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Thursday, March 20, 2014

12 Years A Slave: My thoughts on it. This is not a Counter Racist Movie review.

Is it too late to comment? I've heard a lot of "Black" people criticize this film.
Here is a story written by a "Black" male, Soloman Northrop, 161 years ago, whom most of you (unfortunately) wouldn't have heard of, if it weren't for another "Black" male, named Steve McQueen, making it into a film. This post is for the never satisfied. Those of you who cries (when you see a movie about the victimization of the "Jews", "Native Americans", "Japanese", etc) that no one makes a movie about our holocaust. Those of you who complain that the movie Roots didn't accurately describe the real brutality and treachery of slavery. Those of you who have a strong dislike for history and reading anything other than fiction. To you I say how and the hell are we going to get people (mostly our people) to know and understand what happened to our ancestors if people like McQueen, don't step up to the plate and make their stories into movies? This film helped many Victims of Racism pay their bills! More power to McQueen even though he is in a tragic arrangement.


  1. i will make a research about this film. will take this film as the object of the research and the theme of the research is racism.


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