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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A "Codified" Soldier to the GOT DAMN Bone!

ChokolitMa aka LadyBmore is a CODIFIED SOLDIER for real. She helped us to win the battle with one video! For the Minimize the Conflict Project in memory of our fallen comrade brother Malcolm X's birthday, I had suggested that the CODIFIED (those that practice UICC/S/C by Neely Fuller Jr) read ONE of the "Ten Stops" (see p.49 UICC/S/C) and give an example of a situation that could be prevented by using that stop. This SISTAHSOLDIER went above and beyond by coming through with a presentation of not ONE STOP, but ALL TEN STOPS! and a "slide show" to accompany each stop, giving a visual example of each one. Check it here. In my earlier post, I had stated how the battle was lost because the racists had defeated me, by preventing me from logging in. Then, Choklitma came out blazing and banging!! Thank you Soldier. Whoever, reads this please get word to Choklitma for me. Just tell her I said thank you. All we need is 399,999 more sistah's like her in the movement and we would put a huge dent in the system! I might be incorrect, but, that appears to be an effective number to me. Thanks again Choklitma!

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