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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Compensitory Investment Request

Although, many changes have been made, the Race problem has not been solved. The reason that the Race problem has not been solved is because the people (the status quo) who have the ability to solve it, do not have the will , and the people (victims of racism) who have the will do not have the ability. We ( the counter-racists) have the will. Please help us get the ability. In order to get the ability to Counter Racism we must have resources. We will use those resources to produce materials (books, DVDs, CDs, Etc) that will help us eliminate the system of White Supremacy. Ability means power. We lack power. We need to compensate for that lack of power. We are Requesting that you help Compensate us for this lack of power. So we ask you for a Compensitory Investment Request. We say Investment, because you are investing in us. When you make an investment, you want to make sure that you get a good return, right? What is your return? A world where EVERYBODY reveals truth, produces justice and makes sure that the person who needs help the most gets the most help. This type of world does not yet exist. If we get the word out and mobilize the people of the world to what's really going on out here, it can exist. It all starts with your participation. "The Code" says that there is Two basic Re-actions to Racism (white supremacy): 1) Cooperation With -- (white Supremacy) 2) Resistance To -- (white supremacy) Explanation: "Cooperation With" White Supremacy (Racism) means any thought, speech, and/or action, by persons, that directly, or indirectly, helps to promote White Supremacy. "Resistance To" White Supremacy (Racism) means any thought, speech, and/ or action that is effective against White Supremacy, and is intended to be."each and every person who is physically or mentally able to do so, is either cooperating with White Supremacy, or resisting it. Which one will you be right now at this very moment? "Resistance To" = click the donation button to your right. "Cooperation with" = means that you lack the will to do what you know is right.


  1. First of all, I would like to say that I have seen your latest video response in the Racism debate on youTube. I personally believe that preferential treatment by Whites to other whites without so much as giving the minority a chance to prove themselves only perpetuates that institution of thought that minorities aren't equal to whites in the area in question. And if you feed the average minority this same lie (through the Media and by their ability to perceive the reactions of their lighter-skinned counterparts), pretty soon that minority will start to believe it.

    The black individual has suffered this stigma for the last hundred and fifty years. It takes a while to break free from that sort of mental slavery. As an AfAm female, I have seen the effects of this sort of slavery and unfortunately it seems that we are not close to breaking free.

    But I digress. I was posting because I felt that your line in the sand of either giving a financial donation or essentially being counted among those that support White Supremacy is just a bit excessive. Some lack the means to provide support in that manner. Maybe a rephrase is in order?

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing any other responses you might provide to "RV", as well as his usually misguided responses to your own.

    Rook1015, aka Nicole

  2. Eh.. I am in Australia, so, please take my comments with a grain of salt, ie, I do not really know what is going on in the US. However, this does give me a different viewpoint, which may be helpful.

    Personally I regard people based on how well they reason. I have rarely found that race (ie, genetic appearance) makes much of a difference, as much as culture. For example, a lot of traditional asian people have very closed minded (and often racist) family values, and the more assimilated asians are, well, just like anyone else.

    Regarding your videos - you are obviously not a stupid person, you have come to your conclusions through much introspection. But there is an underlying theme of continued personal victimisation. Now, I would not pretend to know your life story, nor would I suggest your life was easy etc, but living in that culture of victimisation amplifies all injustices a thousand times.

    I have been victimised for many reasons in my life, and it's much the same, pointless and petty. People ARE pointless and petty, you can never change that.

    If you walk in to a government office, and get served by a white woman, sure, she will treat you different to the well groomed white business-man who preceded you.. and if I walk in wearing a clown wig and makeup, she will treat me the same way.

    Unfortunately people default to liking/preferring those that look like them. I get along fine with most people in my work uniform... of course if I am served by an indian (india indian), or an asian, as I am white, they are not as chatty as they are with those that appear the same as them.

    Ah, my point.... well here's an example, our indigenous people were slaughtered pretty wholesale by our ancestors (not mine, my family came here AFTER that :D) and those that survived have been treated quite poorly up until the end of world war 2. Now, however, we have given them "reparations" I suppose you could call it, in the form of a much higher pension than normal (pretty close to a full time job wage) and access to almost unlimited help to integrate themselves into our society. Unfortunately, they are still viewed as unsavoury, as a large majority of them (I mean, of the ones I see, 9 out of 10 unfortunately fit this profile) just remain in a permanent drunken state.

    Also, those that have taken advantage of programs to educate them etc tend towards helping their own communities - I think it's because they still feel that they are victimised.

    And I think it's true, if you say to someone, ah, you need help to get anywhere, you need money to live, you can't work, you can't possibly do it on your own.. that's terribly racist. The help they receive also makes it worse, if we took the pension away from them they would be pretty screwed, as they tend to reject education and the general way our society works - the race-based help makes them weaker. And yes, they are very racist, I have been called "f-ing whitey", and many other things by them.

    If tomorrow the US government sent you a cheque for 10,000 dollars, JUST BECAUSE you are black, that would be the same thing. You're asking to be more opressed. To be patted on the head like a crying child and told, there there, it's ok, heres some candy.

    I figure, either way, if you keep pushing the path of being different, and the victim, nothing will change for you. If the reason you give for your failures is "I am black and white people said I couldn't do it", then you are admitting that the white people who said you can't do it are right.

    Going back to what I was saying about interaction with strangers, can you honestly say that you feel on equal ground, both in what you give and receive, with people who don't look like you? Will you discount my comments because I'm white?

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  4. Haha.. sorry for the double post buddy, never used this thing before and the "this blog does not allow anonymous comments" thing threw me off.

    You may be amused to know that when I read the secret word before posting this, it looks suspiciously like "xenophobia".


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