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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Counter Racist Movie Review: Django Unchained Part 1

 Counter Racist Movie Review: Django Unchained Part 1

"The seeds of the destruction of Racism (White Supremacy) are implanted in the very existence of Racism itself"- Neely Fuller Jr (1978)

Why does the system of Racism (White Supremacy) exist?

I suspect that it is because it helps sophisticated (smart and powerful) people classified as "White", solve most of their problems.

Who is keeping it in existence?

I suspect that it is some Highly Sophisticated people classified as "White".
Please read "Three Types of People In The Known Universe" on page 20 of the U.I.C.C./ S./C.

Why are they keeping it in existence?

 I suspect that they keep it in existence, because they believe that it solves their problems.

Does the system of Racism (White Supremacy) help to solve problems?

Yes, it helps solve many problems, but, it does not help to solve the greatest problem of injustice. Because it does not solve the problem of injustice, it causes more problems than it can solve. Therefore it is the greatest problem.

Does it solve problems for everyone?

No. It only solves the problems of the smart and powerful "White" people on the planet.

For this movie review my sources of information are what I observed from watching the movie, and (most important) the script. Using the script allows me to SEE the words that were used. Observing the use of words is important in our fight against White Supremacy.

This movie is an excellent example of how a sophisticated Racist Suspect and a Victim of Racism can work together to solve one or more problems in a system of Racism (White Supremacy). In other words, we are going to need help from "White" people, to eliminate the biggest problem in the known universe, IE, Racism (White Supremacy).

Logically speaking, that is the only way that it is going to happen. I'm only going to stick to the specifics of Racism (White Supremacy) and their relation to how the system works, so that you can learn something constructive.

Django Unchained, is set in the 1860's, two or three years before the so-called Civil War (What's "civil" about war? I suspect nothing is.), that shows us a less refined system of Racism / White Supremacy. It was practiced in the open, especially in the deep south, the "color line" was drawn so clear, that a five year old could "see" it.

The movie starts off with a sophisticated Racist Suspect (a dentist turned bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz), finding a Victim of Racism (Django), that he's been looking for.

Schultz demonstrates the characteristics of his sophistication in the first scene. They easily stand out when compared to the Speck Brothers (Ace and Dickey) and other unsophisticated Racist Suspects that are littered throughout the movie. These characteristics should be used as a start in qualifying the level of sophistication of any Racist Suspects that you have to deal with. Please stay focused on the signs of sophistication. Try not to allow your emotions to interfere. It can help you save time and energy, because they are the type that you should be discussing the "Race issue" with. I could be incorrect.

Dr.King Schultz
Schultz' Characteristics of Sophistication:

1)Use of words is the best indication:

Schultz is "German" and yet speaks English so properly that in the first scene, the unsophisticated Speck Brothers tell him to "speak English" when he uses "English" words that they do not understand. He has a "German" accent which indicates he speaks both "German" and "English". Which means that he knows more words than they do. Later in the movie, Tarantino indicates that Schultz speaks "French", as well. The Speck Brothers speak a slang "English".

Schultz (to Speck brothers): "I wish to parley with you."

Ace Speck: "Speak English!"


Schultz is a Doctor, which means that he graduated from a University. According to the script The Speck Brothers are referred to as "White Hillbillies" who are Slave Traders.

3)Style of Dress:

Schultz wears a grey three piece business suit. The Speck Brothers are in "Cowboy" clothes.


Schultz demonstrates his mastery of deception by mixing it with his knowledge of four major areas of people activity, Economics, Politics, Law, and War.


  • Schultz asked Dickey Speck to offer a price for Django. Dickey tried to deceive him with a high price. Schultz saw through his deception, because he had a brochure from the slave auction that stated a lower price.
  • After paying for Django, Schultz asks Dickey Speck for the bill of sale, which Speck does not have. So, Schultz pulls out a blank one.

Unsophisticated Racist Suspects represent the type who act as though they're prison guards keeping us in lessor confinement. They're the sailors on the slave ship. The overseers on the plantation. The more modern version of this type of "White" person spends a great deal of time and energy trying to make you believe that a system of White Supremacy does not exist, and /or whatever mistreatment (on the basis of color) that you experience is your on fault. They try to get a lot of mileage out of terms like "The Race Card" and "Reverse Racism". They are the type that most Victims of Racism encounter within the system of Racism [White Supremacy]. Sophisticated Racist Suspects usually recruit them to do the "hands on" violence, because they are less educated and lacking in resources.

The Whites (last name) of West Virginia
Some Sophisticated Racist Suspects, sometimes refer to them as "White hillbillies"(used in Tarantino's script), "White trash", "Crackers", "Rednecks", and / or "Pecker woods". Don't get it twisted these folks are still doing better than the "Richest" Victim of Racism.

In most circumstances a Sophisticated Racist Suspect wouldn't deal with a Victim of Racism (because we usually don't give them any reason to). If they need to, they usually get an Unsophisticated Racist Suspect to do the dealing for them. Unless, they get satisfaction from doing the "Hands-on" work, themselves. Which is what brings us to Schultz.

Schultz is hands-on (I suspect because he enjoys using the law to kill people and get away with it), and therefore FORCED to deal with a Victim of Racism, because it affects his situation. He needs to find three Racist Suspects (The Brittle Brothers). They have a large bounty on their heads. Django is the only one who knows what they look like.

Schultz wants to solve his problem with precision. After they hook up, he hits Django, with a plethora of questions.

Afterwards he says to Django:

"I'm trying to get a clear idea on what you can do, and what you can't do, and if you can't do it, why can't you do it?...."

He was qualifying Django. Similar to a job interview. This is what you must do when you encounter a person. Qualify them. Quickly. Can they help you solve your problems? or Will they help you make more problems?

At first he only wanted Django to help him solve one problem. In a conversation with Django he says:

".....I must admit I'm at a bit of a quandary when it comes to you. On one hand, I despise slavery. On the other hand, I need your help, and if you're not in a position to refuse, all the better. So for the time being, I'm going to make this slave malarkey work to my benefit. Still....having said that, ... I feel guilty. So... I'd like the two of us to enter into an agreement."

Many people classified as "White" express guilt when they CHOOSE TO reveal the truth to a "Non-white" person, that they benefit from the system of Racism (White Supremacy) at the cost of victimizing "Non-white" people, . Just like the fictional Django. The real you currently has no choice, but to be a Victim to their benefit. Practicing code is all about de-victimizing yourself.

This is equivalent to you (the child), blind folded, bound, standing in the middle of a dark labyrinth, with no one to lead you out except an adult that you do not know, who has revealed to you, that he or she has benefited from watching, and selling child pornography of you and other children being molested and then telling you, that he or she feels guilty about it.


There is no time for shedding tears and singing "Kum-ba-ya". That guilt should be used constructively to help compensate the person who needs the most help, by getting them the help that they need (you are one of those persons).

Schultz continues:

".....when we find them, you point them out, and I kill them. You do that, I agree to give you your freedom....twenty-five dollars per Brittle brother - that's seventy-five dollars....[and] your horse," "I'll buy you a new saddle, and a new suit of clothes, handsome cowboy hat included."

These days it is common practice for a sophisticated Racist Suspect to offer payment in exchange for your helping them solve their problem. To the best of my knowledge in this situation, the Racism would be if after you provided the service, they didn't honor that offer. If they see some value (recognizing your potential in helping them solve more problems) they will most likely honor it, and if the service you are providing is uncommon, and you are aware of that, you can make a lot of money. They'll keep coming back to you. The key is to asses whether your helping them is in co-operation with Racism (White Supremacy) or not. Unfortunately, for you and me, it most likely is. I agree with page 87 of the U.I.C.C./ S./C. Textbook/Workbook by Neely Fuller Jr. Please read it when you get the chance.

Having to depend on the system to get money so that we can survive, makes us all what?

SELL OUTS! (I know that some of you disagree)

Your objective should be to provide that service while Replacing White Supremacy With Justice at the same time. If anyone of us succeeded at doing that, Mr. Fuller would be growing cucumbers. Yeah, that's what he said that he'd be doing after the system was replaced with justice.

The relationship that develops between Django and Schultz is an example of how "White" people should help "Non-white" people in a system of Racism (White Supremacy). Because we ain't going to do it all by ourselves. I know it's tragic to accept that truth, because of all that "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" Racist (White Supremacist) propaganda, they've been pumping into our minds since the 60's with. But, not one of them have done it. They all got help from somebody to do something.
Hell, AIG, one of the largest companies on the planet needed a few billion dollars worth of help and got it.

Name one thing that you've learned to do without someone else's help? walk? talk? stand? what?

To be continued......

Stay Strong In The Struggle to Replace White Supremacy With Justice.


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