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Friday, January 02, 2009

The "Original Johnson" Comic Review Continues....

This is the continuation of my observations of the Racist Sublimimal Messages that I can see within this comic book series. In my last blog I pointed out its Anti-Sexual images. But, I didn't completely show how they are Racist images. So lets begin. Note that all of the images that I presented in my last blog were of a "non-white" male being sodomized by a "white" male. I observed that one of the characters in what I call the "Race War" image changed in his appearance. In one scene he is a "white" male when he sodomizes JJ and in the other scene his face appears to be a "non-white" male being sodomized by a "white" male. This might be another one of those "SynQ, your pulling this one outta your ass!", kind of moments. I'll let you decide. Here is the "Race War" image which is on page three of volume three: See in the image above how the "white" male is holding the stick? Doesn't he appear to be sodomizing a "non-white" male? Here is his face up close: Notice here how he has thicker lips, and his skin tone is darker? On the next page of this same volume, the character's face changes when he appears to be sodomizing JJ. See below that his face is lighter and he does not have any thick lips? I do not know. You decide.

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