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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Is the Problem "White" people or the Racists (White Supremacists)?

I was told that the Racist Suspect named Robert Jenson said that "The problem is White People."

 Counter Racist Compensatory Logic Dictates that there are three types of people in the known universe.

My question to any "Non-white" person that believes this. Is what does this piece of information change? Having such a belief gives the Racists (White Supremacists) an advantage in a situation where they already have the advantage. What does that change? Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Racism (White Supremacy) advances when "Non-white" people believe that the problem is "White" people. The advantage for Racism (White Supremacy) is that such a belief allows its practitioners to hide, among those who do not practice Racism (White Supremacy) and it makes the "Non-white" people who hold this belief, appear to be "Racists" to other "Non-white" people who are experiencing a deeper level confusion about Racism is and / or is not. That is not constructive to the collective.

Robert Jenson is a Racist Suspect. That means that there is a great possibility that his statement about "White" people being the problem is not true. He is telling you what you want to hear. He knows that "Black" people who attempt to counter-racism want to blame all "white" people for the cause of their ills. However, to do so is no more logical than it is for a "White" person to blame all "Black" people for their problems. Following the logic, Robert Jenson has not met every "White" person on this planet, and therefore cannot make this claim based on facts.

I am apprehensive about Robert's motives behind telling "Non-white" people that the problem is "White" people. He, Tim Wise, Peggy Mcintosh, and all of the other so-called "White" Anti-Racists are not to be trusted on 100% on the information that they give us. Everything that they say and do, must be questioned thoroughly (as with anybody else).

Many of us have blamed "White" people for everything before. Members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association tried it, and members of the Nation of Islam tried it. It didn't work. Such a belief has brought nothing but set-backs to the Counter Racist Movement.

They say that we should view all "white" people (including themselves) as Racists. The problem with that is that the majority of "White" people will never admit to being Racists, nor will they say that they are the problem. If you can't get them to admit to it, you will not prove it, and attempting to prove it is what you can be stuck doing, instead of Replacing White Supremacy With Justice.

It's a waste of time. Like a dog chasing his tail. So while you spend two to three hours in debate trying to prove that a "White" person is the problem. The real problem ( a Racist /White Supremacist) sneaks out the back door.

Such a belief gives "White" people too much credit.

I personally do not know enough about "White" people or White Supremacy to be able to agree that all "White" people are the problem. It appears to me that it is the smartest and the most powerful of the "White" people who are the problem. They are the shot callers.

What is the codified definition of a Racist (White Supremacist)?

see page 20 of the UICCSC textbook / workbook.

Ask Mr. Jenson if he agrees with THAT definition, then ask him why or why not.

Are we saying that ALL "White" people are smart and powerful? I am pretty sure that if you think about it, you will come up with some "White" people that you know, who are dumb and powerless.

In other words you know some "White" people who have either not used their racial classification to their advantage or they have been disadvantaged by other "White" people. These people are a problem to themselves let alone a problem to you.


This system is set up where there is always somebody in charge. Always.

I borrowed some words (below in italics) from THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill, to help express the type of people that I am speaking of.

Racism/ White Supremacy is a business. "It is run by highly organized, intelligent groups of  [Racists / White Supremacists] who plan ways and means of using [White Supremacy] efficiently for the good of [other "White" people] and profitably to themselves. Such intelligent groups are made up of scientists, educators, chemists, inventors, business analysts, [public relations specialists,] transportation experts, [economists, lawyers, judges, accountants, doctors, etc. All such groups have Racist Men and Racist Women] who posses highly specialized knowledge in all fields of industry and business. They pioneer, experiment, and blaze trails in new field of endeavor. They support colleges, hospitals, public and private schools, they build roads, [build buildings,] publish newspapers, they pay most of the cost of government."

John A. Bryant, CEO Kellogg
I'm talking about the kind of "White" folks who made it possible for you to eat that bowl of cornflakes this morning.

Most of the time that person in charge is "White", smart, and powerful, if they aren't "White", they were put there by somebody who is "White", smart, and powerful.

Was it all "White" people who made the concept of "Race" and promoted this idea as truth? or was it a few smart and powerful "White" people that did it?

Some of you, may think that I am defending "White" people. I am not. See what I am saying with an open mind and remove all emotion from your thoughts and I think that you will see my point.

Begging for food
Not that kind that looks at you and asks you for help. The ones that have been sacrificed by the Racists to help White Supremacy stay in existence don't have any real power to do anything.

When you have a problem in the store and you want that problem to be solved who do you call on to solve it?

The person (s) in charge.

If you are in a prison and you have a problem that needs solving who do you go see to fix it?

The person (s) in charge.

If you are on a ship and you have a problem, who do you ask for to solve it?

The person (s) in charge.

What can a stupid and powerless (lacking the ability to cause / solve problems) "White" person do to me?

At their best, outside of breaking the law? They could call a  "Non-white" person a nigger.

How powerful is that? That kind of power you can defend yourself against. If you follow the logic on it.

Working outside the law, in certain areas of the world, they could attempt to lynch me. But, I have the immediate power to defend myself against them. That's not a problem. I ain't worried about them. If you're prepared to defend yourself you wouldn't be either.

Why? because such people would have to reveal themselves to me and you.

Can't do it with the shot callers, because their chief weapon is deception. They mistreat me and you on the basis of skin color everyday and we do not know who they are.

If Robert Jenson really wanted to share some constructive information he'd reveal to us, which "White" people (that he works with) are practicing Racism.

Stay Strong In The Struggle To Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

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