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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Time (Economics Of)

Someone (albeit a "white" person) defined "Economics" as how one operates during scarcity. Time is scarce because you never have enough of it and it goes fast at the same time. It disappears every second and you can't get it back....ever. DO YOU HEAR ME?

I want to stress the importance of time. It is more valuable than money. You can always get money. After time has made you so old that you can't even lift a dollar, someone can still lay one in your lap. But most likely, unless you have help,you won't get time to spend it. Time is the most precious commodity. It should be managed with extreme care. That means that you have to plan. From my observations most "non-white" people don't like to plan. The White Supremacists have taught huge numbers of us that planning is boring. They've convinced us that our "lives" have to be "spontaneous" and "exciting".

They teach us to be surprising, like a "secret toy surprise" in a box of crackerjacks. (You might be too young to know what I'm taking about, my female offspring are in their 20's and say they like Crunch and Munch, which messes my point up, so get some elders to explain it to you) But, guess what? the maker of the Crackerjacks, planned for you to be surprised and got your money. If you use your time constructively you can plan to be "spontaneous" and "exciting". I assure you that it will be more fun when you've planned it.

If you don't plan your time, someone else will plan it for you and you may not learn that your time was used by them until its too late. But, you have to focus on your time to even learn this. The three phases of time, past, present, and future are all important. But, the Racists (White Supremacists) teach us to only focus on the present.

Their messages are:
Wasting time is like a dog chasing his tail

"Focus on the now"

"The past is the past, don't focus on it."

"You can't predict the future."

These sayings are repeated to us with different words and phrases, but the message is still the same. "Time isn't that important to niggers." That's why they came up with "CP Time". Today we talk about "CP Time" like it's something to be proud of. Mind you I am not saying that you must strive to be on time for everything (I sure as hell ain't nor plan to be). You should only be on time for what is important to you, because IT IS YOUR TIME. However, if you tell someone that you're going to be on time, be there on time or be early. Because keeping your word is almost as essential as keeping time.

By using probability one can determine the outcome of certain situations. This is what Fuller calls "Following the Logic".

You have to observe past events in order to determine, future outcomes. This is done from your present position in time.

If I got a flat tire on my car yesterday and had no spare tire to replace it, then I know that I need to get one to use now, plus a spare for the next time (the future) that I get a flat tire. It's up to me to figure out (plan) how to get those tires. If I see the value in having my car running, because its use, saves me time, then I'm not doing anything else, until I get that tire fixed and a spare tire. Most problems can be solved in this same manner. If you're really observant, you'll see how others waste their time, so that you can be prepared not to waste yours in advance.

Let's say your friend needs to get paid for his time ("get a job"). Wait...didn't you know that is what a job really is? You're contracting your time out to them for an agreed upon rate, which is usually per hour,correct?

Anyway, your friend needs money. So, that means that he needs to spend time looking for a job. Your friend tells you that Mon to Fri 9a to 5p is the most constructive time to look for work because that's when most people are conducting business. However, he stays up drinking alcohol until 2a every night. He doesn't wake up until 1230p in the afternoon, plus takes another hour to get ready, each day. Because he's out on the street looking before 5p, he still believes that he can find work. And he could. You decide to look for work too. But seeing how he misuses his time, you get up at 7a to prepare to be out on the streets looking for work by 9a. Your friend uses three and a half hours to find work. You use eight. Who increases their chances of finding work? Who planned to use their time more constructively?

You want to find ways to solve your problems at a rate that is faster than the amount of problems that come your way. This involves planning and constructive use of time.

Managing your time constructively could indirectly resist Racism (White Supremacy) because more Racist (White Supremacists) benefit from your destructive use of your time than those who benefit.

Oh no? How many benefit from your watching TV? (hint: who makes the TV shows? who makes the commercials?) How many benefit from your laboring? (at least one, plus you get paid for your time).

Check out pages 58 and 59 of the U.I.C.C./S./C. by Neely Fuller Jr., for the constructive use of your time in the area of Economics.

Stay Strong In Your Struggle To Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

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