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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The "Original Johnson" Comic book review part three

Glenn Hauman, the "assistant editor" of "The Original Johnson" Comic book left this comment attached to part one of my review, which has now become an investigation: "There's no ghost writer. Trevor has been working on this project for years, writing and pencilling. We're just happy to, shall we say, expose The Original Johnson. That said, I didn't notice the coloring mistake rendering the stick transparent and suggestive in your second example. I'll make sure it gets fixed. Your third example-- you skip over that in the very next panel, a black man punches the potential rapist in the mouth and throws him off the train. I'm going to be very interested in how you react to Trevor's depiction of some of Johnson's later acts, including marrying white women at a time when that was illegal, and Johnson's prosecution under the White Slavery act of 1910. Jack Johnson's life was a constant fight against the attitudes of the day, and he won most of them by knockout. Obscuring what happened along the way does him no justice." Now, read what I wrote in my first post about this book. Did he deny most of what I said? Does his comment about "exposing the 'original Johnson" go with what I said about the mockery of Jack Johnson being compared to a penis? Instead of being the "Original Man" (as "black" people are sometimes referred to being.) Its the "Original Penis". It is one big inside joke. In my opinion. Anyway, I ordered Jack Johnson's biography and I am going to go through it with a "fine tooth" comb. I am not denying that some of what is said in this comic book is the truth, but there are too many details in this comic book, that to me would be impossible to know about 89 years after his death. I could be incorrect, but it doesn't appear that there are a lot of sources of accurate information about him. Anyway something is up if my blog got the attention of a Racist Suspect writer associated with this comic book. Can you imagine having your story being "edited" by a Racist Suspect? Glenn Hauman apparently is a sci-fi writer, and has written many books for the "Star Trek" series. I suspect this makes him qualified to be THE ghost writer for this comic book. To back up my point, I am listing sources that demonstrate Glenn Hauman writing ability: The other interesting thing is that I can't find one thing that has been written by Trevor Von Eeden (the VOR who they say is writing this comic book). (Here is some evidence that shows that I maybe incorrect about his writing ability, but notice that all of these books have been co-authored by him, which I suspect could mean that he did the art work.) The net has plenty of information on Mr.Von Eeden, but its all about his artwork. There are more links about him than the Racist Suspect named Glenn Hauman. So far none of the sites list a single work written by Trevor Von Eeden by himself. There are at least a hundred links so I could be incorrect. Now if you are running a comic book business, would you have the artist who has not written anything, start writing the content for your comic book? If you had someone who works for you who has written books and won awards for the books that they've written, wouldn't you want them to write your comic books? Weigh the scales. Artist with no writing skills or Award winning writer? Would a Racist Liberal(one who chooses to make Racism/White Supremacy more comfortable for its victims) know that their content may be called "Racist" if it were known to be written by a "white" person? Would that same Racist Liberal have a "black" person appear to be the writer? Could the content be called Racist against "black" people if ti was written by a "black" person? I shall return! Stay strong in the fight to eliminate Racism (White Supremacy).


  1. Now, THAT'S following the logic. This is the kind of DETAILED thinking---both concrete and abstract---that non-white people will need to make a habit in order to replace the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a system of justice. And, that thinking needs to be in areas that escape glittering attention as well as that do--such as comic books and movies. The corners are where a lot of important but small wildlife hide (insects.

    Please be encouraged and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi, im one of the artist on the "Original Johnson" story By Trevor Von Eeden and I have read your dissection of something of which you are at BEST speculating on. Glen Haumann did not write ANY of the book. Your "reveiw" is so chock full of speculative paranoid bullshit I don't know where to start. I WORKED on the project for over a year so people coild see the struggles an Early Black athlete/celebrity had to overcome. Being a Black man,this was incredibly important to me. So you can't find anything that Trevor has written? He is very much a brilliant artist and a talented writer..Did you EVER think that he might use a PEN NAME when he writes? He didn't write this himself because you THINK he didn't? (you have no proof,I have Trevor's scripts)You ASSUMED Glen Haumann wrote this because you couldn't find anything on Trevor?(oh,wait,I have the scripts AND I worked intimately on the project,so I actually might know what I'm talking about.)You seem like the type( I wont read anything else on the site,its just too offensive,its like you see racism in fine print on cereal boxes. Open your eyes and do more research before you drop a "jewel" on 'em. Get Bent.

    not even signing on this .

  3. "I WORKED on the project for over a year so people coild see the struggles an Early Black athlete/celebrity had to overcome."- DH2

    Thank you for commenting Mr.DH2

    I suspect that your visit to my blog is a result of some Shadow Boxing attempt by Glenn Haumann to put you and I at odds. Never the less, I have read Jack Johnson's autobiography and the toilet paper (the writing not the artwork) that is called the "Original Johnson".

    It is a complete disgrace to the very interesting story that Mr. Johnson wrote about himself. The comic book, makes Mr. Johnson look like he was sodomized, illiterate, sex-crazed, obsessed with "white" women, and physically abused by his "mother". What I mention here is just a small tidbit of the lies that the comic book series spits out. If I were Trevor, and I wrote and professed to believe this crap, in order to let people "learn" about who Jack Johnson was, I'd be embarrassed. I'd be ashamed of myself.

    I didn't have to dig far into Jack Johnson's history either. Every point mentioned in your "year long project", took me only a few minutes of reading HIS BOOK to learn the truth.

    Have YOU read Jack Johnson's autobiography entitled "Jack Johnson is a Dandy"?

    Can you honestly say that this crap is something that helps people learn the TRUTH about Jack Johnson?

    If you say YES, then you are either getting paid to say this (which you are, because its your project right?) OR you are being mislead by what one (Glenn perhaps?) or more of your co-workers has told you.

    Either which way, it does not reveal the truth.

    I am glad that the comic was written,however, because if it weren't for the blatant lies that it spewed about Mr. Johnson, I would not have read his autobiography and learned the truth about him. Unfortunately for most people (who are "wow-ed" by artwork, and fancy writing), what they "learn" about him, will stop with your "year long project" that I call trash.

    Nothing personal here, it's just business.

    It's not to late. You can always admit you've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, or lead astray.

    It has happened to most of us, and will continue until we exist in a system of Justice.

  4. I find it curious that when a WHITE man says nappy headed ho's its racist, but listening to SOME rap it is OK for black singers to degenerate their own and everybody else? While I do not condone Don Imus's stupidity to say racism is only from WHITE to everybody else is quite simply to live in denial. While in Norfolk Virginia I made the mistake of walking down Church Street and almost got stoned, and beaten down by thrown bottles I hate to imagine what would have happened had this event happened to a non white in a white neighborhood. In my case I was told by the Police it was my fault for being in THEIR part of town?
    So in the end when you address ALL racism by ALL to any I can support you, til then I can only say to you be your way and to me be mine, hopefully one day we can meet to pursue JUSTICE FOR ALL NOT SOME.

    Thank You


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