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Monday, February 28, 2011

I was on the C.O.W.S. Radio Show Again !

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I could be incorrect, but I do not think that many of the people who participate in the discussions on the C.O.W.S. are "codified", meaning that I do not think that many of them have actually read or attempt to practice the UNITED INDEPENDENT COMPENSATORY CODE- Textbook / Workbook. They could have read it and whether they have or not does not matter to the extent of having Victims Guaranteed Qualifications. However, we have got to start moving in a direction that gets us further, than where we have gotten. This means that you should not voice whatever it is that you think the U.I.C.C./S./C. is until you have read it entirely. It would be correct to quote it, as long as you do not make it appear that it came from you, instead of Fuller. If there are parts of the code that you do not agree with and you offer something else instead, state clearly those parts, and make it clear that, whatever it is that you are offering is coming from you and not the code book, so that others will not be confused about it. Confusion cooperates with Racism (White Supremacy). The idea that all "White" people are Racists (White Supremacists) does not come from the U.I.C.C./S./C. The U.I.C.C./S./C. states on page 20 that there are three basic types of people in the known universe:
  1. "White" people
  2. "Non-white" people
  3. White Supremacists (Racists)
Simply say: "I do not agree with the code when it says that there are three basic types of people in the known universe, I only think that there are two basic types."- and then state your reasons why. But, this must be advertised constantly enough, so that people do not believe that it is from the code. I spoke with Mr. Fuller in detail this morning about this. He stated that he sometimes gets calls from people questioning him about ideas that have (either directly or indirectly) been made to appear like they came from the code book, when such ideas have not. In the last paragraph on page one of the U.I.C.C./S./C. it says: "This is not a book to be used to promote dislike or hatred for white people. This is not a book to be used to encourage animosity toward white people or to promote a dislike for white people because of their "whiteness", and / or because they appear to be "White" to the eye/mind of the onlooker." In my opinion, viewing all "White" people as Racists can encourage animosity toward "White" people. Somehow, I suspect that some people are under the impression that because I once viewed Shirley Temple and other "White" females as my objects of affection, that I am in "love" with "White" people. That was a long time ago. I do not "love" them, nor do I "hate" them. Because I suspect that I was extremely misunderstood when I was talking about Katie, I must reiterate that I suspected she was being guided by other "White" people both indirectly and directly to learn how to practice Racism (White Supremacy). I do not believe that at the age of 10, she was practicing Racism (White Supremacy) on her own and at will. Because I have observed that "White" people usually have Racism (White Supremacy) figured out by the time they are 15 years old. I could be incorrect. The point is that she knows that she is a "white" person. If one believes that all "white" people are Racists then one, will believe that she is a Racist, right now, and thus will be blinded to the point that I am attempting to make here. The idea is to force "white" people in the direction of Justice. A "white" person who practices Racism, has to be given a way to change the way that that they do business (and start producing Justice). If one sees all "white" people as Racists, and not Racist Suspects, then it becomes difficult to see what should be done to get Justice, in my opinion. I definitely do not believe that practicing Racism is "in their DNA!" Racism (White Supremacy) is a learned behavior, it is not genetic. When Victims of Racism keep believing in the concept of "Race", they indirectly promote Race-ism (White Supremacy), because Racism thrives off of the idea that all of the people on the planet think, speak, and act differently, because of their genetic make-up . We were taught by the White Supremacists (Racists) to think this way. This is part of our mistreatment, because it keeps us thinking inside the box called Racism (White Supremacy). I agree with the U.I.C.C./S./C. in what it says under the words "Some Questions and Answers Relative to 'Racial' Compensation" on page 12.- It's too long to type, so You'll have to read it for yourself. The only "gene" that makes "White" people and "Non-white" people differ is literally skin deep! It is that "gene" that makes my skin brown and theirs pale, some "White" people have named such a "gene","Melanin". Last night on Gus' show I heard a lot of emotional words and one term directed at "White" people as to the reason they commit Racism (White Supremacy). I even heard people translate what I said about "White" people into emotional words and terms, that I did not use. I heard: "We should not worry about how "White" people feel."
"That refined Racist's blood was boiling..........."
"'White' people [practice Racism], because they fear us." After a few minutes all I heard was: "They fear us. They fear us. They fear us. They fear us. They fear us. They fear us." The point that I attempted to make about fear, is that for me, when I discover that I fear something, I work to eliminate that fear anyway that I can, because I know that fear is an obstacle in my path to completing my objective, and if I have something at my disposal to remove that fear I will use it without hesitation. Following the logic on this would lead me to believe that if the smart and powerful Racists feared "Black" people today, they would wipe us out with no hesitation. They've already experimented doing such things:
  1. in 1921 the Racists dropped a bomb on so-called "Tulsa, Oklahoma", killing 3,000 "non-white" people, who fought to defend themselves against the destruction of people and property.
  2. in 1945 the Racists dropped a nuclear bomb, killing 90,000–166,000 "non-white" people in so-called "Hiroshima" and  dropped another bomb, killing 60,000–80,000 "non-white" people in so-called "Nagasaki".
  3. in 1979 they convinced  close to 1,000 "non-white" people to kill themselves by drinking cyanide laced kool-aid, in so-called "Jonestown, Guyana".
If they "feared" us before these events (there's plenty more evidence), they sure as hell have some courage now. The way that the Cress-theory of color confrontation was implied last night, was not logical, but emotional. The theory itself may or may not have been true. I say that its major purpose is to boost the ego of the Victims who believe it. Dr.Welsing states in THE ISIS PAPERS on page 13 that having an understanding of her theory "will have profound effects on the developing egos and self-images of all non-white children, who suffer severe damage under white supremacy culture." (Best believe that my male offspring's ego and self-image will be boosted!, but then we'll have to move on to the logic.) She further states that it "allows non-whites to to gain psychological liberation from white ideological domination that negatively affects the total functioning of non-whites." She continues on to say that "white peoples of the world presumably also could benefit from such awareness of the motivation behind behaviors that often baffle them. If they are sincere in their attempts to stop the practices of white supremacy (racism), whites may be able to find methods to do so once the cause is understood." Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!   Did she say in the second paragraph from the bottom of page 13-"white peoples of the world presumably also could benefit from such awareness of the motivation behind behaviors that often baffle them." ? - Does this mean that Dr. Welsing suspects that some "white" people are not aware as to what motivates them to practice Racism? If that is the case, can some "white" people practice Racism and not be aware that they are doing so? "Non-white" people bragging that "White" people fear us, is no different than the analogy that Fuller uses in the below video: Since when has the person that makes all of the guns and ammunition been afraid of the person that doesn't have the guns and ammunition? What is the purpose in being the maker of guns and ammunition? I kept saying last night: Racism is a business! Racism is a business! Racism is a business! Racism is a business! Racism is a business! Racism is a business! I agree that at one time (centuries ago), the smart and powerful Racists, amongst the "White" people collectively feared "Non-white" people. As stated in the below video. The Causes of Racism Though, I agree that the Cress Theory of "White" Genetic Survival or something similar was  the motivation behind the "Causes of Racism", such thinking has since left (Dr. Welsing, sites that the global system of white supremacy has been around for the last 2,000 years.) the minds of the Sophisticated Racists aka Smart and Powerful Racists, when they did the following: The Establishment of Racism White Supremacy Many of the Unsophisticated Racists openly profess their fears with what they call the fourteen words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children" But, what they (and huge numbers of "non-white" people) don't realize is that their existence as a "Race" has already been secured. "White" people collectively today are breathing air for much longer periods of time, than "Black" people. The book "Dying While Black" is filled with evidence to support this claim. All of this while the majority of us participate in non-constructive Entertainment. I contend that at the current time "White" people have nothing to worry about, and the smart and powerful ones know this with out a doubt. The smart and powerful Racists have set so many things in motion, that "Non-white" people are dying in huge numbers from illnesses and poverty. And in the so-called "United States" there are 300+ million "white" people compared to 40 million "Black" people. They aren't letting us "genetically annihilate" anyone, and they know it. These days Racism (White Supremacy) exists for no other purpose than to mistreat people on the basis of color. - I added more words below on 3/4/11---------------------------------------------------------------------- My point is that the smart and powerful Racists who are amongst the "White" collective are the ones who do not fear us. Sure, there are many unsophisticated Racists and Racist Suspects who fear us. But, not all "White" people fear us. This idea that they are is too general to be logical. Any Racist who practices Racism because of fearing "non-white" people is merely practicing one of the many methods of  practicing Racism (White Supremacy). If one views that all "white" people are Racists, then one cannot see the many other methods of Racism that exist. If one cannot see the many other methods of Racism (White Supremacy) that exist, then one cannot be precise in countering it, because they cannot see the details. Logic came with the universe, but, that does not mean that it is something that one makes up right on the spot.
My position on Katie stands with the opinion that Katie is not confused about being a "White" person, because she is in a system of Racism (White Supremacy). Logically speaking such a system cannot produce "White" people who are confused about being "White". At the same time because I do not agree that all "White" people are Racists, I can clearly see that some Racists are helping Katie learn how to practice Racism (White Supremacy).  For Example-The “White” woman  that approached Katie in the park, helped Katie to identify as a “White” person by deliberately going past Mr. Riding ( a "non-white" person and her so-called "parent") asking her direct questions without getting permission from Mr. Riding to speak to Katie, his adoptive child.  This "White" woman at that moment was mistreating Mr. Riding on the basis of color. I am pretty sure that Katie observed what happened. One day (when she is grown up) her turn could come where she could see another "White" child in the same situation that she was in, and at that moment decide to act the same way that the "White" woman acted (and be a Racist), or she could approach the "non-white" male, with courtesy, and ask him about the child, instead.
------------------------end of new words added on 3/4/11-------------------------------------------------- I could be incorrect, but, it appeared to me that many of the C.O.W.S. participants in last night's discussion, believe that "Non-white" people are made up into "Races" of people. "Non-white" people do not have the power to function as a "Race" in a system of RACE-ism (White Supremacy). A "Race" is like a club made up of people that have exclusive privileges that no one outside that "Race" is entitled to. There are two basic re-actions to Racism (White Supremacy):
  1. Cooperation with
  2. Resistance to
How does being apart of a "Race", resist against a system of RACE-ism? How does not being apart of a "Race", co-operate with a system of RACE-ism? All attempted "codified" (meaning the you have read the U.I.C.C./S./C.) persons should be finding out what thoughts, speech, and /or actions cooperate with Racism, eliminate them, and then start developing the kind that resist it. I always think that being on the C.O.W.S. show is constructive, because it offers the opportunity for "non-white" people to come together to exchange views on Racism (White Supremacy). However, I absolutely look forward to the day where by such an exchange is so codified and refined, that whether some of us believe that all "White" people are Racists, and some of us don't, that some of us believe that "White" people fear us, or that some of us don't, we move from the circular thought process (which works like a dog chasing his tale), to the linear thought process that Dr. Welsing mentions in Chapter 12 of  THE ISIS PAPERS, entitled "Black Fear and the Failure of Black Analytical (Ideological) Commitment" Stay Strong In The Struggle to Replace White Supremacy With Justice