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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Josh Wickett: On Santa Claus

Long before I met "superman", "spiderman", "Batman", and the "Bionic man"...... I met Santa Claus. I guess you could say Santa Claus "turned me out" (for those unaware, this phrase refers to a pimp getting his victim to turn their first "trick"). The entire concept of a White man that spies on you (he knows when you are sleeping...) and then judges whether you are good or bad. If he deems you "bad", you get a black rock (coal). This is all very powerful symbolism when you are 2 years old. This experience trained me for White Jesus and all the other "super Whiteman bullshit" launched my way over the years including: John Wayne Rambo James Bond Elvis... Like I've said before; my niggardly behavior is no accident. The White supremacist started loading that "nigger software" very early on me. I even remember playing board games as a child where no one wanted to use the black pieces (Risk). Later on when I first heard about Kwanzaa, I automatically thought it was a stupid idea because I thought it had something to do with Black people...I never even bothered to find out what the mechanics were. These are the symptoms of a highly niggerized person. Now, What am I doing about it? Well, the first thing I'm doing is raising questions. I'm also changing my behavior. And it is upsetting alot of people too. Niggers are mad cause I ain't actin like I used to act. (White people are mad too but they are smart enough to hide it from me) I ain't celebrating Christmas. Ain't nothin to celebrate about. And if I catch a White man in a red suit breakin into my house round midnight, I ain't givin him "holiday cheer", I'm givin him lead. Josh PS--please pardon my seizure

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