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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Regarding Barack Obama

The following information was published in the LA Times on the day that Jack Johnson became the first "black" heavyweight champian, it was presented to me by another VOR, who has his own blog as well. and seems to fit yesterday's occasion. This is what many are thinking today but would only say behind closed doors. As one admitted Racist (White Suremacist) told me, every "non-white" person becomes a nigger as soon as they leave the room. "Message to White people" from the July 6, 1910 issue of the LA Times(revised by me a little bit) "The White man's mental supremacy is fully established, and for the present cannot be taken from him. He has arithmetic and algebra, chemistry and electricity; he has Moses, David, Homer, Shakespeare, Milton, Byron and Burns; he has Herschel, Tyndall, Darwin and Edison, to fall back upon. His superiority does not rest on any huge bulk of muscle, but on brain development that has weighed worlds and charmed the most subtle secrets from the heart of nature. The members of the White race who are not a disgrace to it will bear no resentment toward the black [people] because of this single victory in the [presidency]. That would be to manifest lamentable weakness, not strength; stupid foolishness, not wisdom; a cowardly disposition not manliness. Let the White man who is worthy of the great inheritance won for him by his race and handed down to him by his ancestors "take his medicine" like a man. If he put his hope and the hope of his race in the White man who [ran for the 2008 presidential election], let him recognize his foolishness, and in his disappointed hope let him take up this new "White man's burden" and bear it like a man, not collapse under it like a weakling." "A Word To The Black Man" from the July 6, 1910 issue of the LA Times (with a little revision by me) "Do not point your nose too high. Do not swell your chest too much. Do not boast to loudly. Do not be puffed up. Let not your ambition be inordinate or take a wrong direction. Let no treasured resentment rise up and spill over. Remember, you have done nothing at all. You are just the same member of society you were last week. You will be treated on your personal merits. Your place in the world is just what it was. You are on no higher plane, deserve no new consideration and will get none. No man will think a bit higher of you because your complexion is the same as that of the [president]. Remember that if it did establish the fact that man for man all through the two [peoples], yours was capable of being wrought into the best pugilist (which is not the case,) even then there would be no room for becoming swollen with pride. That would not justify your jumping at the very illogical conclusion that you are "on top". You are no nearer that mark than you were before the [inaugaration] took place. You must depend on other influences to put your race on higher ground, and you must depend on personal achievement to put yourself on higher ground. Never forget that in human affairs brains count more than muscle. If you have ambition for yourself or your [people], you must try for something better in development than that of the [nigger]."

Interesting video added on 11/4/12:


  1. Job well done, sir. Thanks for the link. Dig the picture of pinky - that's probably the posture of the most powerful White Supremacists during Mr. Obama's inauguration: everything's going exactly as we planned!

  2. mate, your problem, and all other people who have such a bitterness at white people, is that you can't mentally and emotionally get out of the bubble that is your ethnicity. Why should you think that white people think they are superior because they were the first to develop science and technology. Someone had to, it just so happens that all the conditions (such as geographic, culutral/politcal, the kind of food available, the harshness of environemnt, etc) were present in Europe at the time of Greece and Rome. Only a foolish white person would think this made them superior. I can't help what body I am born in. Besides, who invented fire first, should we constantly say that tribe Z from south Africa in 10,000 BC must be forever superiori and all their kin also simply because they first used fire? Of course not!

    If you take a real proper look at the world and look at the white cultures in the context of thousands of years of world history, you will see that Europeans about 2 hundred years ago began to have debabtes about how all people are equal, there should be no exploitation, that all people should be treated as free individuals. These ideas have slowly become more entrenched in white culutre, and sure, lots of bad things have happened and there are still some bad racist white poeple arounf today. But, no the whole, this is not true. On the whole, it is a fact that the white cultures are the most accepting and tolerant of all peoples, evidenced by how they let millions of all kinds of poeple migrate there. It is also a fact that on a whole white cultures are the least bound up by their genetic ancestry, and this is why their culture and social structure (in terms of job industries etc) can be so easily changed for the times.
    Just look at every other place on earth, and you will still see slavery, severe ethnic division, you will see in places like Africa and Middle East one ethnic group with palaces and diamonds all over their bodies while the other ethnic groups starve.

    You see a group of people will never be able to be successful or truely flexible in modern society (meaning one that includes technology), or able to handle mass disasters or economic collapses, while they cling to their ethnic identity as though it was god. This is the same reason why in Africa they all let Magabe in Zimbawe destror his country, because no other African country can get together enough other Africans who care enough about the Zimbabwean people to risk their lives in a confrontation with Magabe. They don't care because the Zimbabweans are not their tribe. You see, Africa or any other palce will always remain down like that, poor and divided, whilst the average person only cares about the small group of tribesman. It is precisely overcoming this ethnically minded state that has allowed the west to be so flexible, inventive and caring and tolerant.

    Good day human being.

    P.S. notice above I said "white culture" and not "white people", because like the example I gave about the first people to use fire, well, the white "people" are just the first to come accross science and liberalism and the idea that all people are eqaul. It doesn't then mean that white people somehow own those ideas, no more than the first tribe to use fire owns fire.

  3. go and watch this video about slavery. It will educate you on some real facts about just how many white people were used as slaves. Why don't you ever consider that? Or what about all the negroes who were slaves back then but in Arab nations or African ones. A small percentage of the overall slave market was in European hands, less than 10% buddy.

    here is the link:

  4. Pav50 how does your comment relate to my posts?


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