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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Experiences with "White" females Part three

The fear of "White Genetic Annihilation"* is one of the reasons for the making of
White Supremacy and not necessarily for its maintenance; although I suspect that some "White" people will never have sexual intercourse with "Non-white" people because they believe that White supremacy will have terrible effects on their offspring produced with "Non-white" people. One "White" woman told me that.

I have also heard of a theory that some "White" people believe that having offspring produced with a "light skinned black person" will give the child the appearance of a "White" person, and the "Non-white genes" to carry on the "White race".

Two "White" women have told me that their fathers have told them that "Black" males are inadequate as "men", and challenged them to engage in "sexual play" with them as an experiment to test whether or not this statement was true.

I remember an interview in Rolling Stone Magazine were Madonna made a similar observation about "black" males, based on her on experiences. I haven't seen her with another one sense.

One extremely attractive and smart, "White" woman whom I suspect was told the same thing (mentioned above) by her father, asked me a lot of specific questions about things in the areas of Economics, Politics, and Law, which I could not answer. Before her, I thought that I knew a lot about these areas. I spent about three hours answering her questions on one of our dates. I asked her "fantasy-romance" type questions like "if you and I were alone on an island, what would you do?" kind of crap, because I was thinking about getting in her pants. She was serious and I was silly. We met at work. She was 19 or 20, and I was 28.  She just walked up to me and started massaging my back. Everybody was always talking about us. This was during the OJ trial. The "White" men (ages 18 to 21) that worked with us were jealous of us dating and did things to keep us from meeting.  Like one time I was scheduled to do a six person job by myself, on a day that I had a date with her so that I would purposely be late, meeting up with her. She was there when I got to her, but pissed off. I always wondered how did they find out that we had a date that day. After that she didn't want to have anything to do with me.

I was told by a Victim of Racism on the C.O.W.S. show that a "White" female told him that she gets more attention from "White" men at the club, when she is seen flirting with "Black" males, and therefore does so deliberately. I agree with this, because I've been victimized by this kind of flirting.

Another "White" woman told me that she wanted to be with "Black" "Men" because they excepted "all of her" referring to her weight. I suspect that most of the "White" women that are with "Black" males are with them because they don't believe themselves to be adequate or attractive enough for "White" men. I also suspect that many of them believe that a "Black" male will be with them simply because they are "White" women, which I agree with. There is much evidence that shows this to be true. "No white guys will be with me, so I'll show them. I'm going to get me a black guy. They won't turn me down." Such types believe that "non-white" males are their only option. Many "White" women also advertise the idea that they are "rich" to "Black" males in order to get attention from them.

I remember a "White" woman that indirectly pursued me with that kind of advertising, through another "Black" male. I went for it. At the time I was getting out of my first attempted marriage to a Victim of Racism and she had mistreated me personally in ways that I had never been mistreated before. But, that's another story. Anyway, by the time I met this "White" woman, I did not have much money, and was sleeping on a friend's couch. I was inactive in the Nation of Islam (under Min.Farrakhan) and really wasn't feeling the idea of being with a "White" woman. But, she was persistent through him. One night the brother actually cornered me in the bathroom! I had just finished in the bathroom and opened the door and there they were. Sitting on the couch in the other room. They were sitting next to each other and he had his hand over her head pointing at her, saying with his lips "You got to get with her!" I was slightly confused, because it was another time that I had seen them and I thought that they were together. He gets up off the couch and comes over to me and says "Step into my office, I want to talk to you.", referring to the bathroom and pushing me back in, while slightly laughing.

He said "Man, what's up? she is really digging you!"

I said "I don't date "white" girls."

"Man, you don't know what you missing. She'll do anything you tell her to do! and she got money!"

I had been through hell, with my first attempted wife at the time. By this stage, she had cheated on me twice, given me chlamydia (it was treated, I'm cured, so don't trip, not that I have sexual intercourse outside my current attempted marriage, I'm just saying), kicked me out in the streets, wouldn't let me see my daughter, and had me jumped. I was sleeping on a couch, and thought the world was pretty fucked up at the time. So, when he said that she'd do anything that I wanted and that she had money, I said

"For real, fuck it then, I'm down!"

Later, on after dating her for a couple of weeks, she revealed to me that she was "bi-polar/manic depressive". Back then, I didn't know what that meant, but she explained it to me and she actually had a newspaper article that mentioned one of her episodes. Many people would call it being "crazy". I suspect that she thought that would be a reason that would run off a lot of "White" men. But, not me, I tried to hang in there with her, and I think that she knew that I would, because I was a "Black" male. Oh, and she did not do everything that I told her to do, and eventually she got tired of paying for everything and I felt ashamed of taking advantage of her. My folks didn't bring me up that way, no matter who it was. I was more so pissed off at all females at that point. She was a great help to me in that she helped me get through some tough times, while I was in so-called Alaska. I received help from many people both "Non-white" and "White" at times when there was nothing in it for them, except maybe satisfaction of helping others.

I suspect that most "White" women that are with "Black" males are with them for either experimental purposes, or because they believe "White" men aren't attracted to them or they're with them to attract "white" men. It just depends. I suspect that some "White" people and "Non-white" people are together because they think that they "love" each other. But the word "Love" means so many different things to so many people that I suspect that people are actually confused about its meaning.

I don't care if a "white" female has spent a lot of time and energy around "black" people from the age of three and didn't have a "White" father to serve as an example of what a man was. Why? because the highest example of a man in a system of Racism (White Supremacy) is the"white" man. No Victim of Racism (White Supremacy) can measure to that. This is equivalent to a King being compared to a pauper. A God to a God-worshiper. A 300 pound boxer to a 3 year old baby. You've spent all of your existence having a King for a Daddy (or propagandized with images of powerful "White" men, spanning the last 600 years ) and then you choose a peasant (someone from a family that has been powerless spanning the last 600 years) for your mate? Let's be real. That's temporary. Even the stupid and power-less of "white" people know that being "White" is better than being a "Non-white" person in a system of Racism (White Supremacy).

Going back to Madonna. She may fit into that last category that I mentioned, dating "black" males at different times and then one day she realized that she had to be brutally honest with her observations here and here.

When you understand Racism (White Supremacy) what it is and how it works, you will see that she could not come to any other logical conclusions about "black" males, in a system of Racism (White Supremacy). I'm not justifying it, I am telling you "black" males how it is, so that you can stay focused on not being with a "White" woman. I could be incorrect, there could be some "White" females who believe that they actually love you at the time that they do. I'm just saying with the current conditions that exist, it's highly unlikely. And being "white" ain't no gene.

Stay Strong In the Struggle To Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

*White Genetic Annihilation is a theory made by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, author of the The Isis Papers.

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