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Friday, April 19, 2013

Please Sign The Petition To Support Dr. Frances Welsing Against The JPDS

Enforce the BZA mandate against JPDS for Dr. Frances Cress Welsing property
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing speaks at Long Island University in New York. Photo: Stacey Muhammad

Dr. Welsing has lived in her NW DC home for the past 40 years. The Jewish Primary Day School (JPDS) playground was constructed and began operation in 09/2010. The playground was constructed immediately adjacent to her home.

Prior to the construction, hearings were held with JPDS, Dr. Welsing, and the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) about the need for noise protection for Dr. Welsing’s home. The BZA mandated that a noise buffer of 15 feet from Dr. Welsing’s property line which includes.......evergreen trees....were to be added.

The JPDS elected to bulldoze the existing line of 40 ft. tall trees and not put up any noise buffers. The playground area comes up to Dr. Welsing’s fence. 

Many people have personally witnessed the extreme levels of noise that enters Dr. Welsing’s property from this playground even when all of the windows and doors are closed. Dr. Welsing has to leave her home to escape the noise.

There is no other residential home in the District of Columbia where a playground was constructed up to the property line of an adjacent residential home with this same level of noise disturbance.

Dr. Welsing is a senior citizen and highly respected professional who deserves peace and quiet.

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I've done a little research on this situation and found the following docs. They offer more details as to what is happening to Dr. Welsing.  I hope that the viewing of them is constructive in helping Dr. Welsing get the constructive help that she needs. UPDATE:The areas that I highlighted somehow don't show up in Scribd. They look more as though, I redacted the words. I will try to re-post these without the highlighting as soon as possible. My apologies.

January 15, 2013 BZA 
The most recent (posted on the BZA website) Public Hearing regarding Dr.Welsing:

Read Dr. Welsing, her attorney, the attorney for JPDS, and the reps of the BZA in their own words discussing this pressing issue.

Here is the detailed "mandate" that JPDS has agreed to follow as ordered by the BZA.

Case 17700A: JPDS Corrected Summery order, regarding Dr. Welsing's property. I've highlighted the parts that mention her.I've highlighted the parts that mention her. This describes what BZA approved for JPDS. It is the mandate.

Case 17700: JPDS original Summery order, regarding Dr. Welsing's property. I found no mention of Dr. Welsing in this, but it has to do with her property. I highlighted the mandate regarding it, in this doc as well.