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Sunday, June 24, 2012

You Want To Somewhat Know How White Supremacy Works? Watch This Movie!

This is a movie called "Burn!" came out in 1969. I was one years old. Anyway, this movie stars suspected "White" person, Marlon Brando. He said in an interview with Larry King that it was the best movie he ever made.

The movie is about a "British" agent / Racist Suspect named William Walker (played by Marlon Brando) who in what appears to be the early 1830's arrives in Queimada, a "Portuguese" colony in the Antilles, to cause a slave revolt, take over the island, then make a deal to increase profits in the sugar trade with England. He searches for and finds a Victim Of Racism who possesses the potential to lead that revolt in a luggage carrier named of José Dolores. They build an army of Victims who kicked the "Portuguese" Racist Suspects asses right off the island. A new government is formed with the wealthy Racist Suspects on the island who were tired of the policies set by the "Portuguese". That government becomes a supporter of the "British" government. Ten years later, William (now a mercenary) is hired by the "British" Antilles Royal Sugar Company (which wants to protect its investments in the sugar plantations of the island) as a military adviser to the Queimada government to capture José Dolores and his army of rebels, because he has started a revolt against his deceivers which is damaging their financial interests.

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