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Monday, January 15, 2007

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

Though the term, counter racist, (as far as, I know) had not been created yet, Dr.King was a counter racist. Fighting racism was what he was all about. It appears that he made it his everyday mission, to eliminate racism. Every thought, speech and / or action of his, appears to have been dedicated to that purpose.

It is important that you understand that he was assassinated, before his work was completed. It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to understand that the REASON for his murder, was to silence his thoughts, speech, and actions toward eliminating the system of white supremacy. It is down right NECESSARY for you to understand that his enemies, won the battle that he fought against them, BECAUSE THEY KILLED HIM. It is his enemy that continues to push his "I have a dream" speech. Dr.King made very many speeches and yet the only one, in fact, the only words, of THAT speech, that most people know is "I have a dream". You know why? because it doesn't make you take action. It makes you dream. And they talk about it so much that, people think that everything is fine now. King made many powerful speeches. Here is the one that I believe got him killed. Pushing that one speech as though it was his only and /or best speech, has done a great discredit to Dr.King and what he stood for. check his other speeches out at the King center.
I remember having my 15th birthday at the King center in Atlanta. Around the corner from there was his house. It was the same house he was born in. I remember thinking what it must have felt like to stay in the same house from birth until death, like he did. The main thing that stuck in my mind was his office. I remember seeing his desk and books, it reminded me of the books we had at my house (at that time). Each room was roped off. I thought that maybe one day people would visit my home after I had died. As though it were a museum.
Anyway, at the King Center's website they have information on his assassination. Did you know that in 1999 his family won a wrongful death lawsuit against a man that admitted to being apart of a conspiracy to kill Dr.King? check it out and then go to the FBI's website and checkout their investigation of his murder. It's interesting stuff. Reading the trial transcripts and the FBI papers on Dr.King can help you get an accurate picture of what happend.

Please go to the KING CENTER and learn more about Dr.King.


  1. Hey I'm faintstarlite from YouTube.. the YT messaging service wasn't working so thought I'd leave you my comment here. I've watched some of your videos in the past but had never been to your channel. I dropped by your site to say thanks for subscribing and noticed 1) your comment board wasn't active so I couldn't say thanks.. and 2) you had my white privilege video up and were pretty critical of it. I don't mind the criticism although I think it's a bit unwarranted and harsh. You're right that I didn't offer a solution, that wasn't the point of the video.. it was just to bring attention to it and say, "Yes, I see it's real.. I'm white and it disturbs me" and hopefully make a few of my subscribers stop and think about it. That was the entire point. Some people raise issues, others try to solve them. Racism in America isn't what I've put my mind to solving as it isn't my academic nor historical focus, but I'm open to hearing solutions. I just think you ought to reconsider bashing people who are in agreement with you that racism is a serious problem and who want to promote racial reconciliation. The way we go about it might not look the same but that doesn't mean we aren't on the same team. I commend you for making this a life mission but we all have different passions & talents. I hope to do my part in bringing equality for other people in the world who you may not be focused on. Through collective action I believe things can/will change but inequality has to be tackled from a variety of fronts.
    Well, the real point was to thank you for subscribing - so thanks. Hope you have a nice day.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Please understand that I was not speaking of you per say. I was actually speaking of the author. I also revised my statement because I do not want to offend. If you check your comments for that video, you will see that I thanked you for posting it. I also gave you a link to the official Kwanzaa site on your video about Kwanzaa.

    If we really think about what it is, that causes "white privilege". We will see that it really is not the institution it self that creates “white” privilege, but the individuals within it, that create it. These individuals will only reveal their racist thinking to other "white" people.

    Therefore, it is the responsibility of those, whom the racists reveal themselves to, to expose them. Non-white people cannot do it.

    I do not want this to be my mission, but it has to be otherwise my offspring will have to go through it too, which is what is already happening.

    I am not speaking of racism in America; I am speaking of racism in the whole world.

    You stated, "Racism in America isn't what I've put my mind to solving as it isn't my academic nor historical focus, but I'm open to hearing solutions."

    You have the ability and I have the will. It is my mission because I am a victim of racism, so I want to end it. Those “white” privileges that you have make it possible for you to have other choices.

    The "race" problem will not be solved, until the “white” people, who have the ability to end it, have the will to end it, and the non-white people who have the will to end it, have the ability to end it.

    Thanks again, and I hope that I did not offend you, a second time.


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