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Saturday, June 08, 2019

On Dr Francis Cress Welsing

Dr. Francis Cress Welsing was a “Black” female Medical Doctor. A psychiatrist to be specific. After learning the United Independent Compensatory Code (U.I.C.C.S.C.) from its founder, Neely Fuller Jr. She proclaimed that she and all other people classified as “Non-white” were in fact Victims of Racism (White Supremacy).

Dr. Welsing said:
“Fuller understood that racism contained the seeds to the origin of counter-racism, the behavior dynamic of liberation for the non-white victims of white supremacy”

“His work led me to question the necessity of the global white collective to evolve such a system of unjust behavior. The result was The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation.”

Dedicating her existence towards countering racism she said that she was the only psychiatrist in the world who had done the kind of work she has done in her fight against Racism/ White Supremacy for over 40 years. She wrote several papers on the subject stating what its victims should do about it.

In 1991 she compiled her papers into one book called The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors.
Her work has influenced many and was mentioned in some popular movies. Boomerang and baby boy.

In her last speech given in Sacramento CA she called it her assignment. She spoke just an hour drive away from me. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t find out that she was there until a day or two after.

I was sorely disappointed because I wanted to meet her and exchange constructive information about countering racism. No one to date has gained notoriety in countering racism on the level that she has, not even Mr. Fuller. And his concept is why she wrote her book, did lectures, and interviews.

Some have referred to her as one of our “leaders”. I saw no evidence of her calling herself a “leader”.

I know that she was against anyone deeming her as such because she practiced the U.I.C.C.S.C.

It is in my opinion that she was a signal to those 
 “who have resolved to end this great travesty and bring justice, then peace to planet Earth” (unquote), as stated in her work THE ISIS PAPERS: The Keys to the Colors.

She was a signal because she pointed out observations that can help us get a better understanding of what Racism (White Supremacy) is and how it works. That must be the assignment of the majority of us who are dedicated towards replacing white supremacy with justice.

Dr. Welsing said “Black people in the US must dissect and analyze [Racism/White Supremacy] to the core. With this knowledge (produced in her book), black people can take the necessary steps to eliminate the problem.”

My assignment is to motivate you to honor her by studying her work and laboring to implement solutions that will eliminate the injustices of this world.

You should labor to make more works, based on the united-independent concept. You will honor her by making your own work produced from dissecting and analyzing [Racism/White Supremacy] “to the core.”

It is my theory that if we have at least eight million victims of white supremacy doing this in the so-called United States that we can Ultimately, end Racism (White Supremacy) in this world by replacing it with Justice. This in not a joke. We need eight million “Black” people to think, speak, and/or act in countering racism until it is replaced with justice.

Do yourself a big favor and buy this book to help you learn more about what Racism (White Supremacy) is and how it works by getting Dr Welsing's book! She spent 49 years trying to wake other victims of white supremacy up to the system of white supremacy so that we can learn to Replace White Supremacy With Justice. She dedicated her existence to this and so should you if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired of Racism (White Supremacy).

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