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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

On "Black" Male and Female Relationships.

The Race War movie by Professor Jason Black has been talked about much in the last week. It premiered in New York on 10/13/18. I am attending its premiere in Los Angeles on 10/20/18.

This subject reminded me of one important factor that must be fixed if we are going to win this war.


There is no time for "love" and "romance" which are two concepts that came out of "Europe" during the renaissance

From eight years old, I believed that there was going to be a "Race" war. I later realized as a teenager that it had already started 1000's of years ago. Read The Destruction Of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams. One major factor as to why huge numbers of the "Black" collective still doesn't realize this today is because our first teachers (our so-called "mothers") were/are not aware of this, and many have taken extreme measures to deny propositions to become more aware of this fact.

When I was small I imagined that by now there would no longer be a system of White Supremacy. I imagined that the "Non-white" people of the planet would have banded together and overtook our oppressors. WE ARE STILL OPPRESSED!

I also imagined that I'd be a catalyst in such a movement. I thought all I needed was a "Black" female. I heard the concept early on that behind every great "man", is a great "woman". I suspect this is a term that was invented by a "White" women.

I was brought up as a revolutionary from the cradle. I was taught that the "Black" female is my "queen". She is to be held high with the utmost respect. I was taught that it is my duty to protect her at all costs. As an F.O.I. I was taught to "Kill Concrete" to defend her.

The problem with that kind of thinking was she herself (at least the majority of them) wasn't taught to have courtesy for a "Black" male who possessed that kind of thinking. Far too many of them have been trained to believe the "Black" male is to be manipulated in order to keep him under control, otherwise she would be under his, if she feared him. I have yet to see a "Black" female who is afraid of the "Black" male. I've seen it on TV and in the movies but that's pretending.

As I searched for her in so-called elementary school, in my so-called neighborhood, every where I went, if I thought I found her and let it be known I liked her, she'd mistreat me with deception. And appear to get pleasure from it.

Her competitive, and aggressive manner towards me made me wonder if it is even possible for such a female to exist? But, I've seen her in images of Angela Davis, Ericka Huggins, Elaine Brown, Fanny Lou Hamer, Ida B Wells, etc.

Punishing a "Black" male using self-defense against a violent "Black" female is to be expected and is in co-operation with White Supremacy in my opinion.

I don't advocate using offensive violence against anyone for any reason. Many "Black" females indirectly co-operate with White Supremacy, by allowing themselves to fall into the trap of mistreating "Black" males, only to temporarily satisfy their fear of male domination.

What I mean is that many of them have been convinced that they must compete with the "Black"
 male as though he is attempting to dominate and/or subjugate them on a male vs female basis. They copy a pattern of dealing with "Black" males in what appears to them to be the same way that "White" women compete with "White" men.

However, the key factor missing is the "White" man has actual power. The "Black" male has perceived "power". Which the "Black" female decides to give him and the same can be said for "Black" males who give perceived "power" to the "Black" female. But the problem remains more on the part of the "Black" female, because their is more of them than "Black" males. Far too many of them spend a great deal of time verbally and mentally abusing the "Black" male. She also appears to be the cause of  conflict between many "Black" males.

I see this, and experienced it almost daily with my attempted wife.  I do not agree that a "Black" male, or "Black" female should be the aggressor against anyone, however they should fight like hell against anyone who fights with them.

The logic says the objective in a fight is to do enough to your opponent to get them to stop fighting you. Although that is the logic, I've only followed it once with her. In that situation the "Black" female threatened me with violence.

I threatened her with counter-violence (self-defense). She then threatened to bring her brother in to use violence against me, if I used the counter-violence against her.

When I threatened to use counter-violence against him as well,  she grabbed an aluminum broom and hit me with it. The handle broke on my arm when I blocked the hit, but, I got a cut across my hand. When I saw the blood dripping from my hand, I got upset, picked up the part that broke off and hit her in the leg with it. Some people heard the commotion and called the enforcement officials (E.O.).

In a lot of cases (not mine, but, I have observed it on two occasions with other "black" males, and others have told me ) it has been the "Black" female that has made the call to the after she's been the aggressor in the situation.

Anyway, the "White" female E.O. took the "Black" female into another room, while the "White" male E.O. stood with me. I showed him my injury. He asked his partner if she saw a bruise. She saw an old bruise on her leg and told the partner to arrest me. The "Black" female acquired it in a fight from a previous attempted marriage with another "Black" male. It happened before I came along. The "Black" female was so mad that she let them believe that it was a fresh bruise. My cut was fresh still with blood dripping from it as they placed me in handcuffs and took me to greater confinement!

The "Black" female admittedly felt guilty about the whole thing and bailed me out. She asked my forgiveness and committed her self to counseling. I forgave her because she acted that way because she is a Victim of Racism. It is not her fault. It is the fault of the Racists (White Supremacists). I know they developed methods to keep us divided (problem was she didn't care to learn that). I continued to stay with her for 11 more years of conflict. In the end it was brutal. I had to invoke my warriors (Eleggua,Ogun, and Ochosi) to help me break loose from it.

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