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Monday, March 04, 2013

We Are At War

Yes, we are at war. Lasting for centuries, it has been fought on mental, physical, and spiritual levels. A series of major and minor battles (past, present, and future) that cause a massive amount of negative issues for every person on the planet, but even more intense for those whom have been classified as "non-white". The Racists (White Supremacists) aka the "status quo", continuously keep us in a situation that constantly bombards us with problems, so severe, that most of us cannot find the time to solve them, which in turn, manufactures our subjugation and domination (turning us into Victims of Racism). The way I see it, its like I am in front of one of those machines that shoots baseballs, and they're coming out at a rate of 1000 per minute while I stand there with a bat attempting to hit only one or two of them per minute.

With "non-white" casualties ranging from one mind to many, each battle won by the White Supremacists continues to promote, establish, maintain, and/ or refine their control (White Supremacy) over their victims. They are so sophisticated at this that at times, many of us thought we won in our fight against Racism. However, we found out later (through investigation) that they had merely made us THINK that we won. This is a battle of the minds and we have to realize that the words we use (and our thoughts behind them) are our strongest weapon against the Racists.

The Counter Racist person of action, must find ways to promote, establish, maintain, and / or refine Justice so that it guarantees that no person is mistreated for any reason.

Justice is better than Racism

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  1. Everyone has struggles in life, including White people. I've read that there has been more Black on White violent crimes and now days Black people who own businesses sometimes openly discriminate against White people.

    Though 10 percent of the U.S. civilian labor force, African-Americans are 18 percent of U.S. government workers. They are 25 percent of the employees at Treasury and Veterans Affairs, 31 percent of the State Department, 37 percent of Department of Education employees and 38 percent of Housing and Urban Development. They are 42 percent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., 55 percent of the employees at the Government Printing Office and 82 percent at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

    When the Obama administration suggested shutting down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage giants whose losses of $150 billion have had to be made up by taxpayers, The Washington Post warned, in a story headlined, “Winding Down Fannie and Freddie Could Put Minority Careers at Risk,” that 44 percent of Fannie employees and 50 percent of Freddie’s were persons of color.

    Black people are only about 22 to 27 % of the population yet their numbers in government almost exceed White people in government.

    There will always be bigots of all races, I don't know why you only talk about Black people being mistreated. I read about a White couple on their first date both the young man and girl were raped by Black men, decapitated and put in the trash.

    Not too long ago I saw a video on YouTube of a guy crying about French Troops shooting into a crowd of Black people saying: "LOOK WHAT THEY DO TO US! THEY JUST KILL US WHEN WE'RE PEACEFULLY PROTESTING!"

    I looked into the video and what was this idiot talking about? This guy was talking about a Genocide against White people of about 10,000 to 14,000 murdered and mass rape in the Ivory Coast. They were calling for genocide against all White people on the radio, Kofi Annan said that what he heard on the radio was horrific and disgusting.

    It turns out that those French troops shooting into the crowd were protecting the some of the last surviving White people in the country who were hold up in a Hotel.

    Racism, when people identify a race and mistreat them is racism, your definition of Racism is Injustice.


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