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Friday, July 09, 2010

Learn Something About Everything

I learned something new about Google in relation to collecting information. It will be up to you to determine if it is constructive or not. If you go to the Google start page. Before you start your search take a look at the links at the top of the start page.

"Web Images Videos Maps News Shopping Mail more

You've probably exhausted the "Web", tabs looking for websites like, the, the C.O.W.S. Radio show, and any of the other sources of  Counter Racist Information that are popping up on the Web. You may have used the "Images" tab attempting to find Racist Propaganda to point out how us Victims of Racism are being indoctrinated into cooperating with Racism (White Supremacy), you may even use the "Video" tab, searching for "Another lesson in Counter Racism Science". You've probably gotten plenty of use out of the "Maps" tab to get directions. And the "News" tab? well I just don't know if you are using this one at all, unless you are searching for the most current Racist action that the media CHOOSES to make us aware of. But, I can tell you if you do use it, you will get many sources of information on whatever current story you are looking for, Google even allows you to personalize it so that the page only shows you the type of stories your are interested in. Surely, you've used the "Shopping" tab to collect the latest items to show off what the Racists have allowed you to have, or to buy the tools to be used for a constructive purpose. You probably get a lot of use out of the "Mail" tab for............whatever.

But what about the "More" tab? Have you ever clicked on the "More" tab? There is whole new learning experience behind the "More" tab. There is even an "Even More" tab. You've got to check this stuff out.

Anyway, back to the "More" tab for now. If you click on the "Books" tab that shows up after you hit the "More" tab, the information that you have access to will blow your mind. I've been online for the past two days and nights reading magazines dated back to the 40's. Very interesting pieces of information on different subjects. I found these gems of information:

in a Sept 1974 issue of Ebony: The "Conspiracy" to Make Black Males Inferior by Dr.Francis Cress-Welsing

in a June 1979 issue of Ebony The Battle Between the Sexes: Is It Manufactured Or Real

There are plenty more sources of information that are listed. I found a 1948 issue of Life magazine. Not that the issue was constructive, I am just demonstrating how far back it went.


Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

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