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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dr.Julia Hare uses "code" when she speaks.

She talks about what "intergration" really is. And Uses "code" when mentioning the "BIG Three" of the broadcasters for the Racist Media. I wanted to post this on my Youtube Channel, but, Youtube, still will not allow me to log in. See the power that the Racists have? Check Dr. Hare out.


  1. Brotha Synq, been watching your youtube channel for a while. I am reaching out to you hoping to give back something after having learned so much from your channel. Below is an episode from an email campaign I have been doin for a while now. The purpose is to raise the consciousness levels amongst our peoples in order to stimulate thought towards new directions. This campaign is sent amongst all my acquaintances and amongst "The Covenant Members" here in Illinois. I have attempted to spur a more radical climate amongst the members in order to educate and facilitate a free-thinking populus amongst those who must have some concern about the realization of true justice. I am attempting to affect our people at grassroots, revolutionary levels. If you have interest in viewing older episodes just ask.

    The History of Sugar - One of the catalist which sparked the Atlantic Slave Trade (Filling in the blanks of how Europeans came to power.)
    15 minute short documentary. Hopefully the holiday will provide you all with opportunity to view this one. It's Memorial Day, i thought this would be appropriate in honor our fallen ancestors.

  2. Thank you Julsam, for taking the time to watch my videos and read my blog. Most of all leaving a comment. I saw the clip to your documentary and it is fantastic, from what I could see. Unfortunatly I do not have any sound right now, so I could not hear it, but, I loved watching it and cannot wait to get my sound fixed so that I can watch it again! Your doc, is a necessary weapon of mass information. That is that it can wake up the minds of our people in a way that mere words could not do. Thank you.

    Stay strong in the struggle.


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