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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Got to Get Back to My Training

My long time friend and one of my Martial Arts Instructors Master Nzazi Malonga saw a picture of me the other day. "You are not allowed to have a belly." and before that at my dad's funeral he said "Never forget your training."

Then the other day I was showing my 6 year-old male offspring some martial arts moves.

I said "how do I look?"

"Not good."

I was like wow. I can remember a time when training was an everyday thing for me. Back in the day when I was roaming the streets with nothing constructive to do, I was a pretty good fighter.

I received training from some of the best Martial Artists in the Bay Area.

Master Nzazi Malonga, Master Julius Baker, Master Byong Yu, Master Luther Secrease, Sifu Bill Owens, Mfundishi Tayari Casel, Master Nsoah Chinasu, and my dad, who trained me to have the spirit of a warrior.

It's been sometime since I've had that "kill concrete" kind of spirit. 

I long for it now.........

I kept it simple....

Every morning, I'd start with a warm up. I'd do a chi gung exercise that would help me to generate energy.

Then a series of stretches to help me loosen up all of my muscles and joints, then

25 push-ups
25 sit-ups
25 chin ups
25 lunges

running in place for 1 minute

lift two 10 pound dumb bells 25 times

or I'd switch it up with crunches, duck-walks, squats, knee-bends, jumping jacks, and many other exercises.
Then, Practice, Practice, Practice, my moves.

I'm going to get it back. The above song is the perfect motivator for this.

Then, I'm going to say to my male offspring "How do I look?" (yeah, yeah, I know it's Show-Offism)

He's going to say "Wow!"