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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Message to Prince Ray

Well, it appears that "Prince Rey" has responded to my post on my dear friend Colston. Colston is with the Ancestors and is not here to defend himself. One of my Elders stated that when the soul of someone you love leaves this world, don't hold on to any memories of their unfinished business, because they are liable to come back  and try to fix them. Let their spirits rest and be happy in the other world.

 Because of that information, I don't wish Colston were here to defend himself. However, I will address the post by "Prince Rey", which I wouldn't have discovered if it weren't for my self "googling". I have to say that the more refined version of COINTELPRO is actively at work.

After looking at all of the mis-information on the internet that is associated with the name "Khalif Muhammad"I am like wow.

I strongly urge you to think critically about what you've read on the internet regarding the name "Khalif Muhammad". I guess that is the casualty of revealing the truth about my name, instead of remaining anonymous as Sym-Q. I no longer have the "cloak of invisibility" that allows people to draw attention to themselves anonymously under usernames. In 2005, when I first started my "internet activism" there was only one other "Khalif Muhammad" on the net.

Now there's a whole lot. I found a "Linked-in" Khalif Muhammad, listed as working for "Homeland Security" in Los Angeles, CA? The thing about Linked-in, is you can go on and create a profile under any name that you want, and type in whoever you want to work for, without verification. See?

Wow. COINTELPRO or it's new version is on my trail. I am happy that they are. You know why? because it means that I am behaving in a manner that these Racist Subversives, don't like. Which is what I want to do.

Deception is the primary tool of the Racists (White Supremacists). COINTELPRO is all about that.

Moving back to "Prince Rey". Whom I suspect is a "Non-white" person and more specific a "Black" one like me. So because of that I am going to put some things out here, before I respond to his response. What I suspect that he and I have in common (based on the info that he has presented).

1) We are both "Black" males who've been victimized by Racism (White Supremacy)
2)We are both "Black" males who spend most of our time and energy in the Bay Area
3) We are both "Black" males who were a part of the "Black Power Movement" in the Bay Area.

Because of those three things, I have respect for "Prince Rey" in what I suspect that he is attempting to do. OCCUPY HIS TIME AND ENERGY DOING WHAT IS CONSTRUCTIVE FOR HIMSELF.

"Prince Rey" could easily be out there doing things that could get him killed or get him in Greater Confinement, like the millions of other "Black" males, that are practicing such destructive behaviors (and "Prince Rey" could be too, but not while at the same time that he does his work of presenting us with information). The point is that he is doing something at that moment that keeps him safe from murder and / or jail.

What we don't have in common is our age. Prince Rey is probably old enough for me to be his offspring. I am basing this on the time periods that he gives for when and where he has done what he has done. Doing such moments, I was either not born, or a small child. I am 44 years old. Because my folks (Colston included) helped raise me up to be respectful to my Elders, I respect Prince Rey for that as well. My objective is to reveal the truth about Colston, and show how he'd been victimized by Racism. Prince Ray is merely a Victim of Racism who has fallen for Racist Propaganda that had been launched against Colston, by the Racist Suspects who didn't like the fact that he attempted to help the people who needed the most help.......which were "Black" convicts.

I apologize to you Prince Rey, if you felt like I was belittling you. That was not and still is not my intention. I am still learning how to reveal truth, in a manner that promotes Justice, and help the person who needs the most help, get the most help that they need. Which for me is by trial and error. if I mistreated you in that process then it was an error on my part. This not an attack on you. It is not my intention to discredit your work. It is not my intention to lead you or anyone else to believe that I am supporting the CIA, the FBI, or any of the Racist subversives within those organizations who CHOOSE to misuse and abuse the powers given to them in an unjust manner.

What you said about Colston is incorrect information and requires no amount of physical harm against you. In other words, I would have to be a damn fool to want to do harm against you for the words that you've used, when they aren't even your words. You are only repeating what the Racists have said about Colston. I don't blame you, I blame them. and I said that here. It would be hypocritical of me to talk about promoting Justice, and yet violate the very just law of "Freedom of speech". To kill a person because of the words that they use is TERRORISM. I am not a TERRORIST.

Though I used deception and violence, in my youth. I no longer use those methods to get things done. I've since learned that those methods will cause me more problems than solve them. The only ones who can use deception and violence to solve their problems and get away with it, are the Racists (White Supremacists). They are the Masters of Deception and Violence.

I hope that was enough to deflect your accusations.

On  Al-Colistran:

I am not defending them in know way. I really didn't know much about this group. All I can say is that the first time that I met it's members was in 1990. I was in the Nation Of Islam at that time, and had an interest in everything related to Islam. They wore white turbans and all white clothes. They sold herbs and spices all around Richmond. I used to see a lot of them.One of them (whose name I cannot remember) told me that they all lived on a farm in Mexico, where they grew their products, then bringing them back to the Bay to sell. Seeing "Black" males doing something as constructive as that, really impressed me. The brotha told me that it was started by a brother, named "Iman" who used to follow the Hon.Elijah Muhammad, prior to 1975. There were many [and continue to be] such groups that were started by people who left the 1st dispensation of the Nation Of Islam (NOI). I just chalked it up as another one.

Fast forward to 1999. The "Your Black Muslim Bakery"(YBMB) another off-shoot from the NOI, led by Dr. Yusef Bey, and headquartered in Oakland, had opened an outlet in Richmond. Though, there was some conflict between YBMB, and the NOI under the leadership of Min. Farrakhan, which I was still active in at that time, me and the members of the Bakery that I knew, took special care to avoid the politics. We got along. I liked supporting their business. These brothas made the best donuts! They were healthy donuts too! The were made from whole wheat and had chocolate chips in them. Anyway, I was eating them and drinking coffee when, a tall, light skinned brotha dressed in all white, wearing a turban came inside. I immediately knew he was with Al-Colistran.  We all gave each other the greetings of As-Salaam-Alaikum. I said to him "Al-Colistran, right?" He said "Yes, sir". He introduced himself as Iman. This was the first time that I met him. I had leave after that. Don't remember where I went.

I saw him again one day. I was walking down the street. He drove up in a white Cadillac, and introduced me to his daughter.About a few months later I saw him at the Bakery again. There were other brothers in there from the Bakery, myself, and two brother with me from the NOI. I don't remember what we exactly what we were discussing, but it was the teaching of the Hon.Elijah Muhammad. Bro. Iman challenged me into a debate about them. I've never backed down from a debate. I was all in.

Anyway at some point Iman said something like "Yeah brother your the only one in here that believes that." It was something that was very basic in the teachings that anyone who studied them would know right off. I looked around at all of the brothers, because they were watching us. I asked each one if they believed what he said. They all said no and agreed with me. He was shocked to see that we were in unity on our beliefs, even though we had different teachers, both students of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. I don't know why that did it, but after that, the next time I saw Iman, he told me everything about Al-Colistran, and asked me to marry his daughter.

He told me that sometime in the seventies, he went to one NOI meeting at the Mosque in Oakland, got into a debate with the minister of that meeting, and was escorted out by the Fruit Of Islam (FOI). The FOI is the security of the NOI. Anyway, from that one meeting he got the idea that he could start is own group. He let me know that it was his hustle. He told me that he made up the name Al-Colistran. I thought it was Arabic at first, but he only made it sound Arabic, by putting the "Al" in front of it. I think he said it meant. He told me that he got  people to follow him, because he had charisma. He got them to put the money together to move down to Mexico. He walked around with a Quran, but never read from it. He said that his followers never asked him about it. He had more than one wife. He said two of them "Mexicans". He told me that he lost his followers. And that his name slave name was Billy.

Colston Westbrook

Colston was a dear friend to me. I was around his family, I was around his friends. I was his friend. I witnessed him do a lot of constructive things for our people. He was heavily involved in the "Black" collective in Richmond. His work outshines the Racist Propaganda that you are promoting. If you ask anyone with a "conscious mind" in Richmond about him they will have nothing but great things to say, just by hearing his name.

Here is a statement made by Colston's wife:

"As a graduate student at UC Berkeley in the 1970-80s he and a group of Black Students started a project to teach black prisoners literacy skills in the California Prison System, so that when black and other minority prisoners were released from these institutions, they would have the skills necessary to adjust to the larger community, thereby increasing their chances to succeed in the larger society.  He was alarmed at the disproportionate amount of Black men in the Prison System in America. 

At first the project was very successful, later on some hippies became interested in the project.  The reasons for the hippies going to visit prisoners was different what Colston and his colleagues wanted to achieve for the prisoners.  The hippies started a clandestine movement to undermind the efforts of Colston and his colleagues of the Black Culture Association.

The hippy movment split to form the conflict that led to the Symbionese Liberation Army.  These hippie movement targeted Colston, Markus Foster and other Black [intellectuals] and labelled them as Black bourgeois,  they announced in the media a death warrant against black men who were considered not (militant enough).  These hippies questioned, how [could] a black man  be so intelligent, know so many languages, and speak so eloquently, [they figured that] he has to be a CIA Agent.

 Although, there are many intelligent black men who come from Pennsylvania and other eastern states who received an excellent education, since Colston did not speak like a street ganster, he did not fit into the stereo type image that many hippies had of black men., many of these infiltrators could not fathom how Colston Westbrook could be such an intelligent man, have access to so many resources, they concluded that he had to be a CIA agent do do such things.  Colston was never in the CIA he was a scholar,  and he enjoyed teaching,  collaborating with other community workers to make life better for blacks and others who wanted to lift the standards of their lives out of misery and poverty, which is so prevalent in many urban communities in the East Bay Area of California."

Click here to learn factual information about THE REAL COLSTON WESTBROOK

Be sure to read the about section on Colston. Believe what you want to believe about Colston. I knew him and obviously you didn't. I'm done with this.

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