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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sexy Black Moms, Sexy Black Moms, Sexy Black Moms

A few victims of Racism (White Supremacy) made an observation a few days ago. One of them googled "Sexy White Moms" under images and got pictures of (presumably) "White" females wearing skimpy and / or sexy clothes. No children which would indicate to me that some of them may not be mothers, but whatever.

Then he googled "Sexy Black Moms" and got "Black" females with all their goodies showing. They had our sisters pop up and popping out in their birthday suits and it was raw. We are talking XXXXXXXXXXX rated!

Some of the "Sexy White Moms" appeared to me to be "Non-white" females. That didn't make sense to me. Another victim stated that he saw Beyonce's image in there. Very confusing. I am also confused about the whole "White" person thing. I am still trying to find that real white person. You know the one who has skin the color of the white background that you are reading on? Or at least the color of a white crayon?

Pardon my digression.

I thought about this sexy situation. I know it was the Racist mind that developed these search results but how? Was this done by design? or did it just happen this way?

I have been learning a little about something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It has to do with associating key words to your internet content to help it be found easily by the user who googles the words. For example if you google "Counter Racism Now", you are going to get this page and it will be listed first in the listings.

Let's say you googled "Tariq Nasheed". You will get every website and other content that has his name associated with it.

I suspected that if I associated the words "Sexy Black Moms" with this page you will....well....get this page. Along with whatever images I associate with it. I got the idea that if we could get huge numbers of people to do the same thing, we could in fact change the kind of images that are seen when "Sexy Black Moms" is googled. This was only my hunch.  While writing this article I discovered something else. I looked at those images to find Beyonce. LOL!

No not the "Sexy Black moms" which would probably produce a XXXXXXXX Beyonce look a like, because we know the real Beyonce aint having that! Remember another victim said they saw her listed with the "Sexy White Moms"?

Anyway, I googled "Sexy white moms" under images and got the same results as mentioned above. I didn't see Beyonce in there. I saw other "Non-white" females though. I also put the term in and hit enter before I clicked on images. I saw information on this situation. One victim had even made a Youtube video about it. It was taken down for violating YouTube standards.

I found an article (listed as the first search result) that someone asked the following question in a Google forum five days ago:

"Why are the sexy black mom images pornographic while the sexy white mom images are not?" 

Google's rep stated:

"Google Images are indexed based on the way images are labelled on the publishing website and/or surrounding text on the webpage. Google can't (yet) look at an image and recognize the content visually. Any apparent bias in the image results is caused entirely by the publishers of the images, with no intervention by Google."

So my hunch was correct! At any rate I discovered something else. I googled "Sexy Black moms" and the same google forum came up but it was listed as number three.

Sexy White Moms
Notice how the "Explain the Google Image for sexy white mom versus sexy" information is listed first? That's the Google forum I am speaking of and it's first because of the person who asked the question five days ago. If you look at the other listings they are for porno sites. So that means if "Sexy white moms" was googled six days ago you would have gotten nothing but porno sites if you didn't click images. But why are their images not porno?  So I went back and looked at them and discovered that most of the images are pictures of females wearing WHITE CLOTHING! LOL!

Sexy White Moms-Should be Sexy Moms in White

That explains why we saw some "Non-white" females in those images. Damn! That is deep! I checked the site with the first image and the blogger was wearing a white shirt posing in "sexy" positions in her pictures. She also typed in her blog that she was wearing "a beautiful white top". So there it is!

sexy black mom

Okay so I did the same thing with "Sexy black mom" and now the "Explain the Google Image for sexy white mom versus sexy" information is listed as number four. Can you guess why?

It's because the words "sexy white mom" came before the words "Sexy black mom" when the questioner made the"Explain the Google Image for sexy white mom versus sexy" thread.

Interesting. That means that if we make enough websites and post non-porn images of Black Moms and add the keys words "Sexy Black Moms" to those images by putting them in the articles posted on those sites we can counter the current search results.

So let's tamper with the system and see what happens when I associate this image:

Sexy Black Mom in White
 Now, here's a "Sexy Black Mom" and now she can pop up under "Sexy White Moms" too!

 I hope this was constructive.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

____________ is Not A Racist

    The inspiration for this post comes from the Yahoo Sports Article written by "Eurosport Expert" and "Non-white" person, Paul Parker entitled STUART PEARCE IS NOT A RACIST.

 According to his article the "British media" revealed a Racial incident that occurred 18 years ago, whereby a "White" person named Stuart Pearce was accused of mistreating, a Mr. Paul Ince on the basis of color.  

Mr. Parker starts off with the words "I could not help but find the front pages of some of Friday's newspapers anything other than embarrassing."

His statement reflects the usual emotions that are produced under a system of White Supremacy whenever a "White" person is accused of practicing Racism. Counter Racist Compensatory Logic says that whenever a "White" person is accused of practicing Racism, some "Non-white" people feel embarrassed, and some "White" people get angry. It is Mr. Parker's embarrassment that produced this article, which means that it is based on emotion and not logic. I'm not attempting to be critical of Mr. Parker. I want to point out how dangerous (unknowing to him) his article can be to other "Non-white" people who may value his opinion.

Mr. Parker argues that Pearce is not a Racist because:

  • It was 18 years ago 
  • He knows Pearce and has not been mistreated by him on the basis of color 
  • Pearce apologized to Ince for the incident 
  • Pearce defended one of his team mates named Des Walker when "One of the opposition said something to Des Walker, something racist."

It was 18 years ago

 "I just cannot understand this attitude of the British media that as soon as someone is elevated to sufficiently high office they are fair game. Even if there is nothing new to smear a person's name with, they will happily trawl through a person's past just to get anything on them.
That is what has happened here with an alleged incident from 18 years ago involving Pearce and Paul Ince during a game between Manchester United and Nottingham Forest."

It appears to me that Parker is saying that Pearce has not practiced Racism (White Supremacy) in 18 years. In order for the logic to start kicking in we must ask questions.

How does Parker know that Pearce has not practiced Racism in 18 years?

It looks like Parker depends on the media to point out Racist incidents.  The media doesn't catch everything. Therefore he cannot know.

Could Pearce be practicing Racism in such a way, that it could go undetected for 18 years?

Yes. The evidence shows that the White Supremacists can use deception to practice Racism (White Supremacy) in a refined way. 

When looking at "White" people who are able to practice Racism, is it possible for a Victim of Racism (White Supremacy), to determine who is and who is not a Racist, while under the system of Racism (White Supremacy)?

I don't think so. I could be incorrect. I do not know of any "Non-white" person who has learned how to make this determination. Such a person would have to know everything about Racism (White Supremacy) what it is, and how it works. That means 100% understanding. Trying to determine who is and who isn't is a waste of time in my opinion.

 As a Victim of Racism under the Global System of White Supremacy you should always be concerned about who, what, when, where, and how you are being victimized whenever you wake up in the morning. Hell, we may be victims in our own damn sleep!

He knows Pearce and has not been mistreated by him on the basis of color

"I played with Stuart for England many times and got to know him well, and I genuinely believe there is absolutely no way he is racist. If he did make any abusive comments to Paul, as was alleged at the time, I would say they may have come out of ignorance at that point, rather than bigotry. I am sure that as a highly respected member of the football community he would not dream of making any such comments now."

The smart and powerful White Supremacists benefit from the confusion that they've promoted about Racism (White Supremacy) being a form of ignorance. This is not correct. Ignorance is the opposite of intelligence. The truth is that Racism (White Supremacy) is a highly sophisticated business. Most of it's practitioners are highly intelligent and competitive business persons who use it to gain an advantage over their victims, in the same way that a Wal-Mart gains an advantage over a small corner store.

As long as the Global System of Racism (White Supremacy) exists any "White" person that is able to practice Racism, can practice Racism, at any time, and any place, in all areas of people activity including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War.

Could it be that Pearce has practiced Racism against Parker without Parker's knowledge?


Could it be that Pearce has practiced Racism against other "Non-white" people without Parker's knowledge?


Could it be that Pearce has practiced Racism (White Supremacy) against other victims  and spared Parker?

Yes. Practicing Racism (White Supremacy) is a choice. A Racist Suspect could choose to mistreat you on the basis of color, and leave all other "Non-white" people alone or they could choose to not mistreat you, and mistreat all others. Still thirdly, they could choose to not mistreat anybody at all. It is their choice (and the choice that we want them to make).

Could it be that Pearce has not mistreated anyone on the basis of skin color?

Absolutely. It is possible. Racism is a choice.

Can Parker decide that Pearce is not a Racist?

Yes. His article is the evidence that proves he has made that decision. Pearce may or may not have deceived him into believing that. It is unlikely that we would ever know.

Can other "Non-white" people (including you) decide that Pearce is still a Racist?

Yes. It is totally up to you. You can join Parker and decide that he's not one if you'd like.

It is left up to each and every individual "Non-white" person to decide who is and who is not a Racist.

You have what we call Victims Guaranteed Qualifications. We have Mr. Edward Williams to explain below.

Is it logical while under the Global System of White Supremacy for a Victim of Racism to decide who is and who is not a Racist?

NO! Why? because in my opinion it is a complete waste of time. You and I do not have the tools to determine such a thing, other than asking a "White" person who is able to mistreat you, if they are in  fact going to mistreat or / are mistreating you. What do you look like asking a suspected burglar if they are going to burglarize your house? He or she could answer yes, but then that would be a stupid ass burglar now wouldn't it? or at the least a sarcastic one.

It's seldom (these days) that a Racist has revealed the truth about what they were going to do or have done to their victims. Many of them claiming that they've "turned over a new leaf" or some who merely have the nerve to tell it like it is. Either way we don't have any measurable way to tell if they are telling us the truth or deceiving us further.

Following Counter Racist Compensatory Logic, as long as the System of Racism (White Supremacy) exists, all "White" people should be viewed as Racist Suspects. The evidence shows that millions of Victims of Racism didn't find out that they had been victimized by the Racists, until long after the fact. In other words it was through trial and error. Which means a lot of mistakes were made, time, and energy wasted.

Deciding that a "White" person is not a Racist, while under the system of White Supremacy is highly dangerous, because the #1 tool for practicing Racism is Deception. This would allow them to mistreat you further, without your knowledge, because you dropped your guard.

Equally, and in balance, which is Justice.

Deciding that a "White" person is a Racist, while under the system of White Supremacy is highly dangerous, because they may not be a Racist and your actions have turned them into one or you could be incorrect for other reasons. The key is for them to take all action necessary to produce Justice (balance between people). It is illogical to form conclusions without evidence. It makes one look foolish. Now, if a "White" person admits that they are a Racist, then okay. I guess that's your evidence.

Pearce apologized to Ince for the incident

Okay, but, Victims of Racism can remain traumatized from Racist Actions for decades. It still does not take Pearce off the suspect list.

Pearce defended one of his team mates named Des Walker when "One of the opposition said something to Des Walker, something racist."

This can be confusing. I have observed a Racist Suspect be polite to a "Non-white" person, but then turn around and mistreat me. Also when I was 15 years old, I witnessed a Racist Suspect talk about it being a good idea to throw a grenade into a movie theater "full of niggers". He forgot that I was present and I said "Hey, wait a minute!". He responded "I didn't mean you, you're cool. A nigger is a black asshole."  I fell for that Racist Mind Trick, thinking I'm not an asshole and saying "Oh, okay."

I may have made this point earlier, but, just because a Racist Suspect isn't mistreating you on the basis of color doesn't mean that they aren't mistreating others on that basis.

To eliminate the slow process of trial and error when trying to determine who is and who is not a Racist, it is best to treat them all as Racist Suspects and keep them on the list of suspects until the system of injustice has been eliminated. No need to argue, if you disagree. V.G.Q. Remember?

You (and Parker) can take them off or leave them on. It's all up to you. I'm leaving them on it.

I've repeated this over and over in order to make it stick.  I hope this post was constructive.

Stay Strong In The Struggle to Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2/21/65 was The Day That Malcolm X Was Assassinated

Malcolm X was a Counter Racist. Regardless to what has been said about why he was killed and / or who killed him. He ultimately died speaking and acting against White Supremacy. Those Victims of Racism that killed him where merely puppets stringed into action, by the Racists (White Supremacists).
The White Supremacists are responsible for Malcolm's death. He knew that he was going to die. Any one who stands up against injustice and does the kind of action that gets their attention, will become a target. All we need is 8,000,000 "non-white" people with the same courage that Malcolm had, to think, speak, and / or act to eliminate injustice.  In Economics there is a principle called the Pareto principle, named after the Racist Suspect who made the observation. It is also known as the 80 / 20 rule. The principle is used on many different levels, but it means that 20 percent of the cause is responsible for 80 percent of the affect. There are 40 million "Black" people in the so-called US. 20 percent of that is 8,000,000. That means we need 8,000,000 people in the Counter Racist Family. 8,000,000 United-Independents. All thinking, speaking, and acting against the system of White Supremacy.

We must Minimize The Conflict that his death still causes between many of us today. It is destructive for Victims of Racism to squabble over this. The majority of us who are doing the squabbling today were born after his death. We can only go by what we're told happened on that day, and the few months proceeding it. BUT NONE OF US WERE THERE. We really don't know who killed him. There's lot's of speculation, but very little facts. I suspect that the real motive for killing Malcolm was to stop him from making a plea to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

If White Supremacy didn't exist would Malcolm X have been killed?

The main reason that we do not have millions of "non-white" people doing this kind of work is F.E.A.R.

Fear of ending up like countless others (Malcolm and Martin's death's are the images we've been blasted with the most) who've gone up against Racism (White Supremacy). "Black" motivational speaker Les Brown, says that the best way to over come fear is to realize what it truly is:

False Expectations Appearing to be Real

In other words having a False Expectation that Appears to be Real, stops you from accomplishing your objective of Replacing White Supremacy With Justice.

I want to make it clear that I still have some things that I FEAR, but I am working on overcoming them. I don't like to FEAR because whatever it is that I FEAR, can control me if I am not careful. So what I do is recognize what I  FEAR, then challenge it, every chance I get, until it is no more. I meet it head on. Adapt to it then overcome it. I remember when I used to be afraid of money. Money is nothing more than a piece of paper with ink on it. but, I FEARED it, because I thought that I couldn't do with out it. The TRUTH is that I can do without money, but, I can't do without the basic things that I need money to bring, like food and water. I am no longer afraid of money, you know why? because I set fire to it! That's what I said. I set fire to it. You think I am crazy. No more crazy than a Victim of Racism in a system of White Supremacy!

First time I recognized my FEAR of money, I burned a 1.00 bill. the second time a 10.00 bill, the third time a 20.00, the fourth and final time a 100.00 bill. I am no longer in FEAR of money. It comes and it goes. I recognize it for what it really is. A tool. A representation of an energy exchange between people in a system of White Supremacy.  The system makes sure that you FEAR money and they also make sure that the money that has the most value also has "White" people on it. For the record, I am not suggesting that you burn money. What you do is what you do. Don't go around saying SynQ is telling us to do something illegal. I am not. If you have a FEAR of money, how you overcome that FEAR is your business. I am only saying what worked for me.

I no longer have a FEAR of death. Back in the day. I was in a gang and the rival gang stabbed me up three times really bad. I could have died, but I didn't. I spent a month in the hospital, being fed with liquids through one tube, while watching my waste go out another tube into a bucket that set on the side of my bed. I could have lost my existence for claiming a number. That's what we fought over. Anyway, it occurred to me that I had got caught up in something that, I knew better than to be caught up in. Anyway, I realized that if I am going to die for something let it be for justice.

History has shown us that the White Supremacists know that FEAR is an emotion that fuels the imagination.  That is why they have groups like the Ku Klukas. Everything about that group was designed to put FEAR into our minds, so that we would not help ourselves over come the affects of White Supremacy. They constantly blast us with images of "Non-white" people being mistreated for standing up against injustice, to help you imagine that doing this kind of labor could be dangerous. And history has shown us (through those same images that it has been). But these are new times, and we don't know what could happen when 8,000,000 "Black" people attempt to R.W.S.W.J. because that's never happened before. That may not be the Effective Number, but what if it is? Courage is the will, plus the ability to take action, without knowing the complete outcome of your action. Death is an inescapable event that has to be accepted in order to get passed the F.E.A.R. of Death. Once you get passed that, you can get started on the great task that has been laid before you.

Do you understand that you must get justice or die trying?


In the spirit of Malcolm X and all of the others who came before you. Do something to think, speak, and act to eliminate racism (White Supremacy). Write a blog, set up a website, make videos, get a radio show, write a book, sit in, sit out, stand up, stand out, conduct counter racist experiments, do something ! There is so much that can be done.

Stay Strong In Your Struggle To Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

White Supremacy Revealed?

The 9/1/11 episode of "The Ultimate Merger" that aired on TVONE, had a brief revelation of truth the other night. I usually don't watch these "reality" shows which are everything but reality, but, my attempted wife (see UICCSC Word Guide pages 426-427) who watches them daily, was watching this one particular show, when I happened to hear something about the "White" men on the show communicating in a silent code. You know that caught my attention.

The show is about 14 males (11 "non-white" and 3 "white") competing against each other for the affection of a "black" female named Toccara. The female version of "Flava flave"( only she looks way better).

Apparently, the "white" men on the show "developed" a "white" alliance in where they agreed not to compete against each other, until all of the "non-white" males were eliminated. Whenever it came time for one of them to spend "some alone time" with Toccara, they'd show three fingers up (W) and two fingers down (A) to each other as a reminder of their alliance to not "throw each other under the bus". I could be incorrect, but, it would not be Racist to have such an alliance, unless they are allied on throwing all of the "non-white" people under the bus. Racism / White Supremacy is mistreatment on the basis of skin color.

Anyway, one, or some of, the "black" males noticed the hand gestures and asked about them. The "white" men did not say anything. The show goes to break. After the commercial, some how the "black" males find out what it meant. Instead of approaching the matter logically, they get angry with the "white" men and get absolutely no where. No one learns anything. Everyone in the room is shouting and no one is listening.

Unfortunately for us, there appeared to be so much emotion (and not enough logic) and confusion in the room, that everyone involved missed out on the perfect opportunity to discuss out in the open, what huge numbers of people discuss behind closed doors. Racism (White Supremacy) is the elephant in the room that everyone (when I say everyone I mean "white" and "non-white" people) in the room, spend a great deal of time and energy, pretending is not there.

If it were a show that demonstrated an actual reality (like a major reality called Racism) going on, it would not have been a complete waste of time and energy. However, it was one, because they got no where constructive with it. We ("white" and "non-white" people) need to have a courteous open dialog, about White Supremacy, without being so-called politically correct and without emotion.

As it stands right now, on most occasions, when Racism is discussed in the same room, "white" people get angry and "non-white" people get embarrassed.

In my opinion the actual purpose for this episode of "The Ultimate Merger"as a "reality" show was to program its "non-white" viewers to react in the same manner as the "non-white" actors did in this episode, when they were confronted with Racist Action.

Okay, right now, the "race" issue has been indirectly touched upon, everyday, since the selection of Obama for president. This has been more so, than any other time in the history of the so-called USA. His selection has made the evidence of Racism White Supremacy more visible to its victims, and at the same time made many people take more actions toward ignoring that existence.

This includes influencing others to not have a constructive dialog about it. Because as long as no one discusses it logically, it continues to be that huge elephant.

What influences others to not have dialog? Emotions like anger, embarrassment, guilt, disappointment, can lead to conflict. In this case the "non-white" people appeared to get angry, and were discourteous, which in turn made the "white" people appear to feel embarrassed and shut their mouths about how they were practicing Racism White Supremacy.

Dialog is what was needed. An all out no holds barred courteous discussion on White Supremacy and how it affects people.

It's not shown in the below clip, because it was edited out, but in the full episode (which is always edited), one of the "white" males started his sentence "with it all started with a war that has been going on since 1870."

He was immediately interrupted by a "non-white" male , who said something like "Oh, no you're not about to give us a [implied "black"] history lesson!" I am paraphrasing him.

Anyone that wasn't paying close attention could have thought that the "white" person was speaking about slavery or the so-called "civil war" (what is civil, about war?). The minute someone mentions the 1800's, those are the first things that come to mind. Both ended in 1865. I suspect that the "white" male was talking about the period known as Reconstruction, because it is at that time that groups like the Ku Klux Klan came about. These groups used the tools (deception and violence) of White Supremacy to the fullest, and thus terrorized "non-white" people out of resources and political positions that would have evened the playing field. Such groups are often admired by the unsophisticated Racist suspects who what to bring back the "good ol' days".

I suspect that "Reality shows" are scripted, just like movies and other t.v. programs are. The producers do not allow us to see anything that they don't want us to see. The two "white" men are even dressed similar during the confrontation in front of Toccara. They are both wearing the stereotypical clothing (pendalton shirts and holey blue jeans) that would be seen on the kind of "white" people that the smart and powerful White Supremacists want us to think are the only kind of "white" people that can be Racists. You know the kind that drive pick-up trucks and chew tobacco? See below.

Bottom line is that the true Racist Action was not the "white alliance" that the "non-white" males "discovered" in this show. The true Racist Action was the indirect promotion (subliminally) of the idea that White Supremacy does not need to be discussed between "white" and "non-white" people, because if you do, you're going to get no where with it. Another more subtle idea was one related to the Racist Propaganda term known as "reverse racism", which implies that "white" people are being victimized by "Black" people on the basis of skin color. This is a term that has been picked up and used often amongst the less sophisticated Racist suspects. The kind who dress in an appearance similar to how the two "white" men were dressed in the above video. I suspect that they were instructed to dress this way in order to relate The message sent to them was "black people won't let white people have a white alliance, but it's okay that they have a show with mostly black people on it?, they have black unity, black nationalism, they have BET, they have TVONE, Obama is president, it's not fair! so keep your white alliances a secret because revealing the truth about it will get you know where." Stay strong in the struggle to Replace White Supremacy With Justice

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dealing with Lynchings

"Of the many inhuman outrages of this present year, the only case where the proposed lynching did not occur, was where the men armed themselves in Jacksonville, Fla., and Paducah, Ky, and prevented it. The only times an Afro-American who was assaulted got away has been when he had a gun and used it in self-defense. The lesson this teaches and which every Afro-American should ponder well, is that a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give. When the white man who is always the aggressor knows he runs as great a risk of biting the dust every time his Afro-American victim does, he will have greater respect for Afro-American life. The more the Afro-American yields and cringes and begs, the more he has to do so, the more he is insulted, outraged and lynched."- Ida B. Wells 1892

This blog is in response to the most recent lynching of a "black" male. His name was Frederick Jermaine Carter. His death (like all of the other hangings of "black" males within the past 30 years was ruled a suicide).
Hanging victim Frederick Jermaine Carter

The last way that a "black" person would choose to commit suicide would be by hanging, in my opinion. We should no longer be surprised about these kinds of situations, especially in places like Mississippi.

Every "Black" person old enough to learn how to use a firearm, should own a firearm. I suspect that one of the reasons that many "black" males are lured into committing felonious acts is so that they cannot acquire a firearm. So stay away from anything that can get you a felony.

Find out what the firearms laws are in your state and proceed to follow them in the process of acquiring your firearms. That means acquiring a permit if need be. Attempt to get a concealed carry permit in your state. Become a card carrying member of the National Rifle Association. Then start or join a local gun club.

DO NOT BREAK ANY LAWS in your process, because you the "non-white" person can easily get caught up, and placed in Greater Confinement. By all means necessary stay out of areas where you are not wanted, unless you absolutely have to go there to do something constructive. It does appear that Mr. Carter was there to work and he wasn't alone, which is the other suggestion(to not be alone in such areas). But, he walked off. Never walk off! Stick close to your partner and maintain constant contact if you have to be alone (like a restroom break for instance), for a small time.