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Sunday, December 06, 2009

I am a Victim Of Racism: First Recollection

My recollections will not necessarily be in order, but they will be posted as they come to my mind. I am a Victim of Racism, because when I was seven years old the "white" man that stayed across the street from me grabbed me by the neck of my shirt, slightly choking me, and kicked me in my behind. His name was Douglas Green, and he had two sons, Joshua and Aaron. They were the boys in my habitat (place where I spent most of my time and energy) at that time. I was over at their house one day and we were playing. Their mother gave me a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream on a cone, I told her that I would not like it, because it had marshmallows in it, but she had already made it and told me to just eat it anyway, saying to take them out. So I tried to eat it. Joshua, Aaron, Douglas, and myself were in their backyard. It was too many marshmallows. I ended up throwing the ice cream on the side of their garage. Douglas saw me. "What did you just throw back there?". I said "Just some rocks" and then I started picking up rocks and throwing them on the side of the garage. He got really mad at me and said that I was lying. He grabbed me by my shirt collar, saying that it was time for me to go home, and kicked me. I felt so humiliated and embarrassed, I ran over to another side of their house (still in the backyard), stood their for a few seconds trying to understand what had just happened to me. I claimed over their fence, instead of going out through their gate, so that I could avoid asking Douglas to open it for me. I walked slowly across the street to the house that my folks rented. My mother, who was on the phone, when I came in and sat down. "What's wrong, son?" "Nothing." "You don't look like nothing isn't wrong. what's wrong?" "Douglas, kicked me." "What! Douglas kicked you! Go in the backyard and tell your Daddy!" When I got back there my dad was raking leaves. I told him about my assault. Before I could explain everything else, he had already left me back there. I swear that he left so fast that the rake was left standing in the air. He went over there and beat the crap out of Douglas. Anyway, I had never seen Douglas hit his own children and from their own admission he'd never hit them. I used to here them cursing at their mom all of the time. "C'mon shit, Mom. why can't I do it?" They used to get away with a lot. Anyway, I suspect that Douglas did what he did to me because I was a "non-white" person and he thought that he could have got away with mistreating me. Actually he did.


  1. I was a victim of racism too. I was beat and robbed by two black men who used the phrase "fucking whitie" and "this is for what you've done to my people." There are just as many black racists as there are white racists, and the effects of racism are very unfortunate. Because you are only telling one side of the story, you are creating more black racists. With the first black president, it is time that blacks let go of the past. Beside, blacks were enslaving blacks long before the white man ever stepped foot on Africa. Slavery was a part of EVERY culture and society, but for some reason, only blacks bring it up time and time again, trying to make it seem like they were the victim. Do you think your life would have been better off if you're born in Africa than in America?

  2. "Do you think your life would have been better off if you're born in Africa than in America?"

    No. The system of Racism (White Supremacy) is a global system. I am affected by it no matter where I go.

  3. I would call this article "Racist Propaganda" for the following reasons.

    You open this article with "I am a Victim of Racism because:". Clearly, the following text should be an explanation of some words of actions that mistreated you on the basis of race.

    That is not, however, what you then do, instead you describe an attack (and please don't think I am defending a man despicable enough to harm a child) that appears to be based on your throwing objects, which you claimed to be stones, at his garage. Over-reaction though this is, you have no evidence at all of any racism, yet you have clearly labelled it a racist act. You have, therefore, also labelled "Douglas" AS a racist, a person who practices racism, without any evidence that that is what he, infact is.

    In short, you have allowed your own racism, i.e. your insistence that if a white person CAN be a racist, then they probably ARE a racist, to lead you to accuse a white person of racism, despite you having no evidence that that is what he is. This article is, therefore, racist (that is, black racist) propaganda.

  4. The reason why I suspect that it was an act of Racism is because I believe that Douglas would have talked to my parents about my behavior, rather than take it upon his self to do what they could have done if we were people classified as "white". He had their phone number. We stayed right across the street. He could have sent me to my house and placed a phone call. He could have walked with me. Their are a lot of things that he could have done, if he would have saw me as one of his "own". I would not have gotten what I got from him. His own children didn't get any type of physical punishment ever.


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