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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Learn Something About Everything: Applied Research Center

Applied Research Center is an organization that has similar objectives as the Counter Racist Family. They have information that may be constructive in helping us Replace White Supremacy With Justice. The video below has admitted Racist Tim Wise on a panel with "Non-white" people discussing what can be done. Many Victims of Racism that attempt to practice Counter Racist Compensatory Logic, may disagree with Mr. Wise for what he is doing, however, I think that it is more constructive for us to have "White" people discussing the so-called Race Issue and what can be done about it with us, than having those who do not wish to even recognize (with us) that it even exists. We must be careful not to be fascinated with Mr. Wise, because he is a "White" person who agrees with us on White Supremacy. It would be a detriment to our objective, because such a fascination would be in co-operation with White Supremacy. The type of "progressive" also known as "anti-Racist", "White" people like Tim Wise are not new. They've been involved in the movement ever since it started(whenever that was). The mistake that has been made by many Victims is that they've allowed their awe of "White" people to influence them into making these kind of "White" people into leaders of the movement. In other words we did not view them as Racist Suspects, and therefore didn't hold them accountable for how they behaved towards "non-white" people within the movement. When asked Tim Wise admits that he and all other "White" people should be viewed as Racists. Mr. Fuller says ( and I agree with Fuller) that they should be viewed as Racist Suspects. No matter which approach you choose, if you're a Victim of Racism, either one should keep you focused on not seeking the approval of the "White" people involved in this movement. We must send the message that as long as the system exists, they cannot be trusted 100%. If you do that, Tim Wise and any other "White" person who has decided to admit the truth about the system's existence, cannot control the direction of the movement, if they are practicing deception. I don't need to tell you that you cannot trust any "Non-white" people 100%, because your being a Victim of Racism has already taught you that. This approach actually brings balance to the situation because the "norm" under the system teaches us to trust "White" people and to distrust "Non-white" people. Our resistance should be that under a system of injustice, no one should be trusted unless they are revealing truth, promoting justice, and helping the person who needs help get the most constructive help that they need. CAUTION: Such a person should be trusted only at the time that they are doing it. Not before or after.

Stay Strong In The Struggle To Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

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