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Friday, September 28, 2012

Racism (White Supremacy) Can Be Costly For "White" Folks Too!

The subliminal message of "White" being "innocent" is one that is widely promoted by White Supremacy and encourages the idea that Deception can work if you're a "White" person. Being classified as "White" in a system of White Supremacy gives the "White" person a mask of trust, that makes "White" and "Non-white" people put their defenses down and opens their mouths wide open for the shovels of poo poo that they're about to swollow.

The message can be costly, because as the evidence shows:

Scott Thompson a suspected "White" person, was hired as a CEO for Yahoo, in January 2012, because he claimed to have a degree in computer science. Yahoo SEC filings stated: "Mr. Thompson holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer science from Stonehill College". An outside source who questioned Thompson credentials notified Yahoo of their booboo, and presented earlier statements filed with the SEC by EBAY, Thompson's previous employer, in 2008-2010 which only mentions his accounting degree. Yahoo then started their own investigation. In a response to press inquiries Stonehill College said that Thompson had earned a degree in Accounting. There was no evidence to support his computer science degree claim.

On May 13, 2012, Yahoo terminated Thompson's employment. Thompson received $7.3 million from Yahoo in exchange for 130 days of work.

If Thompson were a "Non-white" person would he have gotten to serve even one day as CEO?

I don't think so.
Yahoo’s Board of Directors failed to conduct a background check on Thompson before they hired him.

Why? I suspect that it was because they classified him as a "White" person.

It cost them $7.3 Million dollars

If you're "White" you're right! and "Black" stay the hell back!

Under the system of  White Supremacy, people classified as "White" people are still seen as innocent until proven guilty, and "Black" people are just.....guilty. (Don't worry "White" people, I'll find a similar situation that happened to a "Black" person to prove this point. Stay tuned.)

Click here to see more "White" people who scam away with millions, I suspect because they are classified as "White".

Scott Thompson

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