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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pretending Not To See Skin Color

I found a link to an interesting Huffington Post article on Racism today. While reading it, I realized that if I replaced the word race, with the two words skin and color, it was more constructive in eliminating the confusion, that it caused me by using the word race. Counter Racist Compensatory Logic suggests that use of the word race, promotes RACE-ism, and therefore it should not be used.

"Race" is a fabricated term, that can only be communicated through an idea. It is a social construction that is only real, because millions of smart and powerful "White" people believe that it is real. It can go away as soon as those people stop believing in it.

Skin Color, on the other hand, is an actual reality created by the Creator, and therefore is true, because it is not based on an idea.

For example the title of the article is "Pretending Not To See Race", I changed it to "Pretending Not To See Skin Color". Do this every time you see the word race (while reading the article), and it will help you see more clearly what is actually being said.

Read the Huffington Post article here