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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Superior Power aka "Ruling Class White People".

Superior Power The power exercised by those "white" people who practice "White" Supremacy against all other people that are classified as "non-white".

At anytime that smart and powerful "white" people work together, they become more powerful. 

"They get more wealthy, while everyone else gets poorer. They determine whether prices rise or fall (by their control of the banking system, money supply, and markets), and they make money whichever way markets fluctuate. They determine what our rights are and which laws have effect, by appointing judges. They decide who our highest officials shall be by consensus among themselves, and then selling candidates to us via the media which they own.

Important issues and facts are omitted from discussion in the press, or slanted to suit their goals, but they are discussed frankly at the [Bohemian]Grove. Is there true democracy when so much power is concentrated in so few hands? Is there any real difference between the public and private sectors when cabinet members come from the boardrooms of large corporations? Is the spending of billions on weapons, which are by consensus no longer needed, really the will of the people? Or is it the will of General Electric, General Dynamics, and the other weapons contractors represented at the [Bohemian]Grove?"-

List of clubs that have smart and powerful "white" people in them.

These kinds of clubs are all over the planet. It's not just the "Illuminati" or the "skull and bones", there are thousands of them! All that the Victim of White Supremacy should be concerned about is how individual "white" people within these groups, interact with each other to maintain, expand, and refine White Supremacy. You need to know that, so that you can learn how to stop them from continuing it. Try not to get caught up on using the names of these groups a lot, because it could confuse other Victims of White Supremacy, into seeing the group, and not the individuals of the group, as being the blame for White Supremacy.


  1. In response to your sub-header,

    Actually, freedom of speech, according to the Declaration of Independence/U. S. Constitution complex, is an inalienable human right that the 1st Amendment merely serves to ensure that the state and citizen recognize and that the state protect against its infringement.

    Your freedom of speech is not granted by the 1st amendment. If that were the case, if if were the case that the state granted rights to its citizens, then citizens would merely be subjects of the state; no more than serfs, or slaves. Your freedom of speech, and all other freedoms, are recognized by the government as being inherent to your person. The 1st Amendment, in part, expresses this recognition.

    According to the Declaration of Independence/U. S. Constitution complex, your rights are yours by human birth. Don't attribute them to any higher authority.

    Although the Declaration of Independence/U. S. Constitution complex has it's incongruencies, with some being fundamental, and the U. S. government has too often failed to provide the required protections, it is the law of the land. Consequently, we should fully understand the basis of our freedoms within this system, and remain vigilant that it never be displaced; either by individual or collective voluntary waiving, or by involuntary ursurpation.

    In spite of it's incongruence and weak enforcement, the Declaration of Independence/U. S. Constitution complex is historically unique in recognizing the inherent freedom of humankind. Whether the government always fulfills it's obligations or not, we should always reserve the power of exercising our freedoms unto ourselves!

    Don't give power to the document. Take power from it!


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