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Monday, September 24, 2012

On Colston Westbrook

 I've been working on this article for quite sometime and just wanted to get it out.

I want to reveal the truth about some information that I have read on the blog entitled "In search of Black Assassins". Here he and I discuss Colston although, I don't call him out on his accusations. I was attempting to be sarcastic about be "brainwashed" by Colston, but it didn't turn out that way.

This person's ("Prince Rey") blog is riddled with inaccuracies and truths mixed with deception. It's bottom line message, in my opinion, is that Victims of Racism and "Lucifer" are to blame for "CIA Mind Control" experiments and practices that caused the mass killings of "white" people and Victims of Racism. You believe what you want, but, you will know that another perspective exists on this.

First off, one of the many ways to co-operate with Racism (White Supremacy), is to blame "black" people for the cause of everyone's problems. Many of us are so trained to do this, that when we hear about someone committing a negative act, we automatically suspect that a "black" person is to blame, before we SEE the evidence. Counter Racist Compensatory Logic dictates that one way to resist Racism (White Supremacy)is to ALWAYS blame the Racists (White Supremacists) FOR EVERYTHING.

In other words, they are the smartest and most powerful, therefore they have the resources to stop people from being mistreated. The Racists want you to blame everything but them. Blame Lucifer, blame the devil, blame the CIA, blame Aliens, blame the Boule (boo-lay?), blame the Illuminati, blame "black" people, blame "white" people, blame the rain, but don't blame Racists (White Supremacists).

Second, Colston Westbrook, a good friend of mine, and an attempted Counter Racist, was not a CIA "psycho-war expert", and he did not act against the "black" collective, anymore than any other Victim of Racism, (who understood the system of Racism (White Supremacy), what it is and how it works), has done. What I mean by this is that The Racists have always been able to find a way to discredit those of us who practiced constructive behavior in attempting to help other "non-white" people solve problems.

White Supremacy is Mind Control


Racist Propaganda always uses words that are precise and so subtle that they make the description of the intended target, appear to be a "matter of fact". So when you read something like:

"CIA contractor Colston Westbrook returns from Cameroon to direct the Black Culture Assn. at Vacaville Men’s Medical Facility through UC Berkeley. Funding for the BCA was channeled through Stanford Research Institute."

If you do not ask questions about what you are reading, you can easily accept the above paragraph as fact. The above paragraph was deliberately structured to persuade you to "see" Colston as someone who worked for the CIA.

Now, let's remove the term "CIA contractor".

"Colston Westbrook returns from Cameroon to direct the Black Culture Assn. at Vacaville Men’s Medical Facility through UC Berkeley. Funding for the BCA was channeled through Stanford Research Institute."

See? The paragraph loses its importance. The words "CIA contractor" and "Psycho War Expert" are words that are referred to in linguistics as Dysphemisms. Following the Logic to keep it simple we'll call Dysphemisms, Destructive Words, because they are designed to destroy the character of the person that such words are used against. The only way to "see" past such deceptive words is to ask questions about the person that they are directed at.  Ironically, Colston earned a degree in linguistics from U.C. Berkeley.

One of the biggest downfalls of the so-called "Black Power" movement of the 70's was all of this "Agent" bullshit that traveled around. DIS-INFORMATION PROPAGANDA played a big role in weakening this movement. It was a widely used tactic of what people today call the Counter Intelligence program AKA COINTELPRO. I suspect that the Racist Subversives (meaning they subverted the laws within the constitution that could be used to promote Justice) that worked within the intelligence network at that time, called it "Black Bag Operations" or "Operation: Dirty Tricks".

Anyway, their tactics were to tag the person doing constructive things for "black" people as an "agent", so that "black" people would turn against them. (All the while, the real "agents" never got caught, I know, because I knew one, and he never got caught. He was a double agent, feeding them false information, all the while using what he learned from them to train "Black" youth. He was the closest thing to the "Spook Who Sat By The Door" that I knew of. That's another story. And it wasn't Colston.)

Such tactics were used by the Racists, either directly, or indirectly to deceive people classified as "Non-white", and most of us are still falling for this kind of stuff today. Other occasions victims would brand other victims as agents, because of jealousy or envy created out of someone getting to many "followers" and / or money.

How did the author of the paragraph discover that Colston was a CIA contractor? What was the source of this information? Where's the evidence?

   It all started with a message at the end of a tape produced by a group calling themselves the Symbionese Liberation Army. Victim of Racism, "Donald 'Cinque' DeFreeze came on with a triple death threat, especially to one Colston Westbrook, whom he accused of being 'a government agent now working for military intelligence while giving assistance to the FBI.' This audio message was originally sent to San Francisco radio station KSAN. News director David McQueen checked with a Justice Department source, who confirmed Westbrook's employment by the CIA." - this information is on the internet when you google "Colston Westbrook".

Key words here: "checked with a Justice Department source".

I don't believe this crap. The Justice Department is huge. Who in the Justice dept could have access to CIA information? Did he call their Human Resources section?

   The CIA is  and has always been an independent agency, it does not come under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department. (Click here for a breakdown of US Government agencies) In other words you don't call them to see if someone is employed at the CIA. You call the CIA for that. That's like calling the IRS to verify employment for someone at the Social Security Administration.

It is extremely easy to say that you've checked with a source of some department (when you actually didn't), especially, when you do not leave an actual reference where anyone can verify that same source.

Now, to understand where I am coming from on this completely, there are some facts that you must know. They are real facts that anyone can find evidence to support, unlike the accusation that Colston was a "CIA Mind control" whatever-or-other. Here they are:

Caution before reading: I use Wikipedia as a source of information, only for the purpose of helping you get a general idea of what happened. Some of their information is inaccurate, they imply that Colston was an agent too! What else is interesting is that I have found what appears to be hundreds of books that say this very same thing about Colston! None of them quote any sources though.

What they want "White" people to believe:

The story that made Colston renowned as a so-called "CIA Agent", was the kidnapping of Patty Hearst. She is the granddaughter of a once (he's long dead) smart and powerful Racist Suspect, by the name of William Randolph Hearst.

     Patty Hearst is said to have been kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), because they wanted to exchange her for two of their members (Racist Suspects- Russel Little and Joseph Remiro), who had been arrested for killing a Victim of Racism, named Marcus Foster, sometime earlier. The Enforcement Officials did not agree to the exchange, so Patty ends up joining the SLA. At the point that she announces that she was a member, her family tells the media that she was "brainwashed". This is key, because it has been said that the "leader" of the SLA and "mastermind" behind her "brainwashing", was Donald Defreeze. It has also been said that Donald Defreeze was "brainwashed" by Colston, the so-called "CIA Mind Control/ MK ULTRA coordinator". See the connection? Patty Hearst was pardoned by two presidents from her participation in (what appears to me to be )  two bank robberies, two murders, and one attempted murder, because she was so-called "brainwashed".

Some of the Racists (White Supremacists) who supported Patty Hearst wanted "White" people to believe (because they didn't give a damn about what "Non-white" people believed) that Colston conducted some "mind control" experiments on Defreeze, and then Defreeze used "mind control" on some "Misguided 'White' Youth" who then committed the crimes they did.

Why? Because Patty Hearst was one of those youths. She had been captured, charged for bank robbery, and was facing 35 years to life in prison. The "mind control" idea was widely promoted while she was on trial, which she lost, because the jury didn't believe this crap either.

Before that, the story was that Colston was an "Agent". An accusation that came from the SLA members themselves.

     From my observation, BRAINWASHED is a word that is directed at a person, who behaves in a manner that the name-caller is opposed to. I am brainwashed by Racism (White Supremacy), because I co-operate with it in more ways that I resist it.

Anyway, the evidence shows that the SLA, had at least 16 members.

Russell Little ("White" person)
Joseph Remiro ("White" person)
Donald DeFreeze ("Non-white" person)
Willie Wolfe ("White" person)
Angela Atwood ("White" person)
Mizmoon Soltysik ("White" person)
Camilla Hall ("White" person)
Nancy Ling Perry ("White" person)
Emily Harris ("White" person)
William Harris ("White" person)
Patty Hearst ("White" person)
Wendy Yoshimura ("Non-white" person)
Kathleen Soliah ("White" person)
Jim Kilgore ("White" person)
Steven Soliah ("White" person)
Michael Bortin ("White" person)

Out of that 16, only two- Donald Defreeze and Wendy Yoshimura were Victims of Racism ("Non-white" people). The rest were all Racist Suspects ("White" people).

   Some people want you to believe that Donald DeFreeze was the leader of the SLA. They want you to believe that he killed Marcus Foster. They want you to think that he used techniques of mind control on all of them, especially Patty Hearst. Most of all, they want you to believe that Colston conducted mind control experiments on DeFreeze, by order of the CIA. When I heard this victim of racism on the C.O.W.S. Radio show stating that Colston was a CIA agent, I knew that I had to do something. Colston was too much of a benefit to our people.

Anyway, I tracked down his wife, whom I hadn't spoken to since 1998. I acquired her number and called her about this and she talked to me about the whole thing for a couple of hours. It was a very painful ordeal for them.

   Colston is now with the Ancestors and has been since for almost two decades now. His attempted wife is now in a new attempted marriage and she has attempted to move on. Then, here I come along asking questions. Dredging up painful experiences that I suspect she chose not to remember. Colston was a student of the Universe. He was one of the smartest Victims of Racism I knew. Because of this, I knew that he had a journal or some notes regarding this situation, because it was a huge disruption during that part of existence. She said that his male offspring may let me see them, but it is up to him. I believe she said that she was going to give him my number. I never got a call back. I assured her that I would not put anything up but the facts and that I only wanted you (The Counter Racist Collective) to know the truth about Colston like I did. The truth about him should be revealed. I learned a lot from him. I've waited too long for a call back, and I am taking it upon myself to post what I know without his family's input.

To the extent that the Racists had anything to do with what I learned, they would call it "brainwashing". Their objective is to scare you and keep you away from it. Deception is their number one tool, and as far back as their is history, they've been using it against the Counter Racists that came before us.

Anyway, he was a linguist. Linguists study the use of words. You didn't have many "Black" males doing that back then, or even currently. Don't tag me incorrect, but, the CIA did attempt to recruit "Black" people whom attended Cal Berkeley. Linguistics would be a degree that they could use. I know that they were doing this kind of recruiting because the "Non-white" people that they tried to recruit, would come back and tell us about it. These were Victims Of Racism, who were what we called "conscious". They were aware of the subversive Racists, within the incorrect government of White Supremacy. These subversives within the CIA have been involved in a lot of Racist Actions all over the planet, and these victims knew that. They didn't want to be the tools that they used to carry out  such actions. Moving on.

Colston's wife stated that his Black Cultural studies class was designed to teach "Black" inmates the knowledge of their history with the hopes that it would turn them away from the destructive behavior that lead them to Greater Confinement in the first place. My mother, and I both participated in a similar class that Colston taught at Laney College, Oakland, CA every Sat for about six weeks in 1984 (I could be incorrect about the year). I learned real cultural things about the people of  "West Africa", specifically "Cameroon" which is where he spent a great deal of time. We wore "African" clothing, ate "African" foods, learned about the tribes of "Cameroon" and how the "Portuguese" (in regards to Cameroon) and other "Europeans" used "divide and conquer" tactics to take control of the continent. I remember him telling me that it would be a great opportunity for a "Black" business person to figure out a way to get these huge prawns from there to "America". The "Portuguese named Cameroon for those huge prawns that you'd find there in the armpit of Africa." Colston had said to me. He gave us lectures on how the Racists had underdeveloped "Africa". We talked about the Olmecs in "Mexico" and the usual stuff that is common today when discussing "Afrocentrics" and "Pan-Africanism". Though today there are more "Black" folks accepting this kind of information today, there weren't very many that did back then.

As a graduate student at UC Berkeley in the 1970-80s he and a group of Black Students started a project to teach black prisoners literacy skills in the California Prison System, so that when black and other minority prisoners were released from these institutions, they would have the skills necessary to adjust to the larger community, thereby increasing their chances to succeed in the larger society.  He was alarmed at the disproportionate amount of Black men in the Prison System in America. 

At first the project was very successful, later on some hippies became interested in the project.  The reasons for the hippies going to visit prisoners was different [from] what Colston and his colleagues wanted to achieve for the prisoners.  The hippies started a clandestine movement to undermind the efforts of Colston and his colleagues of the Black Culture Association.

The hippy movment split to form the conflict that led to the Symbionese Liberation Army.  These hippie movement targeted Colston, Markus Foster and other Black intelligencia and labelled them as Black boujoise,  they announced in the media a death warrant against black men who were considered not (militant enough).  These hippies questioned, how  a black man be so intelligent, know so many languages and speak so eloquently, he has to be a CIA Agent.

 Although, there are many intelligent black men who come from Pennsylvania and other eastern states who received an excellent education, since Colston did not speak like a street ganster, he did not fit into the stereo type image that many hippies had of black men., many of these infiltrators could not fathom how Colston Westbrook could be such an intelligent man, have access to so many resources, they concluded that he had to be a CIA agent do do such things.  Colston was never in the CIA he was a scholar,  and he enjoyed teaching,  collaborating with other community workers to make life better for blacks and others who wanted to lift the standards of their lives out of misery and poverty, which is so prevalent in many urban communities in the East Bay Area of California.

When Colston was a Linguistics Professor at U.C. Berkeley, he did a thesis on what "White" people were calling "Black" English back then. In his thesis he coined the term "Ebonics". I wonder why they don't give him credit for that. Anyway, according to his wife, he set up the Black Cultural Association through U.C. Berkeley, as a prison outreach program to the Vacaville Medical Facility. U.C. Berkeley allowed their students to get credit for taking it as a course. There were some "White" students (men and women) that took the course. These students started trying to influence the "Black" inmates into starting a violent "revolution". Colston's wife said that the "White" women attempted to try to take over his class (by flirting with the "Black" inmates, even though these women had professed to be "lesbians" ) on several occasions. In an attempt to counter their takeover, Colston started bringing in pics of attractive "Black" females in bathing suits.  The "White" women got upset with him because of this. It was in this program that the true founders (a few anti-sexual "White" women) of the SLA, met their Victim Of Racism, Donald Defreeze.

"FBI agents think that the S.L.A. spokesman [Donald Defreeze] who calls himself "General Field Marshal Cinque" may be only a front man used to divert attention from the cadre's real leaders, who may include Mrs. Nancy Ling Perry, 26, and other radical white women. Mrs. Perry is the daughter of a Santa Rosa, Calif., furniture dealer and a graduate of Berkeley—the same school that Patty was attending when she was seized. Until last fall, Mrs. Perry was living with Joseph Remiro, 27, and Russell Jack Little, 24, two white S.L.A. members who have been charged with the killing last November of Dr. Marcus A. Foster, a black who was Oakland's superintendent of schools. Shot on Sight. Cinque is believed to be an escaped black convict named Donald D. DeFreeze. The theory that DeFreeze is not the true leader of the S.L.A. is supported by a man with a rare personal knowledge of the man and the organization. Colston Westbrook, 36, a black instructor in linguistics at Berkeley, met DeFreeze while visiting California's Vacaville prison to take part in the activities of the Black Cultural Association. The S.L.A. partly evolved from the group. 

"Westbrook recalls De-Freeze as 'a cat submerged in divine blackness and interested in black problems.' " 'I think the honkies are calling the shots. He'd better wake up.'" -The April, 15, 1974 issue of Time Magazine that interviewed Colston Westbrooks.

I want you to think about this:

Ten college educated and rich "White" woman, plus three college educated and rich "White" men, being lead by an uneducated poor "Non-white" male [Donald DeFreeze]?

Russel Little- one of the founding members of the SLA says:   

"Willie [Wolfe] was kind of like the catalyst. Willie was the one that all these different people met. Willie was like the common denominator. Willie studied anthropology at Berkeley and it was actually through Berkeley that he got in to going to prisons, from some class, some anthropology class."

Sounds like Willie was the true leader to me, or something close to that.

 Russ Little continues:

"I know people want to make DeFreeze the leader or some kind of Manson figure something like that but that's just not my experience. It became obvious to us that you know what we were really doing that we were like forming our own little group, to be able to respond to things, to be able to do things that were illegal."

To Be Continued...............................

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