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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Tired of Hearing :"Thousands of years ago our ancestor's ruled this planet"

There are many "non-white" and "white" people today, who are greatly entertained, when they hear a "non-white" person talking about how the "Black man is God", and the "White man is the Devil".

"Thousands of years ago our ancestor's ruled this planet."

"Black people are the original people of the planet and all knowledge came from us."

"We built the pyramids and the 'white' man still doesn't know how they were built."

"We were Kings and Queens and when they were walking on all fours and living in caves!"

"Jesus was Black!"

"All of the prophets in the Bible were Black!"

"Black people invented the light bulb."

These words boost the ego and get one very excited about having dark skin. All of those words sound good and some of them according to the evidence are true. But, we are still being DOMINATED and SUBJUGATED under a system that has been here since the 16th century (at the least).

What can "non-white" people do to stop being mistreated on the basis of color TODAY?

Right now, if a person came here from another planet, not knowing anything about "white people being savages when we created civilization", or that "we built the pyramids", or that "we used to rule this planet". Would that person believe (based on their observation of the current situation) that "non-white" people are here to serve "white" people?

The video below explains it best.

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