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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shirley Sherrod: The latest blast with Racist Propaganda

Below I am attempting to demonstrate the use of Racist Propaganda and it affects. I will point out the various tactics that I see being used here. I am using my own term to describe these tactics to eliminate confusion.

Even though Mrs. Sherrod has been "cleared" of being a so-called "Black Racist", the over all message that appeals to the subconscious minds of millions of people is that it is possible for a "non-white" person to have the ability to mistreat a "white" person on the basis of skin color.

The Objective of the Racist Propagandist:

BLACK RACISM EXISTS (they tried using "Reverse Racism" over the years but it has since, been refined into "Black Racism".)

Following Counter Racist Compensatory Logic, number two of the Four Types of Power Among the People of the Known Universe (see pages 27-29 U.I.C.C.S.C. for details) comes to my mind.

SUPERIOR POWER means the collective power and the ability of the Racists (White Supremacists), to cause "non-white" people to think, speak, and /or act according to the dictates of "white" people in general.

A Black Racist
The Reverse of SUPERIOR POWER, is the one I suspect is implied here. I say this because many Racist Conservatives are attempting to convince the people that the U.S. Government is ruled by a Victim of Racism. Anyone who knows (not many) that all Victims of Racism are subjects of the Racists can see that this is not true. The problem is that there are huge numbers of people (especially "white" people) who are being convinced by the smart and powerful amongst them that having a "Black" president has opened the doors for "Black Supremacy".


Positive / Negative word association associating the target with a word that draws negative emotions is used to make people reject and condemn that person without examining the evidence.

Shirley Sherrod
Having Sherrod presented as a "Black Racist" working in the so-called Obama Administration would solidify the idea by making it appear that she is backed by the power and the ability of the "Racists(Black Supremacists)" and their "white" followers to cause "white" people to think, speak, and /or act according to their dictates.

Who was affected by this tactic?

Anyone that does not apply logic to think critically (most "non-white" people) about what they see and hear in regards to the existence of the system of Racism (White Supremacy).

Barack Obama

Because it appears that the US Government is incompetent when a "non-white" person appears to be in charge. How could all of those smart and powerful "white" people "serving under" Obama have overlooked this? CIA, NSA, and Military Intel advisers, of the most sophisticated government on the planet fell for this? The person who should be fired next, is the one in charge of getting the facts straight. Maybe they were the same person who told the Bush Administration that there was W.M.D.'s in "Iraq".

Benjamin Jealous

Superior Advisor of the NAACP which is often made to appear as though it's the number one and only "black" organization that "counters racism" in a manner that is viewed as acceptable, made the same mistake that Obama made. There is a plethora of smart and powerful "white" people in the NAACP as well. Could they have checked out the facts too?


Accept / Reject Testimony using the words of someone viewed as important to influence how you think about a person or an idea.

The Racist Propagandists used Obama and Jealous to solidify the claim that BLACK RACISM exists, by broadcasting their statements of "outrage".

Andrew Breitbart
Okay. Now that it has all come out that she was taken out of context (I say severely mistreated on the basis of her skin color) by the Racist Suspect Conservative blogger named Andrew Breitbart, and "cleared" of her charges of being a current "black racist", does it now APPEAR that it is even more possible for a "black" person to be a "Racist (Black Supremacist)"?

Yes! In fact it now looks more possible that a "black" person can be one, because the message now appears as though she once was a "black racist", but at some point in her existence she learned that it is no longer about Racism (Black Supremacy).

I quote Counter Racist Evolving Engineer (CREE) who said it best on her blog:

"The key term of this cunningly crafted controversy is being hammered, by repetition, into common use: “black racist.” Even though the ONLY functional form of racism in the known universe is white supremacy, we’re speaking—with serious, stern faces– about a non-functional entity called “black racism.”…. This is how deceitful definitions that serve the global system of white supremacy (racism) become “commonly accepted” —- no matter how inaccurate and illogical."

We were all attacked with an act of indirect violence of massive proportion. Like a Trojan Virus going into a computer that has no anti-virus program, it entered into the minds of the people in a subtle way.


Shirley Sherrod herself:

When asked by Racist Suspect Anderson Cooper, if she thinks that she has now gotten past black vs white, Sherrod replied "I know I've gotten past black vs white!"

The damage to the minds of the people has been done. This is no fault on her part.

Key words "BLACK VERSES WHITE." black / offense and white / defense. Wow.

There's more....

I read the transcript to Mrs.Sherrod's speech in question and I like it.

She really sounds like a person who reveals truth in a manner that promotes Justice and helps the person who needs help, get the most constructive help that they need.

SOMEONE knew exactly how this thing was going to play out.

I think that this whole thing was designed to get Ms. Sherrod out of the position that she had anyway. It appears that she was offered a different job at the USDA, instead of the one that she had, why?

Do you know that Black Farmers had filed a $2 billion dollar lawsuit against the USDA? I remember reading about this like over a decade ago. I thought it was settled. Well, it's been settled but they have been waiting for the money for over a decade.

I suspect that some Racists (White Supremacists) thought that Mrs. Sherrod was in a position to help these farmers get that settlement or get help while they wait for it. When you read her speech you will see what I am talking about.
"Black" Farmer

"Jerry Pennick, director of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund, where Sherrod worked before joining the USDA. The government's poor treatment of her has resonated loudly and badly among farmers who have faced discrimination."

"The government stands to pay out over $2 billion for discrimination against African Americans and not one person in the department has been fired because of that, yet the first African American woman to [oversee rural development] in Georgia was fired for alleged racism," Pennick said.

"And nobody has been fired for proven discrimination."

Mrs. Sherrod said on the "Today" show last week that:

"Discrimination happens in the USDA. . . . And it's there because the agency never did deal with the people who caused it,"

"No one lost their job because they discriminated against black farmers, Hispanic farmers, Native American farmers, women farmers. . . . Those individuals . . . some have retired, but many of them are still there."

Read more here

THE USDA says on there website that:

"Rural Development is committed to helping improve the economy and quality of life in all of rural America by providing financial programs to support essential public facilities and services as water and sewer systems, housing, health clinics, emergency service facilities and electric and telephone service. Rural Development promotes economic development by providing loans to businesses through banks and community-managed lending pools, while also assisting communities to participate in community empowerment programs."

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