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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Newest Generation Of Air Jordan's Promote Show-Offism

The newest-generation Air Jordan brought out huge crowds I suspect (mostly Victims of Racism) to malls all over so-called North America on Friday. (Photo by The Associated Press.)

These fucking shoes cost close to $200.00!

All over the so-called United States of America, there were huge crowds of NIGGERS lined up yesterday. Pushing, shoving, yelling, fighting, shooting, and possibly killing each other over a fucking pair of shoes? cnn on air-jordan-violence

Just look at this mess:

What is so damn special about a pair of shoes that after a few years are going to be all beat up anyway? Do these mutha fuckas make you fly in the air? What The Fuck? This is about to be 2012!

 A bunch of damn niggers.

This is exactly what the Racist Suspects who call themselves "decision makers" and "shareholders" of Nike, "which makes an estimated $1 billion annually on Air Jordans" (source:The, want you to be.

 "(September 22, 2011) African-Americans' buying power is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2015, according to The State of the African-American Consumer Report, released yesterday at a Washington, DC press conference. The document was collaboratively developed by Nielsen, a leading global provider of insights and analytics into what consumers watch and buy, and The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), a federation of more than 200 Black community newspapers across the U.S." (

Nike closed at $96.90 a share yesterday, up 2.19 percent from Thursday.


Only a nigger will spend two-hundred fucking dollars on a pair of shoes, that don't do anything different from any other got damn pair of shoes.  Only a nigger will leave their 5 years old offspring alone in a car to get some damn shoes. Only a nigger will miss-out on necessities like food and water just to get a fucking pair of shoes.

Let it have been some new information that helps us solve a problem placed in a book coming out. You'd barely see one of us anywhere. Niggers run from books, like vampires run from crosses. It would be so quiet, that you could hear bugs crawl. That's what I want to see. Let me see a bunch of Victims of Racism stampede and kick down doors for some learning! Oh hell nah, not in 100 or so more years will we see that happen. Prove me incorrect.

The reality is that niggers love to show-off to other niggers the things that the Racists allow us to have. I'm not excluded to a certain extent, but shoes? Niggers was doing this 20 years ago over Jordans. C'mon man.

All Nike had to do was say these shoes were in "limited supply" and niggers go a running to get them, so that they can feel good about having a 200.00 pair of shoes that other niggers couldn't get.

Is the possible deception here, that the shoes are made to appear as though they'd be collector's items? I don't know.

These shoes are a status symbol in the streets. It's really unfortunate but, right now at this moment, somewhere, there are some attractive non-white females, admiring a nigger, and thinking about engaging in sexual intercourse with him, just because (well some macking will be necessary too) he is wearing those shoes. And there are other niggers who are witnessing the sexual play between them, thinking "Damn, I got to get me some Jordans."

There are niggers that act like "Baby Boy", attempting to persuade their "mamas" and / or their sexual partners to get them "some Jordans" so that they can "get in, where they fit in", right now.

A 200.00 pair of shoes is bad for business when it comes to getting sex anyway, cuz you know that you are going to wear them every single day (you got to get your monies worth, right?)  If you wear them everyday, then your shoes are going to stay wet, from the sweat of your feet. That will cause fungus to grow, because fungus loves dark and moist places.

Having foot fungus will cause your feet to stink, so by the time you've conned some misguided female into getting out of her pants, as soon as she catches whiff of your funky ass feet, she's pulling her pants up and heading straight for the door.

Oh okay, some of you ain't going to wear them everyday. We'll damn, it seems to me that 200.00 could buy 3 or 4 pairs of shoes. Now, if you bought 3 or 4 pairs you'd have enough new shoes to  alternate with. That appears to be way more constructive.

Some terms from the U.I.C.C.S.C. by Neely Fuller Jr, come to mind, when I think about this terrible situation.

"Niggerized Fun- Anything said or done by non-white people under White Supremacy, that is for the purpose of  "showing off" to each other, mistreating each other, and or directly or indirectly "poking fun" at each others weaknesses and /or misfortunes." see page 290.

"Two (#1 and #3) of the The Four Basic Show-Offisms By/ Among the Victims of Racism

1. "Showing-Off" (to each other) the things that white people have allowed them to obtain.
3. "Showing-Off" (to each other) their ability to belittle (each other)."

"They do this as a means of trying to make the overall effects of Racism (White Supremacy) on their 'personal affairs' seem unimportant and / or non-existent."

"This 'show-offism' serves no constructive purpose. It only helps non-white people to become more pitiful, primitive,stupid, and / or silly in comparison to the activities of the White Supremacists, and/ or in comparison to white people in general." see page 41.

"De-Niggerization- The process of finding truth and using truth in a manner that promotes the elimination of White Supremacy (Racism). see page 252.

A brief study of the smart and powerful White Supremacists on buying shoes, demonstrates that they will spend far more than 200.00, on a pair of shoes, if it is constructive for their feet and their wallet in the long run.

They don't spend that kind of money on brand name shoes because a celebrity wears them or because the shoe wears the celebrity's name (ie Jordons). They don't spend that kind of money on shoes because its what everybody else is wearing (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc). They spend that kind of money on shoes that have been made by shoe-making companies that have been around for centuries.

How is a two hundred year old company not going to be good at what it does?

Who would make a better shoe? a 60 year old shoe company? or a 100 year old shoe company?

Anyway, these centuries old companies have lasted because they have had a reputation for making shoes that last for a long time. Meaning that after ten plus years, the only adjustments needed for the shoes, are a little polish, and possibly some re-soling. And shazaam! they look and work like new again. Also, the shoes that they buy never go out of style.

Would you by a shoe that had soles made from the same rubber that Goodyear uses to make tires? I would, if I could afford it. How long do tires on a car last? now how long would it last if it were on your feet?

I'm not saying that you should be more like the White Supremacists when it comes to buying shoes. No, wait a minute yes I am. Because one thing that it seems a lot of them have down pat, is buying within their means. If you cannot afford it, don't buy it. Huge numbers of us used to be like that, until the Racists turned Hip Hop into what it is today.

See "Black" people wearing sneakers started off as a necessity. Back in the 70's (which also when huge numbers of young "black" males started dreaming of being basketball stars) sneakers used to be cheap. Our people bought them (Converse shoes) because they were cheap and us boys did a lot of climbing, running, jumping, and playing that put wear and tear on them. When they got too bad, we just went and got another pair. It wasn't until the Racists noticed our trend in buying sneakers, that the prices on them went up. But, that's another story. So, sticking to this one, when Hip Hop (at first) came along it was about us making the shit that the system forced us to do into a positive. That made wearing sneakers one of the hip things to do.

Somewhere in the late 70's early 80's, the sneakers we wore became a status symbol for us, at least that's how it was for us in Richmond, CA. I can remember when converse shoes were "old" and Pumas were "the shit", meaning that you weren't shit unless you had a pair. I was one of those that didn't and I caught hell for it. I was 11 or 12 years old. I told my mama that I wanted some Puma's because I was being mistreated for not having any. My mama went and got me some imitation Puma's and I didn't realize it. Best be sure that it took a nigger to point it out. That was a terrible day for me. "Kip, you ain't got on no Puma's, those is fake Puma's. Where did yo mama get those at, K-Maaaart?" Laughter came from everywhere. Yeah, back in those days going to K-Mart to buy anything, would ruin your street creds, in 30 seconds flat. Buying stuff cheap was a no no.

Now, if I were to co-operate with White Supremacy in the matter of getting shoes, I was supposed to hold that memory as one where I was "deprived", and blame my daddy for not having a job, so that I could of had some real Puma's and "get it in where I fit in". That kind of thinking would have had me at the mall cutting the line, and pushing niggers out they way. In fact I would have been more nigger than most niggers about those shoes, if I had let it affect me. I got a PHd in being a nigger, you know.

Brothers and sisters, we've got to move towards de-niggerizing our selves. And it doesn't start with the elimination of the word nigger, either. Well not in my opinion. I claim VGQ. So there. Let's think of more constructive ways to spend 200.00. 

Stay strong in the struggle to Replace White Supremacy With Justice

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

White Supremacy Revealed?

The 9/1/11 episode of "The Ultimate Merger" that aired on TVONE, had a brief revelation of truth the other night. I usually don't watch these "reality" shows which are everything but reality, but, my attempted wife (see UICCSC Word Guide pages 426-427) who watches them daily, was watching this one particular show, when I happened to hear something about the "White" men on the show communicating in a silent code. You know that caught my attention.

The show is about 14 males (11 "non-white" and 3 "white") competing against each other for the affection of a "black" female named Toccara. The female version of "Flava flave"( only she looks way better).

Apparently, the "white" men on the show "developed" a "white" alliance in where they agreed not to compete against each other, until all of the "non-white" males were eliminated. Whenever it came time for one of them to spend "some alone time" with Toccara, they'd show three fingers up (W) and two fingers down (A) to each other as a reminder of their alliance to not "throw each other under the bus". I could be incorrect, but, it would not be Racist to have such an alliance, unless they are allied on throwing all of the "non-white" people under the bus. Racism / White Supremacy is mistreatment on the basis of skin color.

Anyway, one, or some of, the "black" males noticed the hand gestures and asked about them. The "white" men did not say anything. The show goes to break. After the commercial, some how the "black" males find out what it meant. Instead of approaching the matter logically, they get angry with the "white" men and get absolutely no where. No one learns anything. Everyone in the room is shouting and no one is listening.

Unfortunately for us, there appeared to be so much emotion (and not enough logic) and confusion in the room, that everyone involved missed out on the perfect opportunity to discuss out in the open, what huge numbers of people discuss behind closed doors. Racism (White Supremacy) is the elephant in the room that everyone (when I say everyone I mean "white" and "non-white" people) in the room, spend a great deal of time and energy, pretending is not there.

If it were a show that demonstrated an actual reality (like a major reality called Racism) going on, it would not have been a complete waste of time and energy. However, it was one, because they got no where constructive with it. We ("white" and "non-white" people) need to have a courteous open dialog, about White Supremacy, without being so-called politically correct and without emotion.

As it stands right now, on most occasions, when Racism is discussed in the same room, "white" people get angry and "non-white" people get embarrassed.

In my opinion the actual purpose for this episode of "The Ultimate Merger"as a "reality" show was to program its "non-white" viewers to react in the same manner as the "non-white" actors did in this episode, when they were confronted with Racist Action.

Okay, right now, the "race" issue has been indirectly touched upon, everyday, since the selection of Obama for president. This has been more so, than any other time in the history of the so-called USA. His selection has made the evidence of Racism White Supremacy more visible to its victims, and at the same time made many people take more actions toward ignoring that existence.

This includes influencing others to not have a constructive dialog about it. Because as long as no one discusses it logically, it continues to be that huge elephant.

What influences others to not have dialog? Emotions like anger, embarrassment, guilt, disappointment, can lead to conflict. In this case the "non-white" people appeared to get angry, and were discourteous, which in turn made the "white" people appear to feel embarrassed and shut their mouths about how they were practicing Racism White Supremacy.

Dialog is what was needed. An all out no holds barred courteous discussion on White Supremacy and how it affects people.

It's not shown in the below clip, because it was edited out, but in the full episode (which is always edited), one of the "white" males started his sentence "with it all started with a war that has been going on since 1870."

He was immediately interrupted by a "non-white" male , who said something like "Oh, no you're not about to give us a [implied "black"] history lesson!" I am paraphrasing him.

Anyone that wasn't paying close attention could have thought that the "white" person was speaking about slavery or the so-called "civil war" (what is civil, about war?). The minute someone mentions the 1800's, those are the first things that come to mind. Both ended in 1865. I suspect that the "white" male was talking about the period known as Reconstruction, because it is at that time that groups like the Ku Klux Klan came about. These groups used the tools (deception and violence) of White Supremacy to the fullest, and thus terrorized "non-white" people out of resources and political positions that would have evened the playing field. Such groups are often admired by the unsophisticated Racist suspects who what to bring back the "good ol' days".

I suspect that "Reality shows" are scripted, just like movies and other t.v. programs are. The producers do not allow us to see anything that they don't want us to see. The two "white" men are even dressed similar during the confrontation in front of Toccara. They are both wearing the stereotypical clothing (pendalton shirts and holey blue jeans) that would be seen on the kind of "white" people that the smart and powerful White Supremacists want us to think are the only kind of "white" people that can be Racists. You know the kind that drive pick-up trucks and chew tobacco? See below.

Bottom line is that the true Racist Action was not the "white alliance" that the "non-white" males "discovered" in this show. The true Racist Action was the indirect promotion (subliminally) of the idea that White Supremacy does not need to be discussed between "white" and "non-white" people, because if you do, you're going to get no where with it. Another more subtle idea was one related to the Racist Propaganda term known as "reverse racism", which implies that "white" people are being victimized by "Black" people on the basis of skin color. This is a term that has been picked up and used often amongst the less sophisticated Racist suspects. The kind who dress in an appearance similar to how the two "white" men were dressed in the above video. I suspect that they were instructed to dress this way in order to relate The message sent to them was "black people won't let white people have a white alliance, but it's okay that they have a show with mostly black people on it?, they have black unity, black nationalism, they have BET, they have TVONE, Obama is president, it's not fair! so keep your white alliances a secret because revealing the truth about it will get you know where." Stay strong in the struggle to Replace White Supremacy With Justice

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From a Racist Suspect

Here is a comment that a Racist Suspect left on my page. First off, he posted his comment to a post that had nothing to do with it. That was confusing.  

"I find it curious that when a WHITE man says nappy headed ho's its racist, but listening to SOME rap it is OK for black singers to degenerate their own and everybody else? While I do not condone Don Imus's stupidity to say racism is only from WHITE to everybody else is quite simply to live in denial. While in Norfolk Virginia I made the mistake of walking down Church Street and almost got stoned, and beaten down by thrown bottles I hate to imagine what would have happened had this event happened to a non white in a white neighborhood. In my case I was told by the Police it was my fault for being in THEIR part of town? So in the end when you address ALL racism by ALL to any I can support you, til then I can only say to you be your way and to me be mine, hopefully one day we can meet to pursue JUSTICE FOR ALL NOT SOME. Thank You"- Benjamin

The next confusing thing was that "Benjamin" put question marks at the end of his statements. The codified approach is not to respond to statements, and to answer questions. Did he use question marks, so I that I would attempt to answer them? If so, I'm taking the bait.  

"I find it curious that when a WHITE man says nappy headed ho's its racist, but listening to SOME rap it is OK for black singers to degenerate their own and everybody else?"-
I've never said that a "white" man saying "nappy headed hoes" is racist. Whoever said that, said what they said and you need to talk to them about that, not me. I do not think that it is okay for someone call anyone a name that they do not want to be called. If I were asked to comment on it, I would have said that "White" man was name calling. As for "black" singers degenerating their own and everybody else, that is the fault of the Racists (White Supremacists) who encourage those singers to believe that the degenerating style of noise that they call "music" is what sells. I suggest that you speak to the shareholders, board members, and the executive teams of Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and the other music companies that dominate the area of Entertainment. They tell the singers what to say and do in their noise, not me. Neeext!
"to say racism is only from WHITE to everybody else is quite simply to live in denial. While in Norfolk Virginia I made the mistake of walking down Church Street and almost got stoned, and beaten down by thrown bottles."-

If this did in fact happened to you, it was mistreatment, but it wasn't racism. It was a re-action to Racism (White Supremacy), and not actual Racism. I do not condone that type of re-action. I find it hard to believe that you were attacked for being "white" and the Enforcement Officials did nothing about it, let alone told you that you should not have been there. It just doesn't make sense. If you weren't injured and you could not identify anybody, then what you are saying may make some sense, because they need to have something to go by. I have seen Enforcement Officials go after a bunch of "black" people, when they had nothing else to go by other than they were told the person was "black". Most "black" people know automatically that messing with "white" people will get you in trouble. Also, I have seen plenty of "white" people walking around freely in areas of Richmond CA that some "non-white" people will not even allow other "non-white" people to go in, without having any problems from "non-white" people.

There was a rare situation when I saw a group of "black" males throwing bricks at cars driving through North Richmond, that had "white" people in them. It was in RE-ACTION ( I tried to convince them that such behavior was not constructive) to what happened to Yusef Hawkins and another youth whose name slips my mind . 10 to 15 Enforcement Officials came in and arrested every young "black" male, in the vicinity, except me and another person (because we had on suits). In response to that, the city mowed down some houses and a few other buildings. Then built a huge parkway that runs right through this area today.
The parkway has a 10 foot walls on both sides and cars move through at 60 miles an hour. The White Supremacists showed them who had the power. They basically said "Throw another brick at "White" people and see what happens to this area!" Hell,"Black" people been killing other "Black" with automatic weapons for decades in North Richmond, and can't even a get pot hole in the street filled. But, let some cars owned by "White" people get some bricks thrown at them and it's remodeling time? See the Racism lies in the fact that the "White" people who had the power to stop "Black" people from throwing bricks at "white" people, could to stop "Black" people from killing "Black" people, but they choose not to do so. They would rather say that "Black" people are to blame, and that they are responsible for stopping it. Never mind the fact that it is "White" people who profit from the weapons and ammunition that is used to do the killing.  

"So in the end when you address ALL racism by ALL to any I can support you, til then I can only say to you be your way and to me be mine, hopefully one day we can meet to pursue JUSTICE FOR ALL NOT SOME. Thank You"

Racism (White Supremacy) is injustice for everybody. It is a faulty system that promotes deception and violence, which is no constructive for anyone. The only Racism that I am worried about is the one that makes ME a Victim. It is what is uncommonly referred to as FUNCTIONAL RACISM. It's not just me getting the name calling, it's not just me getting the bottles, bricks, and sticks, thrown at me, it's not just me knowing not to be in certain places, because I could be lynched, its not just me getting deceived into and out of things, its not just me walking in fear of racist action, every day, its also my family members going five generations back. All of us have experienced this stuff because we are classified by "white" people as "non-white". Any other kind of what you are calling "Racism" are simple ideologies that are nothing more than the primitive attempts of some "non-white" people who've chosen to REACT to the FUNCTIONAL RACISM that they've experienced.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pretending Not To See Skin Color

I found a link to an interesting Huffington Post article on Racism today. While reading it, I realized that if I replaced the word race, with the two words skin and color, it was more constructive in eliminating the confusion, that it caused me by using the word race. Counter Racist Compensatory Logic suggests that use of the word race, promotes RACE-ism, and therefore it should not be used.

"Race" is a fabricated term, that can only be communicated through an idea. It is a social construction that is only real, because millions of smart and powerful "White" people believe that it is real. It can go away as soon as those people stop believing in it.

Skin Color, on the other hand, is an actual reality created by the Creator, and therefore is true, because it is not based on an idea.

For example the title of the article is "Pretending Not To See Race", I changed it to "Pretending Not To See Skin Color". Do this every time you see the word race (while reading the article), and it will help you see more clearly what is actually being said.

Read the Huffington Post article here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Change "Public Policy".

I was listening to Dick Gregory on the C.O.W.S. radio show:

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He mentioned that the reason,Victim of Racism, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated was because he could influence public policy. That made me think about, Victim of Racism, Malcolm X announcing his plans to go to the so-called Human Rights (see page 162 of the U.I.C.C.S.C.-word guide for "Human Rights") Commission of the United Nations in an attempt to influence the public policy of the whole planet. Who is the public? The public is the people that matter. Who are the people that matter in a system of Racism (White Supremacy)? Let's spell it, altogether now W-H-I-T-E-P-E-O-P-L-E. But, don't blame them, it isn't their fault. It is the fault of the Racists who hang out amongst them. It has been said (and I agree) that the real reason that Malcolm X was assassinated was to keep him from making his speech to the United Nations. Somehow he found out about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document is what the Racists (White Supremacists), use against their "puppets"(whenever the "puppets" realize they are "puppets" and / or no longer want to be), to promote Shadow Fighting (see page 361 of the Word Guide or page of the Textbook / Workbook). Research Victims of Racism, like Idi Amin, Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi, Laurent Gbagbo, etc. I suspect that Malcolm was going to use this document against the Racist Government (see page 263 of the Textbook/ Workbook and page 140 of the Word Guide). See what the new "puppets" get for Shadowfighting in "Cote d'Ivore"? Oops, I digressed. Back to this "Public Policy" thing. Wiki on "Public Policy"- "Public policy as government action is generally the principled guide to action taken by the administrative or executive branches of the state with regard to a class of issues in a manner consistent with law and institutional customs. In general, the foundation is the pertinent national and subnational constitutional law and implementing legislation such as the US Federal code. Further substrates include both judicial interpretations and regulations which are generally authorized by legislation. [1] Other scholars define it as a system of "courses of action, regulatory measures, laws, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives."[2] Public policy is commonly embodied 'in constitutions, legislative acts, and judicial decisions.'[3]" It continues further on to say: "In the United States, this concept refers not only to the end result of policies, but more broadly to the decision-making and analysis of governmental decisions. As an academic discipline, public policy is studied by professors and students at public policy schools of major universities throughout the country. The U.S. professional association of public policy practitioners, researchers, scholars, and students is the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management." Wikipedia also says that "Shaping public policy is a complex and multifaceted process that involves the interplay of numerous individuals and interest groups competing and collaborating to influence policymakers to act in a particular way. These individuals and groups use a variety of tactics and tools to advance their aims, including advocating their positions publicly, attempting to educate supporters and opponents, and mobilizing allies on a particular issue.[4] In this context, advocacy can be defined as attempting to influence public policy through education, lobbying, or political pressure. Advocacy groups 'often attempt to educate the general public as well as public policy makers about the nature of problems, what legislation is needed to address problems, and the funding required to provide services or conduct research. Although advocacy is viewed as unseemly by some in the professional and research community, it is clear that public policy priorities are influenced by advocacy. Sound research data can be used to educate the public as well as policy makers, thereby improving the public policy process.'[4]" The current public policy is that injustice prevails. What shapes or has influence on public policy? Public Opinion Wiki says "Public opinion is the aggregate of individual attitudes or beliefs held by the adult population (view what the code says about the word "adult" on page two of the Word Guide and page 236 of the Textbook/Workbook). Public opinion can also be defined as the complex collection of opinions of many different people and the sum of all their views." Here's what I say about "Public Opinion"- The only "public" opinion that is valued in a system of Racism (White Supremacy), is the opinions of "white" people. They (collectively) are not concerned about what Victims of Racism, think, do or say, unless it affects them in a major way. The majority of 300 million "White" people, formed an opinion that shaped public policy into making the smart and powerful Racists select Barack Obama to be the next President, because they were tired of "White" people like Bush. Listen carefully (it's part of the same clip that Gus played at the end of the Dick Gregory program above) to what the "White" woman is saying to Mr. Fuller, in the below video. She was basically speaking for the way that huge numbers of "White" people were feeling after they realized they had been deceived by Bush and his crew. The clip is dated June of 2003. According to her "White" people thought "Black" people would be humble. They saw "Black" people as less arrogant. "White" people felt abused from the trauma of the world trade center and terrified by the taking of their "civil rights". Many of them felt "disenfranchised". They felt hey this is how "Black" people have felt all of their lives, now we can relate. The Racists saw what the public opinion was and shaped public policy so that a "non-white" person could be President. If they hadn't of listened, they would have had a rebellion, because huge numbers of "white" people felt mistreated by the actions of Bush. Putting a "Black" person in was supposed to help "White" people deal with the trauma of being mistreated. Huge numbers of them have now forgotten all about Bush, and are now blaming Obama for the results of Bush's actions. At present the public's opinion is easily influenced into blaming the "non-white" person. We all know about the various Racist Suspects whom have blamed crimes committed by either themselves or other "White" people on "Black" people for centuries. I suspect that the smart and powerful Racists knew this. Now, listen to the next part..... If you saw the Obama inauguration, they made sure that "White" people saw huge numbers of "White" women with "Black" males in the crowd. What is the "White" woman in this clip saying about "Black" males? Even though she is married to a "White" man? Okay, I digressed slightly. But, keep thinking about everything around us. In a system of Racism (White Supremacy), most everything around us was created for "White" people to use. Often times they had a thing for a long time before it came our way. Of course, I'm speaking of "White" people collectively. Anything, that you can think of that was created for them to conduct their day to day business, can become a disruption, if you apply your mind to it. "White" people paid attention to the so-called "Civil Rights" movement, only because huge numbers of "non-white" people started affecting the business of White Supremacy. It wasn't the singing and marching, unless that singing and marching was done somewhere it wasn't supposed to be done. Imagine standing in the middle of a store singing and marching about being a Victim of Racism? That's bad for business. Imagine speaking and acting to Counter Racism (White Supremacy) in all places, at all times, and in all areas of people activity? Out of 300 Million "White" people, how many of them are Racists? It should not matter to a "non-white" person, because as long as the system of Racism (White Supremacy) exists, they are all suspects. "White" people should decide amongst themselves who are and who are not the Racists, and then work on getting rid of them, or at the least, work on eliminating their power. See collectively they have the ability to eliminate Racism (White Supremacy) overnight, but, they don't have the will to do it, because it is not affecting their business. Racism is a business. This is why we need Effective Numbers of Victims of Racism to influence public opinion which in turn changes public policy. We need Effective Numbers of individual Victims of Racism, to "use a variety of tactics and tools to advance their aims, including advocating their positions publicly, attempting to educate supporters and opponents, and mobilizing allies on" promoting the idea that Racism (injustice) should be replaced with justice. The idea that justice should be the business of today. What is justice? according to compensatory logic, justice means to guarantee that no person is mistreated and guaranteeing that the person who needs the most help gets the most constructive help they need. How can a "White" person disagree with that? I see how a Racist would disagree, but, not a "White" person. Some "White" people have said that what I really mean by justice is "Black Supremacy". I don't mean that. How does "Black Supremacy" guarantee that no person is mistreated? How does "Black Supremacy" guarantee that the person who needs the most help get the most constructive help that they need? It's all about getting "White" people to have the will to Replace Racism (White Supremacy) With Justice. Individual Victims of Racism, have gotten their attention in the past. The evidence shows that those same individuals have also gotten the attention of the Racists as well. The Racists will say "Hey this person or that person is bad for business. They have to go." They'll try to use deception first, if that doesn't work, violence comes next. But there's more of an advantage in numbers. One million Victims of Racism going to Washington D.C. made a statement, didn't they? But, imagine if it were eight million of us making the same statements where ever we are. Each one saying "Replace White Supremacy With Justice!" in our own way. Eight million Victims of Racism, functioning in a United-Independent Compensatory codified manner-
  • using a variety of tactics and tools to advance their aims of Replacing White Supremacy With Justice,
  • advocating their positions to Replace White Supremacy With Justice publicly, 
  • attempting to educate supporters and opponents on the idea that Justice is better than Racism, and 
  • mobilizing allies to think, speak, and /or act in a manner that guarantees that no person is mistreated and guarantees that the person who needs the most help gets the most constructive help they need.
Can that go unnoticed? Stay Strong In The Struggle To Replace White Supremacy With Justice

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This website is back up and running. Very interesting website. Lots of constructive information. Please go there and practice the experiments, they are very revealing!

I've only tried a few, but the results were constructive in helping me to understand  a little bit more on how Racism (White Supremacy) works and what it is.

Warning: If you do not have the United Independent Compensatory Code Books written by Neely Fuller Jr. (the textbook / workbook and the word guide) many of the words and terms that are used, will confuse you.

Stay Strong in Your Struggle to Replace White Supremacy With Justice

Friday, January 08, 2010


CONSTRUCTIVE INFORMATION: RACIST PROPAGANDA is based on excerpts from the out of print book, entitled "The Fine Art of Propaganda; A Study of Father Coughlin's Speeches" by The Institute for Propaganda Analysis.

ATTENTION: This article is a supplement to THE UNITED INDEPENDENT COMPENSATORY CODE / SYSTEM / CONCEPT a textbook / workbook for thought, speech, and / or action for Victims of Racism (White Supremacy) written by Neely Fuller Jr. I recommend that you read it, in order to get a better understanding of this concept. From here on out I will refer to it as the U.I.C.C.S.C.
“The seeds of the destruction of Racism (White Supremacy) are implanted in the very existence of Racism itself.” – Neely Fuller Jr.

(continued from last post)

If we are in a system of Racism (White Supremacy) and we are dominated and subjugated, by Racism (White Supremacy) at all times, in all places, and in all areas of people activity, then all Propaganda must be Racist Propaganda, because no propaganda has eliminated the system of Racism (White Supremacy) and thus indirectly supports it. REPEAT: no matter what kind of propaganda it appears to be if it does not reveal truth, promote justice, and make sure that the person who needs help gets the most constructive help they need, it should be considered Racist Propaganda.

If it has any affect on motivating effective numbers of people to make an attempt at resisting Racism (White Supremacy), and / or if it reveals truth, promotes justice, and makes sure that the person who needs help gets the most constructive help that they need it should be recognized as Counter-Racist Propaganda.

The Racist Propagandist attempts to influence the minds of people into co-operating with Racism (White Supremacy). They do not want their victims to carefully scrutinize and be critical of the words and images that they use. Their ultimate objective is to move you to continue to behave (think, speak, and / or act) in a specific way that is not constructive in replacing Racism (White Supremacy) with Justice. It will be a challenge, but, I suspect that Racist Propaganda can be spotted if one follows the logic.

Right now we are bombarded with so much propaganda, coming at us from every direction, that we will not start to see more of it, until we start questioning everything. The television is the main source of it all. I heard Dr. Welsing say that every Victim of Racism should take a strip of paper with the words “THE SYSTEM OF RACISM (WHITE SUPREMACY)” on it and put it right over the screen so that we could constantly be reminded of what we are looking at. I totally agree with her. So start by questioning everything that you see on the television. In addition to that you should put that same kind of strip on your radio as well.

Let’s look at the methods of propaganda. Some of the terms that were developed to describe these methods were confusing to me, so I have changed them to make them reveal the truth of what they describe. Where the term is confusing to me, I will add my compensatory functional term, and give my reasons for making the change. I will list all of the methods here first and then write about each one separately.

Here are the methods of propaganda:
  1. Name Calling 
  2. Glittering Generality
  3. Transfer
  4. Testimonial
  5. Plain Folks
  6. Card Stacking
  7. Band Wagon

To be continued