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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Word To The Black "Man" from the Racists

 Below is an article (slightly revised by me )from 1910, back when there was less confusion about the system of Racism (White Supremacy) existing. Also it reveals the truth about a few things that "Non-white" people and more specifically "Black" people need to know.

"A Word To The Black Man"
from the July 6, 1910 issue of the LA Times (with a little revision by me)

"Do not point your nose too high. Do not swell your chest too much. Do not boast to loudly. Do not be puffed up. Let not your ambition be inordinate or take a wrong direction. Let no treasured resentment rise up and spill over. Remember, you have done nothing at all. You are just the same member of society you were last week. You will be treated on your personal merits. Your place in the world is just what it was. You are on no higher plane, deserve no new consideration and will get none. No man will think a bit higher of you because your complexion is the same as that of the [president].

Remember that if it did establish the fact that man for man all through the two [peoples], yours was capable of being wrought into the best pugilist (which is not the case,) even then there would be no room for becoming swollen with pride. That would not justify your jumping at the very illogical conclusion that you are "on top". You are no nearer that mark than you were before the [inaugaration] took place. You must depend on other influences to put your [so-called] race on higher ground, and you must depend on personal achievement to put yourself on higher ground.

Never forget that in human affairs brains count more than muscle. If you have ambition for yourself or your [people], you must try for something better in development than that of the [nigger]."

It amazes me at how so many people actually had the idea in there heads that Barack Obama would actually "change" the system, because he is president. The selection of Obama to be president was and still is a diversionary tactic designed to get us to take our eyes off of the REAL CHANGES that have been made since he has been president, none of which were his fault. His position as president was a move to make Racism (White Supremacy) more refined. A new wave of young, smart, and soon to be powerful Racist Suspects have entered the decision making process known as the Legislative branch. Check it!

Stay Strong In The Struggle to Replace White Supremacy With Justice

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