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Friday, October 19, 2012

Being Apart Of A "RACE", Keeps You In The RACE, That You Can't Win. STOP RACING

Keeping it simple, what the GLOBAL system of White Supremacy boils down to is that EVERYONE (some people will still think that I am only talking about "Black" people, when I am not) on this planet, is apart of a "RACE" to be "successful". Most of us have been indirectly convinced (aka BRAINWASHED) to believe that the only way to get ahead in that RACE, is to get our own "RACE" to WIN THE RACE. Let's say that each "RACE" is represented by a car. If we look at the stats to "see" whose car is ahead in the RACE, we "see" this:

WHITE race cars are in the lead
YELLOW race cars are in second place
BROWN race cars are in third place
RED race cars are in fourth place
BLACK race cars are always in last place

This RACE has been a long one. The records show that it's been going on for centuries.

As in all long RACES , this one has checkpoints that are used to determine each cars position in the RACE.

Checkpoint one is SURVIVAL ( we are taught to get to this position "by any means necessary")aka "LOWER CLASS"



Checkpoint four is the FINISH LINE, aka SUCCESSFUL aka FILTHY RICH.

Each car is supposed to have a driver (the male) and a navigator (the female). Both positions are equally important. Neither position is better than the other. And it doesn't matter whose driving or navigating as long as the team members have agreed on whose going to do what and when.

However, the males in each RACE under most circumstances are expected to be the drivers, and the females are the navigators, because that's what the rules say.

Another rule is that no one in this RACE should be cheating to get ahead. But, everybody has been told that the only way to win is to cheat, behind the scenes.

So far the WHITE RACE car has been in the lead, and because it has been in the lead, all of the other RACE cars still believe that they have a chance to win, because they've been told that the WHITE RACE car got to its position FAIR and SQUARE. They want you to believe that the WHITE RACE car team followed all of the rules.

Following the logic, the other RACE cars, say "Well, the WHITE RACE car is ahead, so we need to do whatever they're doing to either pass them up or at least be tied up with them." So they attempt to copy what the WHITE RACE car does. This is the SQUARE part.The RACE officials tell us that the only way to win is to be "Fair and Square", but we're not really listening. All of the other RACE cars can be "Square", but they can never be "Fair"(meaning classified as "White").

THE TRUTH-  THE WHOLE RACE IS RIGGED. None of the other RACE cars will ever make it to the finish line, because the RACE officials (the referees, the judges, and the commentators), are working behind the scenes to help the WHITE RACE car stay ahead. They change the rules, whenever they choose, so that the WHITE RACE car can ALWAYS stay ahead of the other RACE cars. There is no FAIR and SQUARE. We'll there is, but it doesn't mean what the other RACE cars have been taught that it means. Only cheating. The people running the RACE do everything they can to keep the other RACE cars behind the WHITE RACE car. They've got the other RACE cars competing against each other for a spot in the RACE. The other teams are not realizing that the decision makers of the RACE always decide who goes in what position. It's a RACE that cannot be won.

If (and when) the other RACE cars finally find out that the RACE cannot be won, what will they do?


They'll STOP RACING and work to end this RACE. The whole point for the RACE officials is that all of the cars are in the RACE. They profit from everyone being in the RACE.

The WHITE RACE car is always ahead, but the RACE officials don't tell them that they are, because it is necessary for them to appear like they're racing hard, for the sake of the other cars in the RACE. If the WHITE RACE car team knew that they had the RACE already won, they wouldn't do much in the RACE. If the other cars knew that the WHITE RACE car was winning without any effort, they'd know they aren't going to win, and give up. (Careful don't confuse the WHITE RACE car drivers with the RACE Officials! Their uniforms might be the same color, but they are different. One is for driving and the other is for rule breaking... I'm mean rule making.) Many people that appear to be driving the WHITE RACE cars these days, are only driving a WHITE RACE car, because some of the RACE Officials have given them a license (aka a pass) to drive a WHITE RACE car. But, that pass can be revoked at anytime. The driver with the pass and the RACE Officials know this.

In the YELLOW RACE car, they are thinking that they're real close to first place, not realizing that their position will never change, and are only there because of the RACE officials. The RACE officials have them convinced that they put in some hard work to get where they are, because they believe that they've passed the BLACK RACE car, which was an easy task. The RACE officials helped them do it. But, they still remain in the second place.

In the BROWN RACE car, they are thinking that they're catching up to the WHITE RACE car as well, because the RACE officials have given them a boost, as well. They too think that they've EARNED their position on their own merits, taking pride in themselves for passing up that BLACK RACE car as well. But they still remain in the third place.

The RED RACE car team, has finally been given a boost as well. They too like the other teams, believe that they have earned their position, comparing themselves to the BLACK RACE car, and patting themselves on the back, because hey "At least we're not in last place."

None of the teams want to see  the BLACK RACE car win, because they've been taught by the RACE Officials to believe that if the BLACK RACE car wins, they'll keep all of the winnings for themselves. They've been told that the BLACK RACE car team will make sure that no one wins the RACE, by cheating all of the other teams out of their positions. The other teams accept this belief, because the RACE Officials appear (to them) to know how this whole RACE works out. And the RACE Officials do know how it works out. But, how it works out only benefits the WHITE RACE car team. No one else.

In the BLACK RACE car the male and female are constantly fighting over who should drive and who should navigate. The RACE Officials are telling the "Black" female that if she lets the "Black" male drive that he's going to throw her out of the car, get him a "White" woman navigator from the WHITE RACE car, and not share the reward, once he crosses the finish line. The RACE Officials have told the "Black" male that he can't trust the taking directions from the "Black" female as a navigator, because she really wants to drive, and thinks that if she proves that the "Black" male can't follow directions, that he will let her drive, instead of navigate. So they stay in last place blaming each other for not getting anywhere, all the while, not realizing that the RACE Officials are keeping them in last place.

If you didn't realize it yet, there really is no race. It's only a scheme to help "White" people. The  RACE Officials are the Racists (White Supremacists). The rest of us are "Non-white" people chasing a dream called "success", that will never really happen, because our whole motivation for being successful is to be free of mistreatment.  How many "successful" Victims of Racism are free from Racism? We will not be free of mistreatment on the basis of color until we eliminate the RACE issue.

I hope that this was constructive.

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