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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Full time Job

"The Code" says that Two basic Re-actions to racism (white supremacy): 1) Cooperation With -- (white Supremacy) 2) Resistance To -- (white supremacy) Explanation: "Cooperation With" White Supremacy (Racism) means any thought, speech, and/or action, by persons, that directly, or indirectly, helps to promote White Supremacy. "Resistance To" White Supremacy (Racism) means any thought, speech, and/ or action that is effective against White Supremacy, and is intended to be. "each and every person who is physically or mentally able to do so, is either cooperating with White Supremacy, or resisting it. Countering Racism has to be a full time job. Many of my supporters on youtube have suggested that I should speak at lectures. I want to do that. I also want to make dvd's about this subject. However, I do not have the funds to do so. Please make a donation to help me make this into a full time job. It needs to be done. I want to create movies with counter racist scenerios, so that people can get an example of what counter racism looks like in practice. I want to start a counter racism work shop where we will use the UICC/S/C as our textbook. I want each person that takes the class to have a textbook as an incentive for taking the class. I will need funding for those books. Only if you can afford it, though, ok? Just click on the button to the right of your screen. Thanks you.

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