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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Have you ever tried to fight your Shadow?

 My raw unedited thoughts.

Any "Non-white" person fighting another "Non-white" person for any reason other than to establish Justice, is cooperating with White Supremacy and is equivalent to fighting your own shadow. Have you ever tried to fight your own Shadow?

At this point. If you understand Racism (White Supremacy) what it is and how it works, what you see in the above video should not surprise you. "Black" males and "Black" females have been disrespecting each other and fighting one another for whatever reason and for no reason, for as long as the system has been in existence. To the extent that the Racists (White Supremacists) have had anything to do with it, THEY ARE TO BLAME. When I was 12 years old, new years day 1982, I witnessed a "Black" male kill a "Black" female. We were inside eating Gumbo for new years. "Moms" ( a close friend of my family) had just served us all with her delicious "Louisiana gumbo". I was focused on cracking open a crab leg, and smelling the spices from the hot links, when "Moms" told us a story of how on the day before, this "Black" female shot at her boyfriend, who was standing in front of the liqueur store on the corner of Ohio and Harbour Way. "Moms" house was on Ohio st, at the time. The boyfriend resided in the house next door to "Moms". Anyway, while "Moms" was telling us the story, we heard some yelling outside in front. It was a nice day outside, so the door was open, but she had a screen door. Well we looked through the screen door, and the same "Black" female that had shot at her boyfriend the day before was outside hollering for him to come outside of the house next door. I saw something with a "Black" handle in the waistband of her pants, and told my dad, that she had a gun. All of the commotion that she made, drew what seemed like the whole neighborhood outside. Everyone (all of them "Black") was watching her every move, listening to her every word, as she kept yelling "bring yo ass outside here, nigga!" He finally opened the door and came outside. I remember saying in my head how could this skinny dude, who looked to be about 140 pounds be her boyfriend? He looked like a "nerd" or a "square". He looked like he had a job, and wasn't a "thug" or a "roughneck" type. She was about 300 pounds,and had a rag wrapped around her head, and looked like the type of person that you know you're going to have problems with if she doesn't get her way. He said in a calm voice "Baby, let's talk about this at another time. It's people out here watching us." She said "Nigga, i don't care whose watching us, we gon' do this right now!" She reached into her waistband and pulled out a knife and sliced him on the side of his face. He felt his face and saw the blood on his hand. He ran back in the house and came out with his own knife. They wrestled each other to the ground, rolling all over his lawn. Then he got up. She laid there on her back, looking up into the sky with her own knife sticking out of her chest. It was a horrific scene and the second time that I witnessed someone being the victim of violence in my youth. She died later that day in the ambulance on her way to the hospital. The "Black" male went to Greater Confinement. He didn't stay long, you know why? Because in a court of law, it was ruled that he acted in self-defense. His girlfriend shot at him the day before, then came to his house and attacked him with a knife. Now, we have to be real truthful here and admit to ourselves that because of White Supremacy and how it makes the"Black" males, that aren't into appearing to be "thugs" appear to EVERYONE else. The system tells us (especially a whole lot of "Black" females who are very much attracted to that "roughneck" ideal) that any "Black" male that does not fit into that, is weak, docile, and to be disrespected at all costs. That particular type, like the one who received the uppercut in the above video, have huge egos, that are supported by that "I'm a female and he ain't gon' hit me." or "I dare him to hit me." kind of attitude and they push the "Black" male to the point where he is no longer thinking clearly. You just shouldn't keep on running your mouth to someone, insulting them. Everyone has a limit.  I am not saying that it is her fault. It is the fault of the White Supremacists. I am not saying that any "Black" person is justified in committing violence, against another "Black" person. You should defend yourself against anyone, no matter who they are. No one gets special treatment. MALE or FEMALE. The objective should be that no one is mistreated for ANY REASON. Oftentimes people expect a "Black" male not to break under pressure, so they hurl all kinds of insults at him. The problem is that the system has made him a ticking bomb, when it comes to dealing with other "Black" people. That's why we have so much violence amongst us. WORDS hurt, and just because those words are directed to a "Black" male, by a "Black" female doesn't change anything. When they (the White Supremacists) said "never hit a woman.", they weren't talking about the "Black" female. The "Black" female has got to get that "I should be treated special because I am a female" idea out of her head. It does not apply to her. So, don't expect that a "Black" male ( a product of  White Supremacy) is going to treat you any better. I have witnessed plenty of "Black" females cut a "Black" male down with words. He'll I've been cut down, by them. I've been hit by them too. I've been spit on too. All the while doing whatever I can to hold back a blow, that I would have easily delivered if they were a "Black" male. But, why? Is it just for a "Black" female to think that she is better than the "Black" male, because she's female? I do not blame her for thinking this way. Hell, even "Black" males think that she should be treated better than themselves. I'm not going to lie. I've done this before. I have two daughters, a wife, and a Momma. All four of them love to use their mouths. You can't tell them anything. Especially if you are a "Black" male. You all know exactly what I am talking about. But, we always want to act as though, there aren't huge numbers of "Black" females attempting to dominate "Black" males, before the "Black" males try to dominate them. They try to compete with the "Black" male when there is no need to do so. They treat us as though we've done to them what the "White" man who mistreats "White" woman, has done. "Black" males collectively have never taken away or kept the "Black" female in her place. In fact, for as long as White Supremacy has existed she's had a place that was slightly higher than the "Black" males place. The Racists treat her slightly better and then teaches her to use that to her benefit, against the "Black" male. The slave master had to do an extra job on her, because she is the first teacher of the children. Our children can't grow up to be soldiers who seek to be free from White Supremacy, unless their "mothers" put that into their minds. Many "Black" females are into controlling the "Black" male, trying to tell him "How to be a man", when the only role model of a man that they can go by is the "White" man. Under the system of White Supremacy that is the only REAL MAN that they know. A real man has the power to protect those that he loves from anyone or anything. The "Black" male can't even protect himself. We are in a pitiful state of being. Monsters and Monstrosities. Just think of the image of the "Black" female that is put before us by the Racists. Then ask yourself how many "Black" females fit that image? LETS BE REAL ABOUT THIS. Let's look at the messages that Racists  have convinced  many "Black" females to say: "Don't wait on no [Black] man." "Don't trust no [Black] man". "A good[Black] man is hard to find." "[Black] men don't take care of business" "All [Black] men are cheaters." "All [ Black] men are liars," "[Black] men are stupid." See Chapter 14 "Attitudes", pages 137 to 145, in The Blackman's Guide To Understanding The Black Woman by Sharzad Ali. See Chapter 17 "Arguments", pages 165 to 176, in The Blackman's Guide To Understanding The Black Woman by Shahrazad Ali. See the whole damn book called The Blackman's Guide To Understanding The Black Woman by Shahrazad Ali. Tyler Perry made all of that money from those "Black" male bashing plays and movies, because his work appealed to the thoughts of huge numbers of "Black" females who have mouths like the one in the above video. This is not an attempt to bash "Black" females. But, it isn't attempt at condoning their behavior either. Everyone should keep their hands to themselves and shouldn't think that something about themselves gives them the upper hand over the other either. The truth is that the "Black" female tried to bully and old "Black" male and he went off on her. Did she deserve it? No. But, he didn't deserve his mistreatment as well. Over all the Racists (White Supremacists) are to blame for this "willie lynch" style behavior, that the code refers to as Shadowboxing. Any "Non-white" person fighting another "Non-white" person for any reason other than to establish Justice, is cooperating with White Supremacy and is equivalent to fighting your own shadow. Have you ever tried to fight your Shadow? ___________________________________________________________________________________ More thoughts on this added on 10/18/12. The cause of the "Black" female and "Black" male fighting each other is FEAR. That FEAR was put into us when we were babies. It is the root of our domination and subjugation. Huge numbers of "Black" females act in the way that the female in the video acted, because they have been trained by the Racists to FEAR, the myth of "Black" male domination. The myth of "Black" male domination and subjugation, comes from the RACIST (White Supremacists) Propaganda tactic of FEARING A "BLACK" PLANET. In other words there is a subliminal message that has been and continues to be broadcasted to EVERYONE on this planet to FEAR, the smart and powerful "Black" male (there aren't any in reality), but EVERYONE is on the look out for him. As soon as they "see" what they think are the signs of him, they scramble to take him down, mentally. That is what they've been trained to do. What are the signs? What was the "Black" male bus driver trying to do? DRIVE the bus, in order to take care of himself and possibly others. He was in charge of driving the bus. Did anyone notice that the bus was in motion when the "Black" female attacked him? He was in a position of authority (because he met the standard requirements that THE RACISTS set, for putting a "Black" male in such a position). Most of all he was attempting to do what the whole world FEARS, that the "Black" male is trying to do. GET AHEAD IN LIFE. Neither he or she have learned how to handle conflict with another "Non-white" person. If they followed the logic they'd have used three words MINIMIZE THE CONFLICT. Or the other four words NO CONTACT NO CONFLICT. If these two people were aware of the 10 BASIC STOPS on pages 49-56 of the U.I.C.C /S. /C., maybe it wouldn't have turned out the way that it did. The book Verbal Judo by George Thompson comes to my mind here. We've got to take it upon ourselves to set up MINIMIZE THE CONFLICT workshops within the collective, so that our people don't end up in these kinds of situations. They were both hurting each other verbally, its always bound to get physical no matter who it is Male or Female, if they don't eliminate their contact. If she was a "White" woman he would not have hit her. If he was a "White" man she wouldn't have spit on him or hit him. I have been in verbal confrontations with "Black" males and females. If the confrontation lasted long someone would usually end up hitting someone else. No one has the right to hit another person. Male or female. No one has the right to verbally or physically attack anyone for any reason other than to defend themselves or others. Neither one of the individual in conflict in this video used their brains and followed the logic. They acted on pure emotion, which is nothing new for niggers. We must de-niggerize. Set up a MINIMIZE THE CONFLICT workshop in your area as soon as possible. The "Black" male's FEAR is that EVERYONE will try to subjugate and dominate him. His FEAR is a real one, because the system teaches everyone to do this. When he uses his most powerful weapon (his brain), the "Black" male is unstoppable in whatever he puts his mind to. All he has to do is FOLLOW THE LOGIC.

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