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Friday, August 20, 2010

The truth is revealed..............

This "white" person revealed the truth about how she viewed the "non-white" speaker (General Yahanna) whom I was told (by "white" person) took pleasure in being discourteous towards "white" people as they walked past him in this video. I did not care whether he was or he was not discourteous. What he said and did was what he said and did. He has the Victim's Guaranteed Qualifications (VGQ) to resist Racism (White Supremacy) they way that he thinks that he should resist it. I do not control him.

Would he have done what he said and did if there where not a system of Racism that victimized him?

It does appear to me that being courteous is more constructive towards having a real dialog about and towards solving the "race" issue. But, that's me, I have VGQ too.

The problem (at least from what I have observed so far) is that when I speak with a "white" person about Racism (White Supremacy), act as though it doesn't exist.

Here is a situation where one "white" person reveals the truth about Racism (White Supremacy), in anger, but, to me it was better than acting as though it didn't exist. Her words revealed the truth about how General Yahanna is functioning and will continue to function in a system of Racism (White Supremacy).

She said:  

"The sixties was not that long ago....." 

TRANSLATION: Look here. "black" folks collectively just recently (what? 40+ years ago? in comparison to "white" folks who've been practicing Racism for centuries? ) got a little bit of freedom to be able to say what you are saying and not be killed for it, so what you are saying doesn't mean shit.

"and you will never be like the upper class white man..."

TRANSLATION: what you are saying and doing right now, will never compare to what the smart and powerful "white" man has done. It will not ever compare to what he is still doing.

 "you will never be accepted..."

TRANSLATION: You are in a inferior position and will remain in that position no matter what you say and/or do.

"you will never get that job..."

TRANSLATION: You will never have that superior position. It is reserved for smart and powerful "white" people.

"and you will just always be looked at as a fucking nigger !"

TRANSLATION: All of the smart and powerful "white" people who have the will and the ability to keep you in that inferior position are going to.

If more "white" people were as honest as she was and if more "non-white" people paid attention to these kind of words, we could be closer to eliminating Racism. Why? because today it thrives from the belief that it no longer has any power to affect us anymore. I mean today Racism (White Supremacy) is so refined and sophisticated that you would not ever catch "the upper class white man" slippin' like she did. More "non-white" people need  to understand that our inferior position in this system has not yet changed and it ain't going to until effective numbers of us start thinking, speaking, and acting in a manner that will. At least that is the theory of it. If we get to that point and it doesn't work then we still have a huge problem to solve. Let's try though.

Let me add that, I don't think that she would have said her true belief about him, if she were not angry. She cracked under pressure. The more sophisticated Racist suspect (the kind that she was comparing him to) wouldn't have walked on the same sidewalk as the general, let alone acknowledged that he were there.


  1. Is it possible to share the clip? I would like to post it to my site.

  2. No. I do not know how to make that possible. But, once I figure it out, I will contact you.

  3. Wuddup Syn?!

    Long time no see dawg.This video is funny as hell because if someone actually watched that WHOLE video everyone would know that General Yahanna who is known for name-calling and speaking negatively about White people all day on a street corner; what does this woman do when there is non-stop negativity spoken about White people and in particular 'White men'?

    She blew up, after she took racial abuse for so long. Of course some people when people around them make them feel not welcome (She was feeling not welcome), when someone doesn't feel welcome according to their race when someone is attacking their race they sometimes attack race BACK, which is not the correct way, but in the heat of the argument this can sometimes happen and she may not be racist, it may have been just a counter-reaction to her mistreatment.

    And you could obviously use the deception that she might not have been hurt by these words but, if you look on YouTube General Yahanna is KNOWN for making White people cry, I haven't even seen much of his videos but I seen him make 2 people cry and made one White guy kiss his feet.

    But to top it all off I want to end this by saying that you have put up an edited version of this video before on your youtube channel, not covering what General Yahanna was saying before she said what she said, people on youtube then went out on their own to look for that video, then came back to your edited version and I remember a Black male saying something like: "This video isn't fair, I could understand why she blew up after being berated the way she was"

    You then obviously TOOK THE VIDEO DOWN! But now, now that it's almost impossible to find the FULL VERSION of that video, you post this, again.

    C'mon dawg, why don't you post just one of General Yahanna's videos? And it doesn't even have to be a video where he makes a person cry.

    I think you will erase this because it will not only expose that you like to use deception, but also it will expose that you do not want people to have freedom to speak.

  4. DES-tructoro aka Pooky. It is obvious that the "white" person in the video is angry. I never saw the original video. I took this from a snippet that someone else posted. I did not take it down from YouTube. YouTube took it down. Which is total hypocrisy, but whatever.

    In fact you maybe the one who initiated it's take down (I don't have proof, so don't ask for it), since you are here mentioning that I "obviously TOOK THE VIDEO DOWN!".

    I wouldn't have spent all of the time and energy that it took for me to make it, just to take it down from YouTube, which is why I posted it here.

    Anyway, I did not post the above video so that we could focus on the reason why she was angry or why she said what she said. I posted it so that we could focus on the content of what she said. That's why it repeats and then sloooooows dooooooown. Got it?

    Thanks for telling me who he was, I had forgotten his name. Her words revealed the truth about how General Yahanna is functioning and will continue to function in a system of Racism (White Supremacy). I made the video funny so that it could stick to the mind. I was laughing while I made it. It still makes me laugh. But it is a serious matter.

  5. Thanks for letting me post, it shows that you have some honor and still have respect for freedom of speech.

    "Her words revealed the truth about how General Yahanna is functioning and will continue to function in a system of Racism (White Supremacy)."

    She got the dates wrong (Shes young), in the 1950's they still administered racist policy, the government created the: "Civil Rights Act of 1964" and there was a revolution in the US where White people were quoting MLK and defending Black people with their lives and socially (The hippie days).

    She may have got the dates wrong, but if there is any person who goes against the discrimination laws in this country (In the 50's it be OK to discriminate) it can not only ruin their life (Be put behind bars) but the person could also loose their business or get sued.

    So, for you to say that "General Yahanna is functioning and will continue to function in a system of Racism (White Supremacy)." is not only deception, but also, if he were racially discriminated against the government would give him the right to not only sue the person who discriminated against him, but also bring criminal charges against the person who discriminated against him.

  6. I still support freedom of speech, on your own blog. However, if you blow up my page with a bunch of deceptive and confusing comments, I will start blocking you again. If you want to express your views on a regular basis, start your own blog.


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