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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Johannes Mehserle gets two years for killing a Victim of Racism (White Supremacy)

White ex-officer's sentence spurs Oakland protest

I am not surprised at all. Same old shit just a different day. Oscar Grant joins the pantheon of others murdered by Enforcement Officials, who's families received injustice. Grant's family will file a wrongful death suit against Mehserle. I wouldn't be surprised if they got injustice in that case too, but making the attempt is constructive.

Mehserle said that he couldn't tell the difference between his firearm and his taser.

His firearm was a .40 caliber Sig P226, it weighs 34.0 oz, and his Taser X26?

Weighs a whopping, seven ounces!

They even look different. states that "the holsters cops use are equipped with multiple mechanisms to prevent a gun from slipping out. The gun itself requires several motions to discharge. Mehserle’s gun weighed 1.7 pounds more than his Taser, and the weapons were plainly distinguishable from each other in both size and color. Further, Mehserle knowingly pulled his Taser out of its holster twice that night. Twice he was able to correctly identify where his Taser was on his duty belt. Twice he unholstered it, flipped the safety switch off and aimed it at Oscar Grant—who caught an image of Mehserle pointing the Taser on his fiancee’s cell phone, the last photo Grant ever took. Twice, Mehserle was able to return his Taser to his holster successfully."

It has been said that Grant was resisting arrest. I don't see it. But, of course, (since me and Mr.Grant are both classified as "black", combined with the countless number of times that Enforcement Officials throughout history have killed "black" males, because the officers involved had a total disregard for their existence.) my eyes are blinded to his resistance, because of my "bias".

Below is one of the same videos that the all Racist Suspect jury that charged Mesherle with involuntary manslaughter, watched with "unbiased" eyes.

Look at the video. Does it look like Grant's is resisting arrest? or is he attempting to show something to B.A.R.T. Enforcement Officials? Why does the officer tell Grant to "sit the fuck down" and follow up with an unnecessary kick to his body?

"As Grant family attorney John Burris said at yesterday’s press conference, 'In my long history being involved in police matters since 1979 and well over 30 homicides with police, never have I had a case when a police officer was convicted of any crime against an African American male.' Given that history, Burris argued, even the involuntary manslaughter conviction is a breakthrough for police accountability."


  1. The police routinely brutalise every kind of citizen. Blacks may get it disporoportionately but most likely that's because they are disproportionately criminal and so come into contact with cops more. There are no advocates for Whites as Whites attacked by cops who might say: "never have I had a case when a police officer was convicted of any crime against a European American male."

  2. "Blacks may get it [disproportionately] but most likely that's because they are disproportionately criminal and so come into contact with cops more."- what does "disproportionately criminal" mean? Understand that "whites" advocate for "whites" everyday, without broadcasting it. The constitution was created for the purpose of such advocacy. Look at who was where, during its creation and you will see. I've read about "whites" being attacked by the Enforcement Officials and I have seen in many cases where they have received compensation in return for it. The fact is that it isn't mentioned that they are "white" or that they are being mistreated by the "police" because they are "white". It makes sense that if 300 million people are "white", that most of the people in prison would be "white" too. Not because they are "white" but because it is the majority. "Black" people aren't "natural born criminals", and make up about 40 million people, approximately 12 to 13 percent, and yet are more than 50 percent of the prison population? That looks like "white" advocacy to me. Burris said "In my long history being involved in police matters since 1979 and well over 30 homicides with police, never have I had a case when a police officer was convicted of any crime against an African American male." Are you saying that has been the case with "white" people too? If so please point me in that direction.

  3. Another question for "fellist" is, why would you attempt to divert this unjust situation from the mistreatment of "black" males, to the mistreatment of "everybody" on my blog? Why not start your own blog and talk about the mistreatment of "everybody". The fact is that Racist suspect enforcement officials kill more "non-white" people and get away with it than they do "white" people. Sure mistreatment of anyone is not acceptable. But, Oscar Grant was a real person, just like you. He did not deserve the mistreatment that he received and that is the bottom line. Many "white" people say it is not Racism, so when will it be that they will say that it is? When "black" people where swinging by their necks from trees and light posts by the thousands, the "white" people who said anything about it, would say "its not Racism, it's suicide". How much more injustice do people have to go through before you call it Racism?

  4. Dr. Khalif Muhammad,

    I am a White guy and I was thinking about doing an experiment where I will get a makeup team to make me look like a Black man. What should I prepare myself for? Do you have any suggestions for my experiment? This is going to be recorded on video and possibly put on YouTube.


    Tim Johnson

  5. Your experiment could be constructive. I suggest that you read "Black Like Me"(if you haven't already). I think that John Howard Griffin's approach was better than using make-up. Go to

    Also, there was another "white" person named Mr. Joshua Solomon, who did this more recently (your doing it on YouTube, is a good variation). He did used the same process that Griffin used. I suggest that you go through the same process as they did. His interview is at

  6. I would actually be curious to see what would happen if an individual who is classified as white moved into a new environment (for example a college, or a job) and began to identify himself as a nonwhite person with the people he came across. I have a friend who claims that there is no such thing as racism. He calls it "color arousal" instead. I believe it has less to do with actual skin color and more to do with perceived race, which is why I would be curious to see what would happen, if, for example, an Italian with what is called an "olive complexion" started to claim that he has a nonwhite parent.

  7. I agree. And take it further by stating that it has everything to with perception and nothing to do with skin color. No person that is classified as "white" has skin that is the same color as a white crayon or a white piece of paper. The "Italian" would no longer have any choice in being a "white" person, after he revealed to other "white" people that he had a "non-white" parent. White Supremacist code says that if anyone in your family is "non-white", you are "non-white". It is called the "one drop" rule. All "white" people fall into this category but deliberately withhold such info for fear of not being perceived as a "white" person anymore (thus loosing its benefits).I suspect that is why it is crucial for many "white" people to be perceived as "white" on the basis of skin color. The codified definition of a "white" person is that they are a person who classifies their self as "white" and is accepted as "white" by others (whom classify themselves as "white"). A "non-white" person is classified as "non-white" by others who classify themselves as "white".

  8. At one point, I was with a friend of mine, a "light skinned" Black woman, and one of her neighbors asked if we were sisters (I am Italian, but rather pale) For a while, I contemplated telling people that my father was "mixed", because I thought that it would help dispel the guilt associated with my race. But, then I kind of realized that as painful as it is for me to accept responsibility for the reprehensible acts of white people, I have benefited immeasurably from the privileged status that white people have in this world. I came to the realization that I cannot combat racism/white supremacy simply by claiming to be non-white, and it would be dishonest for me to do so. I have the "luxury" of identifying myself however I want, no one except for white people has that. And I did not want to lie and claim to be non white simply to assuage my guilt. I would rather work to dismantle the system then just pretend I was someone else so I could feel better about myself.

    I have no idea if what I said just made sense, but I think it is kind of relevant to what you said about classification of white and non white.


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