who has lost a loved one.
However, in regards to me apologizing, it would be wrong of me to apologize for something I didn’t do. I didn’t commit those crimes. I’ve been averring my innocence since day one, and it is the truth. So I cannot apologize for something I didn’t do.
It would be wrong of me. It would be a coward’s act. I would be craven to proclaim guilt for something I didn’t do. And that’s why I say that I’d rather just go on and die than to lie about something that is so untrue.
WHAT MADE you decide to redirect your life and dedicate yourself to helping kids?
I’VE LIVED a pathetic life, and I believe it was education that helped me to change. It was through education that I was able to create common sense and use reasoning. And it was through this that I developed a conscience that led to my redemption.
This is something I feel I was obligated to do as a man, period-to do something that would help youth out there. I feel obligated to try to convince them that the life that they wanted to live or are thinking about living-the so-called thug life, or the gang life, or the criminal life, or the drug life-will ruin their lives forever. I was motivated to do something in my small way-to make a contribution.
SOME PEOPLE out there want to blame you as an individual for pretty much all the gang violence that exists. What do you think are the underlying causes that result in gangs and street crime and violence?
FIRST AND foremost, it’s an impossibility to blame one person for the ills of society. That’s just like Black people trying to blame one white person for slavery and what followed. That would be ridiculous.
But I believe the center of the problem is self-hate, which is a very destructive mechanism that people pick up, because of the conditions not only of society but the morbid mindset of how they look at things.
I believe that this is the motivating factor of gangs. It was to me. That’s why I had no qualms about initiating aggression toward people who looked like me-in other words, toward Black folks. It was a sense of trying to erase or obliterate that which reminded me of myself, in the negative.
WHERE DO you think that self-hate comes from?
IT COMES from conditioning. And when I say conditioning, we’re talking about conditioning that’s propagated not only on television and on the radio, but through encounters with the police department, with people in economic positions and in almost any institution-the prisons, the juvenile halls, the police stations, the youth authorities, etc.
There’s an inveterate form of racialism that exists, and it perpetuates a negative stereotype. These things are out there.
As a youngster growing up, I had the unenviable experience of digesting the most negative stereotypes about Black folks being illiterate, being criminals, being violent, being promiscuous, being indolent, etc. When you’re spoon-fed these things on an incessant basis, you eventually morph into those negative stereotypes, unwittingly. That’s what happened to me. I became the stereotypes that I was spoon-fed.
As far as amending the problems, I believe that education is the key. I know I consistently talk about this, but I believe it, because it’s what woke me up. It was my form of an awakening-though over a period of time, because I’ve never had an epiphany or anything like that. I had to undergo years of battling my demons.
What I did was I picked up parts of the most negative aspects of society, and I built my character, I built my persona. And I became what I built-a monster. That became my identity.
WHAT ACHIEVEMENT in your life are you most proud of?
MY REDEMPTIVE transition-being able to alter myself from one extreme to the other.
If you would have told me 15 years ago that I was going to change my life, that I would write children’s books, that I would be helping thousands upon thousands of children, that I would eventually be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and that they would eventually make a movie about me, I would have looked at you as if you had lost your mind.
The reason is because, being a Crip, so-called “cripping” was all that I knew. I felt that would be what I would do for the rest of my life. It was all I knew. I felt that was my reason to exist.
So quite naturally, I thought that was how I would die. I would live until a bullet to the back of the brain, or what have you. I never expected to do anything else, because that was my raison d’etre. There was nothing that could penetrate that armor of the gang life at that time.
That’s what I thought-until, to my amazement, something did. What happened was that I was slowly but surely becoming human.
MANY OF the people who are campaigning around your case are opposed to the death penalty in general and are fighting to end it. I wonder if there’s anything you’d like to say to the anti-death penalty movement in this country?
I’M VERY grateful that they exist, for one thing-because as you and I both know, there wasn’t any type of anti-anything for many years.
I’m very grateful that there are people out there who possess the goodness to be willing to help save the lives of many of us they don’t even know. They know nothing about our backgrounds, but yet they know that killing is wrong, and that the death penalty isn’t a deterrent, and it’s not solving any problems.
Throughout this nation, the death penalty population and the overall population within prisons are getting larger and larger. If there were a deterrent effect, then prisons would be empty. We’re talking about over 600 on death row in California alone. If a person can deduce from this that the death penalty is working, then something is wrong with their reasoning.
But the death penalty has become a pawn that politicians use all the time. You have politicians who didn’t used to be supporters of the death penalty, but once they get into the political arena, they alter their position. They become proponents of the death penalty, because that is the zeitgeist of the moment-the politically correct way to be.
Some people can do it. I couldn’t do it. What they’re doing is what many people expect me to do in regards to apologizing for crimes I didn’t commit-just to save my life. Of course I want to live, but not by having to lie.
A longer version of this interview will appear on Socialist Worker Online. To support clemency for Stan, visit Educators can sign the “Educators for Tookie” letter at
PHIL GASPER is Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame de Namur University in California and a member of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty. He has nominated Stanley Williams for the Nobel Peace Prize four times. He can be reached at

Dr.SYNQ: Lisa Calderon Assaulted By Toranto Old Navy Employee Is Going To Get Paid!!!

click highlight for video

Dr.SYNQ: Lisa Calderon Assaulted By Toranto Old Navy Employee Is Going To Get Paid!!!

Lisa Calderon, of Mississauga, Ontario, correctly uses her cell phone to record her being victimized by white supremacy ( assaulted by an Old Navy staff member) who accused her of stealing a 13 dollar shirt from the store.

Calderon voiced her emotions in a Facebook post stating how “uncomfortable” she was while being at the Toronto store.
“When I was at Brown’s [shoe store] looking for shoes, a staff by the name of Stephanie said she seen that I did not walk into the store with my top on, and they saw it on camera, and that I still had the price tag on it,”
 “She then proceeded to put her hands on me in front of security guard Quesada 10830909.”

Calderon recorded the incident which shows “Stephanie”, the old navy racist suspect grabbing her by the arm and refusing to let go, despite Calderon’s repeated demands to let go.

“If she doesn’t let go of me I’m going to press charges!” she shouts. “Stephanie, I’m going to press charges against you. Let go of my hand.”

“Ma’am, why are you shaking? Are you nervous?” “Stephanie” asks sarcastically.

“Stephanie” told Calderon that store cameras recorded her walking in wearing a different shirt than the one she walked out with.
Working 30 plus years in the security field I can say without a doubt that Old Navy has a lawsuit coming or will be making a settlement because “Stephanie” clearly broke the law. This would be a misdemeanor assault in California. You cannot grab a person for what YOU THINK THEY DID unless it was a felony and you must make a citizens arrest to put your hands on them and in this case it would have made things worst for “Stephanie” whom I immediately knew would lose her job as soon as I saw the video.

Calderon said on FB “Guys I cried cause I never thought in a million years this would happen to me,”
“I would’ve been more calm and understanding if she didn’t accuse me first. I would’ve been happy to show my receipt, especially because I voiced my racial profile complaint to the employee before I left the store. This needs to stop, Stephanie had no Right to aggressively lay her hands on me and accuse me of stealing a $13 dollar top.”

Dr.Francis Cress Welsing Was Killed By Gentrification

Dr Francis Cress Welsing
Washington DC Board Of Zoning Adjustment
Jewish Primary Day School (JPDS) of Washington DC changed name to Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School Of The Nation’s Capital

Washington DC at Welsing’s house and JPDS playground

This process started in 2006 and ended with Dr Welsing's death in 2016

attempted gentrification and killed Dr Francis Cress Welsing through the proliferation of noise

Resulted in Dr Welsing’s death on January 2nd 2016

Dr. Francis Cress Welsing was a “Black” female Medical Doctor.
A psychiatrist. After learning the United Independent Compensatory Code (U.I.C.C.S.C.) from its founder, Neely Fuller Jr. She proclaimed that she and all other people classified as “Non-white” were in fact Victims of Racism (White Supremacy).

Best known for her lectures on Racism (White Supremacy) and her book The Isis Papers. She was born Frances Luella Cress in Chicago, Illinois, on March 18, 1935. She was a third-generation physician, starting with her grandfather, her father, and then herself, after receiving her medical degree (M.D.) in psychiatry at Howard University in 1962.

Her mother was a schoolteacher. During her fellowship at Howard in 1967 she received an inner calling to go to what she referred to as a “Black Power Committee meeting

After having many meetings with Neely Fuller, she decided that as a psychiatrist she needed to know why Racism (White Supremacy) was a system. Her hypothesis to that “why” is the Cress Theory Of Color Confrontation which she published in
The Isis Papers. Essentially her theory says that Racism (White Supremacy) is a survival mechanism put in place to prevent what she referred to as White Genetic Annihilation.

Which means removing “White” people from the planet through sexual intercourse with “non-white” people.

“Her theory can be supported by the mantra of the unsophisticated Racists (White Supremacists) aka The White Nationalists and or others who rally for the survival of the so-called “White” Race.”

Dr. Welsing died on Saturday January 2, 2016. 
Gentrification killed Dr. Francis Cress-Welsing and I can prove it based on her own reports plus additional evidence.

I define Gentrification as the unjust removal of one or more “Non-white” people from their habitat in order to make space for one or more “White” people.

BZA case 18400 (regarding Dr Welsing)

Saturday, June 08, 2019

On Dr Francis Cress Welsing

Dr. Francis Cress Welsing was a “Black” female Medical Doctor. A psychiatrist to be specific. After learning the United Independent Compensatory Code (U.I.C.C.S.C.) from its founder, Neely Fuller Jr. She proclaimed that she and all other people classified as “Non-white” were in fact Victims of Racism (White Supremacy).

Dr. Welsing said:
“Fuller understood that racism contained the seeds to the origin of counter-racism, the behavior dynamic of liberation for the non-white victims of white supremacy”

“His work led me to question the necessity of the global white collective to evolve such a system of unjust behavior. The result was The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation.”

Dedicating her existence towards countering racism she said that she was the only psychiatrist in the world who had done the kind of work she has done in her fight against Racism/ White Supremacy for over 40 years. She wrote several papers on the subject stating what its victims should do about it.

In 1991 she compiled her papers into one book called The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors.
Her work has influenced many and was mentioned in some popular movies. Boomerang and baby boy.

In her last speech given in Sacramento CA she called it her assignment. She spoke just an hour drive away from me. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t find out that she was there until a day or two after.

I was sorely disappointed because I wanted to meet her and exchange constructive information about countering racism. No one to date has gained notoriety in countering racism on the level that she has, not even Mr. Fuller. And his concept is why she wrote her book, did lectures, and interviews.

Some have referred to her as one of our “leaders”. I saw no evidence of her calling herself a “leader”.

I know that she was against anyone deeming her as such because she practiced the U.I.C.C.S.C.

It is in my opinion that she was a signal to those 
 “who have resolved to end this great travesty and bring justice, then peace to planet Earth” (unquote), as stated in her work THE ISIS PAPERS: The Keys to the Colors.

She was a signal because she pointed out observations that can help us get a better understanding of what Racism (White Supremacy) is and how it works. That must be the assignment of the majority of us who are dedicated towards replacing white supremacy with justice.

Dr. Welsing said “Black people in the US must dissect and analyze [Racism/White Supremacy] to the core. With this knowledge (produced in her book), black people can take the necessary steps to eliminate the problem.”

My assignment is to motivate you to honor her by studying her work and laboring to implement solutions that will eliminate the injustices of this world.

You should labor to make more works, based on the united-independent concept. You will honor her by making your own work produced from dissecting and analyzing [Racism/White Supremacy] “to the core.”

It is my theory that if we have at least eight million victims of white supremacy doing this in the so-called United States that we can Ultimately, end Racism (White Supremacy) in this world by replacing it with Justice. This in not a joke. We need eight million “Black” people to think, speak, and/or act in countering racism until it is replaced with justice.

Do yourself a big favor and buy this book to help you learn more about what Racism (White Supremacy) is and how it works by getting Dr Welsing's book! She spent 49 years trying to wake other victims of white supremacy up to the system of white supremacy so that we can learn to Replace White Supremacy With Justice. She dedicated her existence to this and so should you if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired of Racism (White Supremacy).

Sunday, February 04, 2018

I Suspect That Mercedes Shaday Smith Is The Victim in The Lynching Video

"If this had been done to an African-American by four whites, every liberal in the country would be outraged, and there'd be no question but that it's a hate crime."  -Newt Gingrich, a Racist suspect and former speaker of the United States House of Representatives
The above words were said in regards to what has become known as the 2017 Chicago Torture Incident. Well now what we have now in fact is a video of at least three (two on camera and one holding it) ku klukers lynching a "Black" female and not one "liberal" has said a got damn thing. Not one! We don't have any "conservatives" saying anything either.
Mercedes Shaday Smith

Well here it is now a year since the torture incident and the lynching video came out in April 2017.  We know that she is not Traczy Kush. We know it's porn.We know its not fake. So who is she?

I suspect that she is Mercedes Shaday Smith. Google her and you will find her story as a "suicide" but they will not tell you how she committed it anywhere on the net. First reports say that she was found unresponsive and second reports (including her boyfriend) say that she killed herself.

I do not know what her hair color was at the time of death but she appears to like coloring her hair red and she has slim body build the same as the lynch victim. If it was red it could be her. They look like the same person to me.

Mercedes was found dead on 4/20/17 which is also Adolf Hitler's birthday. Some Race Soldiers have been known to commit violent acts on his birthday.  She was found dead in Kentucky. According to reports this state has several active openly Racist (White Supremacist) groups. Kentucky has a long history of mistreating "Black" people. The state was apart of the Confederacy.

I obtained her death certificate and it shows that she died by hanging. She allegedly hanged herself from her bunk bed with a scarf. What if the same people who went to extreme lengths to cover the lynching video as "fake", also made her death look like a "suicide"?   


Sunday, May 28, 2017

This is not fake! They murdered her in response to the 2017 Chicago Torture Incident

On May 13, 2017 Saturday evening I received two IM’s via FB that were of the same alarming and disturbing video of a young “Black” female offspring being lynched. I immediately went into soldier mode because it made me think of my own female offspring and Kendra Reid.  ‘Reid’s body was found hanging in a wooded area of Finch Park shortly after 9 a.m. on April 28. The public park at 15 Paul Beck Road is just outside Lexington’s city limits.’
The text that came with the video read 


I sent it out to others on FB and made calls to a couple of soldiers to see what should be done about it. One of them stated that she looked like a missing girl he saw awhile back. Another soldier shot back at me “This is porno. This unfortunate sister has sold her soul for a few dollars. For her to even reenact this is disturbing.” 
"I thought to myself what was porn about this?”

Here is our conversation about it:

 “Another soldier responded……he was the only other one who suspected it was real over fake.”

Here's our conversation:

 I looked Trazcy Kush up:

“Many people are saying that she is Trazcy Kush the porn star."

Trazcy Kush of

 “What her and those ‘white’ men are doing in their videos is disgusting.”

"She is definitely gagging on bodily fluids! ooahh! ooky! and nasty all the way!"
“Oh yeah, I looked at some of them……….I did it because I am an investigator.”

One important piece that helped in my investigation, came from another soldier who also thought the video was a Trazcy Kush porno:

“Why does everyone think this is a Trazcy Kush Porn video?”

“Two main reasons…..first reason.”

“See the flag here with the two cowboys?”

“Wait… that a dude? Oh…..My…..God! If that is a dude…and it does look like a “Black” male with a slave collar and it does look like they are practicing “anti-sexual” acts on him. Okay I am seeing one of Dr. Welsing’s observations here. Check out what she wrote in 1974 about “Black” males and so-called “Homosexuality” on page 81 of her book called The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors.”

“Ok that was a digression but a constructive one I hope. There being a male in this pic instead of Trazcy Kush makes this even more suspicious. I hope that you see that I am on to something here.”

“Anyway because of this pic right here being added to this collage of other “Trazcy Kush” pics (if that’s what they are) it was easy for many to believe the first reason because of these other flags below.”

“This is psychological warfare people. Apparently someone wanted you to associate that flag with  Trazcy Kush by adding this pic to this collage. But surprisingly it appears that this is not her, just like I say it’s not her in this video.

Does she even have a porn video with one in it? The confederate flag is the first visible indicator that sends you in the direction of thinking this lynching is “fake”. When its combined with the name ‘Trazcy Kush’ the second indicator is the physical abuse that appears to take place in her videos.

I saw some awful gagging kind of stuff that was disgusting because of the bodily fluids, but I did not see any abuse that involved any devices, not saying that she did use any in other porn videos because I do not know. 
“Since a “Black” female is being physically abused (not to mention killed) in this lynch video it must be a Trazcy Kush porn video, correct?”

“Ok she has masking tape on her mouth and a red “choker” around her neck. Which one of you will feel physically abused if you put masking tape over your mouth? 

Now that’s what fake is all about because this pic deliberately implies physical abuse when there really isn’t any. That's what a movie is supposed to do.”

“Ok who is this? This is obviously not Trazcy Kush either.”

Ok who is this? This is obviously not Trazcy Kush either.

“Now this appears to be her but look how SHE has control over this contraption?”

“I’m not saying that she is not in any videos with “White” men physically abusing her with devices, I am saying that so far the evidence shows otherwise.”

“Ok here is a Black male with someone wearing a ku klucker’s hood. Again no Trazcy Kush here.”

“Why didn’t someone use all Trazcy Kush pics here? 

 Why didn’t they show any pics of her being physically abused by “White” men in a manner that is similar to the lynching video?”

“Why didn’t most of you assume that this video was real like we did?”
“Because most of you are mindless sheep easily lead with misdirection instead of the direction of truth. Question everything! Question everything damn it!”

“You Victims of Racism (White Supremacy) have been trained not to use logic and because of it your emotions have caused you to dismiss this video as “fake” and you called it “porn” to justify it being “fake” without any proof that it is.”

“Why are these so-called “porn stars” faces blurred?”

“Porn stars want to be seen, they want to become stars, don’t they?”

“I found a report on a site that investigates fake news. It’s called,” 

 “Daily states ‘While the girl in the video does bear a resemblance to the porn star, Kush has responded to accusations of her being in the viral video and denies any connection to it.’ ”
“I looked her up on twitter myself.”

“Trazcy Kush twitted that it is not her and with an intelligent response too!”

“Yeah, mindless sheep! Do you know what porn is?”
“Basically if it aint no porn in it why would it be her?”

“During my investigation I found this more complete video of the lynching”
“Pay attention to the words you read and the sounds that you hear”

 “Now does it STILL seem fake to you?”
“Someone deleted all of the important stuff that would make you think and circulated that 17 second soundless video on FB. Why?”

"Someone made the video silent because they did not want you to hear what I suspect is "White" power heavy metal playing in the background. If you can determine which song it is please leave a message in the comments below or email me at"

“The longer video appears to be missing parts as well but you now have a totally different perspective of the message this video has presented, don’t you?”

“According to this lynching video was first uploaded to Daily Motion by username Confederate's Revenge on Feb 22, 2017 as a response to the incident in Chicago involving the torture of a “White” person, which was reported on CNN, just 12 days earlier.” 

“That means the lynching video is in retaliation for that. This is easily learned by the first words shown ‘Torture a white kid? Be prepared for THIS!’”

“What those four individuals did to that person was not correct behavior. I do not condone what they did. I do not consider their behavior as Racism (White Supremacy). What they did was a reaction to Racism (White Supremacy). What they did was in co-operation with Racism (White Supremacy) because it fueled the fears of “White” Genetic Annihilation. 

So-called Pro-Blacks exist only because Racism (White Supremacy) exists. Replace White Supremacy With Justice and all people will be guaranteed not to be mistreated for any reason. Then everyone will be universal man and woman. They will not be pro anything except justice for all.”

"This video is Racist Propaganda designed to put the fear of death into you.Here is the total message."

“Do y’all still think this lynching video is fake though?”

“Tariq Nasheed said its fake but he presented no evidence of this and dismisses it as something called ‘Race play’.” 

“Where is the sexual pleasure? Where is the sex in the "Black Female Lynching" video?”

“I (SYN-Q) was urinated on at five years old. A teacher told this boy to urinate on me while I was in the bathroom stall. That is the part about this video that has triggered me to take some action on this. 

This female was urinated on after being thrown to the floor not for sexual pleasure and fulfillment but to send a message to “Black” people. She was not hung for sexual pleasure; she was hung to send a message to “Black” people. Even if this is fake it was done to send a message to ‘Black’ people.”

“This is no disrespect to Mr. Nasheed. Only a request that he present evidence when discussing something as disturbing as this video.”
“Please show him my video and ask him what he thinks about it?”
“I suspect that we should be critical thinkers and not say it’s real or fake until we can gather more facts but I am inclined towards it being real.”
“Is this a fake hanging?”
“Lets look at how to fake a hanging.”

“I used Google and YouTube to reveal the truth about simulated hanging. The sources show that it is not possible to simulate the hanging of a whole body in a camera shot unless a ‘dummy’ is used. In other words it will take several camera shots and different angles to give the impression that a hanging is real”

 "Look at this video from FILM RIOT on YouTube which teaches you how to fake a hanging. Notice how its done in pieces? The only single shot of the man hanging was done at a far angle and special effects were used."

Watch this at 5:32 FILM RIOT Hang Em High

 "According to the above video and the pics from the film maker's forum, what you saw in the lynching video would have been extremely difficult for experts to pull off let alone the amateurs who intended on sending "Black" people a message of revenge and not a joke or fetish video."

“I found this scene 2:25 of a music video out there and I must say that it is quite disturbing as well and it is most definitely fake. What I find most disturbing is that this “Black” male is depicted committing suicide by hanging himself. This Racist (White Supremacist) Propaganda is conditioning the public to accept the idea that this is how “Black” people commit suicide. 

With the history of lynching by noose connected to its victims of Racism (White Supremacy) as strong as it is, why would it’s victims choose to go out like that? That’s like an Ashkenazi Jew killing himself by gas. I know that this is not even the last resort for a “Black” person desperate to kill themselves. A friend of mine who killed himself used a gun and this appears to be the most common way that I have observed from reports of “Black” males committing suicide.”
“There are also “Black” people that I knew one male and the other female who did it by stepping in front of a moving train. This is a subject that needs to be discussed later in another video, but at the time of production of this video we had Kendra Reid as our last known so-called “suicide by hanging” which we know was really a lynching and how it relates to this subject of lynching we thought it necessary to talk about it briefly.”
“Now I am no expert at this so I am not saying that this lynching video is of a fake or real lynching, however I am now leaning towards a 95% chance of it being real. If it is then there is a dead missing teen-aged girl out there and her killers are still at large and plan to do it again.’ 

“Either way it’s disturbing and we should be prepared for what’s coming.”
“If it’s fake (and I do hope that it is) this teen-aged girl should be found and receive an education in self-love and self-respect. She should not be ridiculed with name calling and discourtesy. There are some deep rooted issues within herself that name calling and discourtesy will not correct. She obviously had no self-respect if she allowed herself to be used like this.” 
“To the female in this video if you are not missing and / or dead please come forward and let me know that you are okay. I need to know that you are okay. I have two daughters in your age group and what happened to you is very disturbing.”
“I suspect that the best way to determine if it’s real or fake is to correctly identify the teen-aged female in this video”
“Can someone identify her?”
“Can you in the audience identify her?”

 “She appears to have long black and partially dyed red hair, with the black starting at the roots of her head and the red starting at the middle of her hair going to the ends of her hair. She appears to be between the ages of 17 to 22 years of age and is wearing a grey hoodie and gray jeans or tight sweat pants with white tennis shoes. Her body appears to be a slim build possibly between 110 to 120 pounds from my observation.”

“Could she be any of the hundreds of teenaged “Black” females that runaway every year?”
“Was she kidnapped?”
“I suspect that the best experts to tell us if this is real or fake would be the FBI so I reported it to them.”

Image result for fbi 

“It read as follows:”
“There is a disturbing video of a teen-aged female being murdered by approximately two or three male individuals circulating on the internet. It appears that she is being mistreated on the basis of her skin color. Could you please look into this matter? Here are three links to it because it has been broken up in pieces.”
“I attached a copy of the longer video and gave them my contact info but did not receive any confirmation from them of their receiving it.”
“Many people are saying that if it was real it would have made the mainstream media. How many stories about our people have never made it to the mainstream media? Hell the Missing DC black girls story traveled around on social media for months before the mainstream media picked it up.”

“Maybe someone needed to report it to the mainstream.”
“Maybe no one did because they believed that it was fake.”
“I took it upon myself to report it to #CNNiReport”

“Hopefully the FBI and CNN will investigate this and let it be known publicly what happened.”
“If you know anyone that has the authority to investigate this, I suggest that you get them to do so. This girl is someone’s relative and they may be looking for her. She appeared to be drugged to me. It also looked like she attempted to fight back. What would you want people to do if it were you? Wouldn’t you want them to use the video of your death to catch your killers?”
“I did a search on Google for missing teen-aged “Black” girls with dyed red hair and got a number of missing females all over the country.”

“Listen to this victim of Racism (White Supremacy) tell you her terrifying story. If anyone knows who she is please have her contact me also”

“I am not presenting this information to instill the fear of death in you for death is an inescapable event. I want you to train and prepare to fight like hell with those who fight with you.

"Do Not FEAR death for it is inescapable."

 "If you fear death say the following words to yourself everyday."

"I (insert your name) have overcome the FEAR of Death by accepting death as an inescapable event."

"Say that to yourself OUT LOUD everyday in the mirror until you no longer fear death. It is necessary that your brain-computer hear you say it."
"These are the words of Ida B Wells, a counter racist who led an anti-lynching campaign decades ago.”

"one had better die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or a rat in a trap. I had already determined to sell my life as dearly as possible if attacked. I felt if I could take one lyncher with me, this would even up the score a little bit."-Ida B Wells.

“This is SYN-Q, Replace White Supremacy With Justice!”

Rumer dispelled

Chicago torture

FBI Tips page
CNN iReport page

“Race” play:
How to simulate a hanging:

What a fake hanging looks like this:

Documentary on Ida B Wells:

Facebook marks the lynching video as mature